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Money was taken


So, i set up a subscription with the 2 week trial, WHICH IS THE ONLY WAY TO DO.IT. it made TWO automatic payment plans on my paypal, one was paid and the other says failed so now my account is demoted to Registered instead of premium and they refuse to reactivate my account to premium or give money back.
I have transaction ID from both paypal and credit card saying IT WAS PAID. Must be due to the fact I’m Canadian that I’m being taken advantage of, again.



Thank you for reporting your request. We have forwarded your request over to our billing department and will follow up with you should we need more information.

Thank you,


Been over 24 hours, haven’t heard anything since this and problem has not been fixed.


Hey There Raistnox,

Just sent you an email to the address we had on file.

Thank you,


Well,.now I’m completely unable to subscribe. I go to the subscription page, and there is NO clickable paypal button. I can and will post a screen shot of the page I get if required. This is kind of annoying how badly everything is coded, almost like a child set it up. No offense intended, just the truth.

Never mind, apparently the website just doesn’t agree with google chrome, why? You know…it’s too much of an engima to even ask why the site doesn’t work well with the most used browser in the world…

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