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Which perfectly encapsulates my biggest issue with the last Jedi


seriously? Jake Skywalker was your BIGGEST issue? not the Leia Poppins, Yo Momma jokes, SJW Holdo, or the Canto Blight sequence?


Not really, the Leia space scene was ridiculous, but the characters introduced this episode are what they are. Luke was my biggest issue with TLJ



This art style really doesn’t look like Star Wars to me.

The “ship” in the logo even looks more like a WW2 prop plane in reverse than a spacecraft.

At some point, Disney is going to push it too far and fans will “Matrix” the franchise and disavow any and everything besides the first film (and maybe the second).


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%50 for a BluRey, that is how they plan to make up to lost sales to cover the 200+ million cost?

and this Oban Star Wars Racers cartoon is also going to be a pokemon card game now?



Heh, I see what you did there :wink:

I can agree with the droid stuff feeling heavy handed. It seems to me that the problem was hiring Lord and Miller in the first place to direct. How anyone could watch 21 Jump Street & 22 Jump Street and say “That raunchy, politically-charged, irreverent comedy is a perfect fit for Star Wars!” is a mystery to me.

But only Lord & Miller can do the “Lord & Miller shtick” properly, so IMO Ron Howard should’ve cut all their droid stuff, since he didn’t go “all in” on the L&M style of comedy, and that’s something that only works with full commitment.

Now, it’s possible that Ron Howard is actually responsible for at least some of the droid stuff (his brother, Clint Howard, has a cameo as the guy who gets beaten up by the droid), but I have doubt that the lovestruck droid plot thread was his idea.

On 4K, IMDB reports that this film was made from a 3.4K source. I’m not sure that the theater that I saw it in showed it at anything higher than traditional 2K though.

Sadly, while I have a 4K HDR TV, because Sony spectacularly flubbed and forgot a 4K bluray player in its PS4, I don’t have a 4K bluray player :sob:

Despite all that, I maintain that Solo was the best Star Wars film post-Disney. Probably better than Revenge of the Sith.


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September 27, 2018


Is Oscar Isaac going to play a main character?

I’m reminded of when CBS made the show based upon the 2011 film Limitless but only had the film’s star Bradley Cooper appear in a tiny cameo.


No. He’s on the guest list.



Thanks. I’d have been surprised if he’d been a MC. It’s a bit unfortunate that Captain Phasma is listed as a guest character in this, since she’s pretty much just a guest character in the actual movies. She gets less time to shine than even Jango Fett (well, not literally, since she’s wearing glossy armor :smile: :wink:)





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