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So, since my best friend has been playing Aion a lot recently, I decided to see if this would interest her.

It’s so hard getting her to watch any anime at all, I was actually quite impressed that she enjoyed the first two episodes enough, that she’s actually willing to sit through both seasons all the while saying “Is it Saturday yet?”

Last time she was this excited about a simulcast was High School of the Dead.

Episode 1 -

After watching this episode, I don’t think I’d ever want to try such a game and risk being trapped in it. The end was creepy when they said that out of 10,000 players, 2,000 are already dead and the first floor has yet to be cleared!

Ep. 03

I only felt a little bad at the death of Sachi, since we really didn’t get to know her very well other than her not wanting to die (like most people in that situation I would think) but then the final message gift at the end had me in tears.

The final message was telling of her character, it made me think less of her.

[details=spoiler]Resigning to death is lame. I hope that the protagonist was getting “something” out of that tedious relationship, but I don’t think he was, and I don’t think he minded.

He’s kind of a bland, emotional punk. I’m hoping that we get some more interesting characters in here stat. This is reminding me of bleach in the the primary protagonist is the most boring and least interesting member of the cast.

Bring back the black dude with the hammer who agreed that those who can’t keep up shouldn’t step up (to quote Riddick). He wouldn’t have been all teary-eyed about a bunch of punks getting themselves killed.

If the message had been received while she was still alive, that would have been hilarious. That message was such a cheap gift.

I didn’t care for the format of ep 3, the time skips were tedious. Though by introducing a whole new cast of characters, I don’t need to use spoiler tags as you need to see ep 3 to know what is being discussed. I’ll take that silver lining, thank you…[/details]

MOD EDIT: Please use spoiler tags so you don’t spoil the story for people who haven’t seen this yet.

You really need to work with the Spoiler button more.

A lot of that post should be in spoiler tags since not everyone is watching it.
Slow edited your Red Garden post for that very reason.

You really need to work with the Spoiler button more.

A lot of that post should be in spoiler tags since not everyone is watching it.
Slow edited your Red Garden post for that very reason.[/quote]

Like I said, you have to have seen ep 3 to know what any of it means. No names were used, and if you’ve seen enough of ep 3 to piece together spoilers from what I said, well, you already knew how it was going to end. If you’re not keeping up with a current series, yet you’re keeping up with the forum, spoilers are par for the course.

Also, I don’t understand y’all and your hellbent quest to prevent “spoilers”, so I’ll leave the tagging to those that do. The tags screw with the aesthetic of the posts and aren’t the most convenient thing to use.

BTW I think it is pretty funny that someone could think that I am “spoiling” Red Garden when I haven’t even seen all of it yet. I could say something incorrect about the nature of the show, and that can’t be put into a spoiler in good faith by me as misinformation wouldn’t be a spoiler.

MOD EDIT: Added spoiler tags.

Aniplex USA to Release LiSA’s “Crossing Field” Single

Additionally, Aniplex of America also announced that Japanese singer LiSA’s opening single for the Sword Art Online television anime series, “Crossing Field,” will be released in the United States in three different versions: a regular edition, a limited edition, and an anime edition. The company previously released four of her albums physically and digitally.

Ep. 04

That was an awesome character driven episode!

It’s kind of sad that they’re skipping large chunks of time though, Kirito is Level 78 now… 78!!

Finished up ep. 05

Now we get into Mystery genre territory.
And it’s a story arc that last more than one episode at that!

Asuna is back! Though with the way they’ve been jumping time, she’s all badass now and one of the leaders of her group.

Kirito & Asuna get involved in a murder mystery, trying to find out who’s killing members of an old disbanded group called the Golden Apple. Seems one of the old members is making the weapons that are killing people within the safe zone and the weapons are being left behind.

I can’t wait to find out how all this is coming about!
I have a few theories, but nothing too concrete to go on as of yet.[/details]

For those that are watching this.
There will be no Ep. 06 tomorrow, as Japan is taking a week off this week on several shows (this being one of them).
Which means, no new episode on CR this week.

It will resume as scheduled next week.
Saturday, Aug. 18 @ 1:00pm PDT

Are you sure? I’ve already seen screenshots of the episode plus it’s up at the usual streaming site I watch…

I’m quite sure.
TV Aichi was delayed by 30 min on 8/11, but Mainichi Broadcasting is delaying a week.
Which means, CrunchyRoll is delaying a week.

The site you stream from would be an illegal streaming site.
The only legal stream currently would be on CrunchyRoll (linked in the first post).
And as Anime Network is a legal industry site, I only present information based on legal means.

Will crunchyroll post 2 eps on one week to make up for this, or will the seedier sites be always ahead? This delayed ep was the end of a 2 parter, leaving off on a cliffhanger is brutal. I’ve been shown the ep, so I didn’t even look for it on crunchyroll. Legal streaming fail. Luckily, even though I was apparently shown it extralegally, crunchyroll still got my money.

That said, I wasn’t really a big fan of the 2 parter. The ending revelation was hilarious, in a dark way, though.

Still don’t have confirmation yet, as they haven’t updated the calender yet (though we’ll probably know tomorrow), but the way it’s looking right now, MBS has a double dose on the 25th of eps. 07 & 08, so we’ll probably see the same for CR, eps. 07 & 08 being on the 25th.

How odd.

Looks like the schedule was updated today, and unless they’re not done updating and adding placeholders to the SAO page, the only thing listed currently is Ep. 08.
Skipping Ep. 07.

I’ll keep you posted as to what’s going on when I find out more info.


Looks like they just added Ep. 07FOR TOMORROW!
So we will have Eps. 06 & 07 tomorrow.
Ep. 06 will be availible for both Subscriber and Free while Ep. 07 (which is suppose to air this week anyways) will be Subscriber.

So, it looks like we’re back on track now.

Eps. 06 & 07

Double dose!

Ep. 06

And we get the continuation of our cliffhanger. Which actually turned out rather well, and unexpected, all wrpped up nice and neatly. As well, more “progression” with Kirito’s and Asuna’s “relationship”.

Ep. 07

The next girl in line for the “Kirito interacts and saves random girl of the week” is Lizbeth, the smith. And of course, during their adventures to find the metal she needs for Kirito’s new sword, through battling a crystal eating dragon, she “falls” for him. That wasn’t wholely unexpected, but it was rather interesting to see her give up on him so quickly when she found out about Asuna and him.

The 2 parter set up between episodes 5 & 6 was pretty weak. If the [spoiler]blue haired girl hadn’t happened to find the protagonist in the crowd when her companion was “killed” then her plan would never have worked. Grimrock also would have killed them. Seriously, the odds of anyone else doing all that work to help them, apparently risking their own lives to do so, were low. I also didn’t see anyone else solving the mystery.

How come the Tank didn’t have any paralysis resistance? Seems a little sketchy.

When the guy in the armor was hanged, how did he use his teleportation crystal? All the other times it is shown being used, the characters have to hold it in their hands to use it. There was no crystal in his hands.

Sounds like sloppy plotting to me.

Would it be too much to ask for a non-Tsundere female character to join the main “party”? :wink:

Sword Art Online’s 2nd Season Ending Sung by Luna Haruna

posted on 2012-08-25 13:55 EDT

Singer/model previously performed Yuki Kajiura’s ending theme for Fate/Zero

The official website for the Sword Art Online television anime series announced on Sunday that singer/model Luna Haruna will perform the ending theme song “Overfly” for the anime’s second season.

Haruna previously performed “Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau,” one of the ending theme songs for the second season of Fate/Zero (another anime scored by composer Yuki Kajiura).

Ep. 08

[details=spoiler]Apparently, here’s where the actual plot starts.

So Kirito and Asuna’s relationship is progressing.

Kirito kills a super rare rabbit, and has Asuna cook it for him, since her cooking skill is maxed.

In return, Asuna tells him to party with her (by knife point at that).

They decide to check out the dungeon and they run across the bosses door.

They decide just to take a peek inside, and open the door to find the boss inside.

The same boss that’s in the OP animation![/details]