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:white_check_mark: Star Wars Resistance, Ep 20, ”No Escape: Part 2” is now available.

The Mandalorian Release Date Confirmed: Will Stream On Disney+ At Launch

APR 11, 2019

Alan Tudyk Back as K-2SO in Cassian Andor Live-Action Star Wars Series

11 APR 2019 9:27 PM PDT

Star Wars Movies to Go On ‘a Bit of a Hiatus’ Following Episode IX

11 APR 2019 9:56 PM PDT

‘Rise of Skywalker’ Trailer Debuts at Star Wars Celebration

April 12, 2019

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

that isn’t the trailer anyone wants that i know of. so i made one that properly satisfies the fans.

but after TFA ruined any prospect of the future, it all died to me. at least Clone Wars was semi-relavent. it had a lot of light sabers. but Rogue One i couldnt even watch while on TV, kelp falling asleep shortly after Forest Whitaker was nuked frm the death star. saw neither of the other 2, dont plan on seeing this one. Star Wars ened with Return of the Jedi.

wait, Rebels was also decent, not jsut CN’s Clone Wars. and that is what Disney should have done, spent time wasting time making cartons while they worked out a full trilogy and maybe even watched the original movies to know where to go with new ones.

I’ll probably go see it, just for closure, but Star Wars is pretty much dead to me. One remake of Ep. 4, and “Screw it, I just give up” movie later, Just need to see MaREY Sue’s ending for closure and I’m done lol

Star Wars Rebels Creator on Season 5 Possibilities, Ezra’s Fate, and the Show’s Legacy

13 APR 2019 3:08 PM PDT
Warning! FULL SPOILERS for all of Star Wars Rebels ahead!

that is exactly why i made the teaser trailer edit above :rofl:

apparently if anyone can navigate Tweeter, KK has said the title of the movie has no meaning, “Skywalker” is just to invoke emotions. so it is just a clickbait title to get people into the final movie so she can save her job. as well another part of the interview found on that same Twitter she says Palpatine was always intended to be in Episode 9.

which make no sense at all, because it contradicts everything from the original trilogy.

but again, after TFA, i had seen enough of MarySue, yet Disney keeps trying to force them upon people Star Wars and Marvel.

The Fandom Menace seems torn on whether they will se it or not in theaters. hough it isn’t a “boycott” forming like Solo. But some have already said the teaser had invalidated the entire OT so much jsut having McDermid on stage saying “Roll it again” after the clip was shown at Celebration, and his laugh in the clip that they have no interest in how it ends and reverting back to their thoughts on TLJ that Star Wars is dead, and many more looking back at how it wasnt TLJ that did the damage, but TFA, since it was JJ that damaged both Star Trek and Star Wars. Rian Johnson was just the icing on the cake or proverbial straw that made people come to their senses and realize “These are not the Star Wars you are looking for”.

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I see you are a man of culture :wink:

It might be better this way as the ending of Rogue One retroactively undermines Princess Leia in A New Hope about as awkwardly as Captain Marvel retroactively undermined Nick Fury in The Winter Soldier.

This reminds me though that the scene from the Rogue One trailer where the heroine fights a TIE Fighter was not in the movie. Will the “TIE Fighter meets North by Northwest” scene from the Episode IX trailer be in the film?

Darth Maul was sawed in half and thrown down a hole and he lived, so why couldn’t his master Palpatine?

But yeah, I suspect that KK put Palpatine in simply because her staff informed her that he was the only iconic character from the original trilogy whom she hadn’t yet (ab)used.

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oh some are getting back at that, even some of the new ones. dont have the clip of Daisy saying there are 2 genders, but here is this in regards to Reylo…

and Akbar’s Tom Kane speaks out live at Celebration to the chagrin of IGN

and Billy Dee Williams comments on how Lando’s betrayal didnt get anyone killed like JJ, Rian, and KK’s betrayals :rofl:

Seeing BDW with a cane, I dunno…it reminds me that maybe Billy Dee Williams shouldn’t have let himself be dragged back into this role as he’s already mobility challenged and “Jar Jar” Abrams broke Harrison Ford’s leg when they were filming The Force Awakens

In the interview with Tom Kane, what’s this “Her Universe: Sisters of the Force” thing in the background? The only two female force users I can recall in the Nu Trilogy can’t be sisters, not unless MaRey Sue is Darth Vader’s secret love child?

Nice to see him offering spot-on criticism of Admiral “Who’s this?” Holdo though, thanks for the link.

…on a side note, and since YouTube just reminded me of the Mortal Engines film, was Leia always intended to be Vader’s daughter? Because if so, the beginning of Episode IV is almost as weird as the Luke/Leia kiss scene :rofl:

Pretty sure there was never meant to be a second movie and Star Wars was a one ff, and over when the Death Star was defeated and everyone got medals.

Popularity made Lucas cave in and make another one so he set it up to have 3 then and wrote the majority of the OT at that point.

Years later he claims it was all Darth Vader’s story so made the prequels to “complete” that which he contrived in 5 and 6.

so if Star Wars was always Vader’s story, there is no need for a 7~9 trilogy at all.

the prequels did expound on some things like “Did you ever know your mother” but then mess them up because Leia shouldn’t have known Padme being born second as Luke saw her the longest. The only way Leia could have known her was if she was like Allia from Dune being born with all the powers and knowledge of a Reverend Mother.

not sure what the junk is in the backgrounds you would have to find people there to ask them if there was info on the posters and flashing screens with random stuff.

Makes sense to me, according to the “Despecialized Edition”, the original theatrical release didn’t have any references to it being “Episode IV A New Hope”. I think everyone agrees that The Empire Strikes Back was the coolest of the OG films, but A New Hope was probably the best.

Or if she was like “Best Char” from The Promised Neverland ? :smile: .

This meme from it still makes me chortle:


i can say i never really felt that. while Return was in a way a retread of New Hope, i always liked it best for both.

You had tatooine and the “rescue” from it towards adventure, you had the death of “family” in Yoda.

I think New Hope was too litle in how it went to the death star then away then came back seemed a bit funny to me.

The characters just seemed more alive in Return. I know many like Boba and that makes them upset at Return because he didnt have a large part, but he really didnt have a large part, he was just a plot device to bridge 2 movies. Until the clones were explain to all be Jango.

The sad part of New Hope and Empire is how C3PO easily summed them up to the ewoks so that you didn’t really need to see them to follow the rest of the story. anything C3PO didn’t explain, unfolded and completed in Return itself.

I know that A New Hope works as a stand-alone film, but I hadn’t really considered that Return of the Jedi might be able to as well. That’s something to “muell” over :thinking:

IMO it’s because Boba was made cool by Empire (“Boba Fett Effect”) only to be killed off in the most embarrassing way possible in RotJ :unamused:

Though I cannot think of Return of the Jedi without this gaffe coming to mind:

Disney+ Will Likely Release The Mandalorian Episodes Weekly: Will it Pay Off?

19 APR 2019 9:00 AM PDT

no he wasnt though. it wasnt until Return in Jabba’s Palace that Boba actually gained some reason for clout, when he waves off the girl to prepare for Leia’s thermal detonator.

he was just the “chosen one” that got to bring in Han instead of IG-88 or Bossk. and you know everyone wanted to see Bossk again. but the guy in the cheap costume was cheaper and easier to bring back than the foam one.

He was cool in Empire b/c he had a unique ship, outfoxed Han Solo, and was respected by Darth Vader. I know I didn’t remember the other bounty hunters hired by Vader, because Vader didn’t have to stop to give them a special lecture about their usual methods being too extreme :slight_smile:

Then a blinded Han Solo awkwardly bumps into Fett and kills him almost by accident. That might be the worst part, as it wasn’t really a redemption/revenge arc for Solo because he didn’t properly beat the guy who had captured him and turned him into a carbonite popsicle.

he just took a risk, and i doubt Vader respected him, it just that he found the way to get Luke. Vader could have cared less about Han, and Boba would have been paid either way.

Boba was a throw away character that got thrown away. Scooby Snax for the Sarlac.

As someone who also holds some serious unpopular opinions about Star Wars, I can empathize, but I’m still with the mainstream when it comes to Boba Fett :smiley:

Though I wonder what happened to the other bounty hunters? We see that Fett figures out that the Falcon is clinging like a space barnacle to the Star Destroyer, and was lurking in his ship nearby, but where’d the other hunters go off to?