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you have the right to be wrong like everyone else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mos Eisly Cantina of course. :thinking:

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BTW, on Boba Fett, Lucas pulled a “Lord & Miller” and changed his voice actor in the remasters?

well Lucas pulled a Lucas then since he changed Vader to James Earl Jones rather than the actor in the costume.

As I’ve heard it, everyone knew that David Prowse’s lines as Vader would be overdubbed; he was even given fake lines to try and prevent leaks of key plot points (eg: “I am your father”).

Seems that Prowse has an accent that sounds like a yokel farmer to Brits, similar to how Da Ahnuld doesn’t dub his own roles into his native German* because he also has a “farmer” accent in it.

(*Obligatory reference to the previous President claiming that “Austrian” was a language :rofl: )

he didn’t know it until the movie came out and he heard Jones’ voice.


Has-been actor/director that has to reshoot 80% of a movie after its initial directors were fired, blames fans for movie bombing!

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Sigh, #misplacedPriorities on Disney’s part.

Reminds me of how The Legend of Korra decided, after it too was basically canceled, to suddenly declare two characters as being a gay couple. Though that one had no buildup and was completely outta left field, at least this seems to have laid the groundwork.

…but still, I couldn’t see George Lucas doing this were he still running the franchise.

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