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Back in the day, there were a few users (myself included) who would contribute TAN comics to the forums. I’m not sure how popular they were, but the people who made them sure enjoyed it. I don’t have any saved, so I’ve decided to make an original, designed for the current forums (at least with the gray background). It’s even got the novelty of looking extra sloppy.

Contribute and keep the tradition alive!


Hardest I lol’d? When your avatar appeared to have moved it’s head to look at “wolfo”. I don’t know why, it just struck a funny chord in me. Good shit Hentau. Can’t wait 'til wolfo sashays in here to see this.


So professional looking!

(and who is that lovely young girl with you?) :wink:


Oh my, I actually remember that thread. Talk about a blast from the past.


And now for the first installment of what I’m sure will be a series.


Okay, I’ll admit, I lol’d pretty hard at that.


The last one was particularly amusing. :smiley:


Yeah I like that.


Yeah, the last panel is the funniest.


Thanks Hentai - fell off the chair laughing! Good one!


That did get a chuckle from me.


Don’t think I was around for this…



I’ve gotta say, I love this thread!!!


Rai wrote:

[quote]Don’t think I was around for this…


Haha you know mine is a mock fanclub. That’s why I divert traffic from my joke one to your legitimate one. Which = me winning the group war. We all love you Rai! Don’t try to fight it! -throws Rai shaped confetti about-


There you go with confetti again. Didn’t you trade for a batman ring?


Want some? My arms are getting tired. The confetti isn’t going throw itself around.


Sure I’ll take some. I love making a mess!!

Won’t others be jealous?


LadyOfWicca wrote:

No, no, no! The Batman ring is mine!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats on post #1001 slow! >.>

Pretear, i havent lost yet!


Rai wrote:

Thanks, Boss! :silly: