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3 episodes are available now on the DisneyNow app under Disney Channel.

  • The Recruit (43 min)
  • The Triple Dark (22 min)
  • Fuel for the Fire (22 min)


The Ted Cruz impersonator from SNL? If so, I didn’t realize that he’d been canned from that show.

Oof, after Netflix’s Disenchanted I’m still not champing at the bit for another double-length premiere ep.


i think this is most appropriate…



You could say that Ron Howard was Gung Ho (ha) about making Solo literally dark.

While I wasn’t really keen on Rogue Wan, it did wipe out all of its new characters, which meant I didn’t have to wonder “Hey, these guys were alive during ~5 other Star Wars films, what were they doing during them?”

That How it Should’ve Ended video could’ve mentioned the voice change for Darth Maul being a big reason why he wasn’t immediately recognized :wink:


No more harassment to Star Wars movies fans from ex-Star Wars writer.


Why’d Marvel hire this guy in the first place? I get the impression that he didn’t want to write Star Wars stories so much as he wanted to write his own stories and put 'em in a Star Wars “wrapper” so more people would read 'em.

Whatever happened to the old wisdom that “if you want to send a message, use Western Union”?


Everything carries a message now … Everything.

Mark Gosdin


you mean like Disney’s reason for buying Star Wars and anything else they have ever owned or touched int he last 30 years, and mostly since Igor took over?

Igor? Iger?.. Bobby boy… that guy…


Wasn’t Disney still solid up until the “Disney Renaissance” ended in the '90s and they relapsed back into the Disney “Dark Ages”?

Interestingly, the Disney Renaissance went into decline roughly when they hired Iger, and ended when they made him President… :thinking:


Yes, the moment Iger stepped in the Eisner era set to fix Disney was over. Epcot is gone for… Star Wars Adventures hotetl thing that you sleep in a fake Falcon or some new ship bunks? I don’t even know what that mess is.Think about the cost for having Wookie wait staff at that place. the fur cleaning alone will be millions per day!.



Why not lock down one of these big name guest stars as a regular?

I’m reminded of the (IMO underrated) The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, which managed to lock down Robert Patrick as a main character not too long after his rise to fame from Terminator 2: Judgment Day…and Hanna Barbera’s total wealth then doesn’t even amount to pocket change for Disney now :wink:



Lego Star Wars: All Stars Brings Every Era’s Characters for Animated Fun

October 26, 2018 10:04 AM PDT
The show kicks off with a week of daily shorts beginning Monday.



:white_check_mark: Star Wars Resistance, Ep 4, ”The High Tower” is now available.



:white_check_mark: Star Wars Resistance, Ep 5, ”The Children from Tehar” is now available.


:white_check_mark: Star Wars Resistance, Ep 6, ”Signal from Sector Six” is now available.


:white_check_mark: Star Wars Resistance, Ep 7, ”Synara’s Score” is now available.