Subscription set up is not working for me. This should just work, it doesn't. Why?

I have tried three times to get a subscription started. The form has taken my credit card details at least five times yet I have yet to have a subscription activated. I have emailed twice with no response yet not even an automated one.

Why is this system so broken? Do you even check your emails to subscriptions@theanimenetwork ? I am increasingly frustrated by this.

There is a thread setup for this:,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,5/func,view/id,47339/ that notifies the correct people automatically when you post.

However, I’ll forward this to them for you.

I can reply in that thread but I didn’t want to get lost in a huge thread with 29 people talking about their problems.

I had a similar problem when I went to set up both a forum account and a subscription a few weeks ago. My issue was that when I didn’t fill out all of the fields the forms would look as though they had completed (the forum registration page even told me to expect an email that never came) but they had not. Filling in all of the fields, even the ones not marked as “required”, resolved this issue for me.