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TCG Music Thread


I was listening this earlier and figured I’d post it.
I really love this mix of it though.

[video type=youtube]QwmBlmnKRos[/video]


One of my favorite Helium Vola songs.

[video type=youtube]Fq_YVbWo_48[/video]


That was beautiful!! And the video has some of my favorite paintings too! :slight_smile:


Just an awesome cover.


LadyOfWicca wrote:

Helium Vola is awesome.
They kinda ran with the style Qntal started, I guess that’s kind of why they sound so similar.

Here’s another good one on the same album.

[video type=youtube]DyJjOaJ0VzI[/video]

And here’s some Qntal since you like the Helium Vola I posted.

[video type=youtube]1my-mnW-x50[/video]
[video type=youtube]Z77Pjm4yjGs[/video]
[video type=youtube]P7lajYeDxXE[/video]


Thank you! They are all wonderful! I love how the Hunchback video fit so perfectly for the Helium Vola music. You’ve just inspired my buy list again! :lol:


Yeah, I have a habbit of that.

This entire album is one of the more solid albums I’ve ever heard, but this is my favorite song off of it.

[video type=youtube]u-VO4JTrXHo[/video]


The Coffee God wrote:

Yeah, I have a habbit of that.[/quote]

You do indeed! But at least you are expanding my horizons. :laugh:

And this is another good one! :slight_smile:


Nice little Folk group I haven’t listened to in quite some time, but here’s one of their fun little songs.

[video type=youtube]5z6TW0hf7C8[/video]


Love it! :laugh:


Ukranian Symphonic Metal
-for lack of a better term-

Quoted from their Myspace

[quote]Ukrainian band Delia exists from September 2005. Initially the group consisted of four participants: Anastasia (vocal), Sergey (guitar), Dmitry (bass) and Vitaliy (drums). In March 2006 keyboardist Lidia joined the band. She entered the group very promptly, easily and harmonically. Five of the musicians together began to realize their creative ideas seriously. Writing of the songs and arrangements occupies practically all free time. Beautiful lyrical female vocal, keyboard with the symphonic slope and rocking beats – key elements, on which the music of Delia is based.
Musicians of the band consider that trifles and details are the most important. That’s why besides the writing of arrangements Delia has a serious approach to the rehearsal process and musicians spend much time working off details and nuances.
The group records the lump of demo materials. Songs that had been spread out at the Internet were welcomed by positive references, comments and discussions of the creation of the band at different music forums.
At the end of December 2007 bass-guitarist Dmitry Bykov informed about his leaving from the group. The main reason – impossibility of further combination of his professional activity in the field of chemistry with the music. From January 2008 Delia began to rehearse with the new bassist Mikhail Gudzenko and a month later restarted their concert activity.
With the updated staff the band performed at the festival “Rock-Swallows” (Delia took first place and was invited to the final gala-concert), participated in the twin concert action “Razmorozka” (Kherson – Kahovka), played in Cherkassy. For the performance on the Tribute to Within Temptation the group prepared special program with a choir which consisted of both compositions of WT and own. In Summer 2008 Delia got Grand Prix of the festival “Rock-Swallows” and performed at the festival “Pro Rock”. In Autumn the band participated in the international festivals “Children Of The Night” and “The Global Battle of the Bands”.
In November 2008 keyboardist Lidia left the band. The main reason of a leaving was a divergence of views on future creativity.
In December Delia finished making a debut video and started preparing for recording an album which is planned for March 2009.[/quote]

I can’t post the name of the album or tracklist since the forum doesn’t support other language characters, however, I thought I’d post this since I’m enjoying it at the moment.
They just released their first album, and I have to say, it actually turned out rather well.

Found one of their vids.

[video type=youtube]jfQ71nEnxDw[/video]


Another interesting little band I ran across today.

Finnish Melodic Death/Folk Metal

-the band’s genre has been described as “Samurai Metal”,
due to influences from Japanese culture both musically and lyrically-

Whispered - Thousand Swords (2010)


01. Intro - Hajimari
02. Thousand Swords
03. Faceless
04. Of Honor
05. Dead Cold Inside
06. Fear Never Within
07. Blindfold
08. Wrath of Heaven
09. Blade in the Snow

[video type=youtube]v19v6446jVY[/video]


I wasn’t actually going to check these guys out, due to the name alone and how cheesy it was.
However, it turns out I’m glad I did.
They just came out with their debut album, and it turn out to be awesome!

Swedish Symphonic Gothic Metal

The Murder of My Sweet Official Homepage
The Murder of My Sweet Official Myspace

Quoted from their Myspace


Capturing all the emotional force and fury of today’s rock scene. THE MURDER OF MY SWEET has arrived with a sound and statement that demands your attention.

As band names go - perhaps there’s never been a more fitting, so apropos than THE MURDER OF MY SWEET - A name inspired by the 1944 movie “Murder, My Sweet. The path, beliefs and concept which the five members of the band share - the journey each of the members has endured finally led them to one another, building up to this point, to realizing common goals.

Formed by drummer, songwriter and producer Daniel Flores who after a few false starts of what was to become THE MURDER OF MY SWEET just by coincidence came across the magnificent singer Angelica Rylin - well endowed with the right look, voice and talents, being exactly what Daniel was searching for. The rest of THE MURDER OF MY SWEET’s line up was then rather easily recruited - guitarist Daniel Palmqvist, bass player Johan Niemann and keyboardist Andreas Lindahl all being mentally, creatively and spiritually the right combination to complete the perfect match.

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET is simple yet stirring musical statement that expands the boundaries of what great music is all about. THE MURDER OF MY SWEET’s sound is rich in influence and yet distinctly unique. The lush melodic cinematic landscapes reflect the diversity of the five members own musical experiences. From Angelica’s soaring vocal melodies and sweeping choruses to the explosive layers of guitars from Palmqvist and the thrilling orchestratic keyboard arrangements painted by Andreas Lindahl backed by the bombastic and dynamic rhythms of Niemann and Flores. The resulting collaborations are a work both haunting and uplifting - fuelled by the curiosity of seeing where their burning ambitions will take them.

The material is mainly written by the wonder team Daniel and Angelica - but not without the inspiration spark and input from the other three members - with songs based on personal experiences, movies and books. The collection of material which has been selected for the bands debut album “DIVANITY” include all from dark subject matters to pure fiction. “Kiss of Death” takes a glimpse into the state of love where you give up your self for the desire to have or to do something that you know you should avoid while “Bleed Me Dry” describes the feeling of being different and wanting to go your own way in life. ”Follow The Rain” is all about breaking a pattern from where you make the same mistakes over and over again into becoming a person with control of your life. The track “Storms Of The Sea” is a beautiful tale of a young woman on her quest around the world to seek her long lost lover and “No Evil” is the band’s encouragement to embrace the dark rather than being afraid of it.

The grand finale of the album is the larger than life and described by Rylin and Flores as THE MURDER OF MY SWEET’s own “Bohemian Rhapsody” - a track call “Death Of A Movie Star”. A massive piece of music which will showcase THE MURDER OF MY SWEET’s dynamics with a sense of playfulness by switching from soft, rippling sounds and beats to limitless rage with beautiful melodies. Magnificent layers of voices shake hands with immeasurable capacity of energy.

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET’s aim is to create a distorted film noir vibe and experience - put the wonder, sadness, humor and sheer zest of life into their music tour de force. Playing it to the point where their drama explode - as the music and the words becomes the utmost expression of direct and ecstatic joy of pure being. The name “DIVANITY” is the bands own expression of diva, divine and vanity - all of them being essential ingredients in their debut album.

Mixed/ produced by Flores and proudly mastered at CUTTING ROOM by Swedish phenomenal sound engineer MATS LINDFORS (Gorgoroth, Candlemass, Glenn Huges, Talisman), “DIVANITY” will be released by FRONTIERS RECORDS in November 2009. THE MURDER OF MY SWEET is highly excited to be working with such an experienced and talented label as Frontiers and feel extremely privileged to be band mates with bands such as Journey, Toto and Survivor to mention just a few.

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET races ahead with an unforgettable thrill of your lifetime flavor - And whatever you do - don’t miss the show.[/quote]

The Murder Of My Sweet - Divanity (2010)


01. No Evil
02. Follow The Rain
03. Bleed Me Dry
04. Chemical Attraction
05. Kiss Of Death
06. One Bullet
07. Tonight
08. Storms Of The Sea
09. Destiny
10. Revolution
11. Valerie
12. Death Of A Movie Star

[video type=youtube]Sgtb_e2tH1E[/video]


Finding this thread is a win situation.


and Finding new music.


Dutch Symphonic Gothic/Power Metal

Quoted from their Myspace

[quote]After years of activity within the local music scene of The Hague, drummer David de Waal decided it was about time to start his own band. Fascinated by bands from the female fronted metal genre like Nightwish and After Forever, it was clear from the beginning on what style of music he wanted to make. David decided to involve his long-time friend Chris Vrij, and together they started writing music. Very soon they felt it was time to turn the project into a real band. After a period of auditions and member switches, Magion became the band that it is at this very moment and headed towards a promising future.

Magion provides all the elements that a real metal band needs. The music is fast, but still catchy and has a progressive edge to it. Dark bombastic episodes are followed by atmospheric and sensitive pieces. There is a lot of room for the vocals, the style of which is effortlessly switched back and forth between a classical approach and a more poppy sound. The female vocals are backed up by clean or raw male vocals.

Magion is a close group of like-minded people, who create their music as a single unit. The swift drum rhythms produced by David de Waal are combined with the thrusting, supportive bass lines of Menno Bruggeling. Together, they produce the basis on which guitarists Chris Vrij’s and Arjen van der Toorn can display their intense guitar riffs and emotive leads. The sound of metal is therefore prominently put on the foreground in Magion’s sound. Key-giant Walter Romberg provides symphonic melodies and stage-wide atmospheric tapestries. However, at the centre of the massive soundscape lies the naturally powerful voice of singer Myrthe van Beest, who effortlessly rises up through the musical violence. Through her lyrics, she tells the world her stories.

All band members have a lot of experience in the music scene and take a very critical approach to their work. The result of this approach shines through in their mature compositions, lyrics, and artwork as well as the execution and production of their music. On stage Magion won’t disappoint either. With a confident, enthusiastic and tight live performance, Magion convince their audience with their live show.

Magion’s debut album “Close to Eternity” was recorded in 2008 at Excess Studios Rotterdam (After Forever, Gorefest, Ayreon, Epica) and was mastered in Sweden by none other than Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Opeth, Edge of Sanity, Millencollin, Katatonia, Novembre). The spectacular artwork was created by the Brazilian graphical artist Jobert Mello.

With “Close to Eternity” Magion show that a new band has come to light whose presence can’t be denied. Magion are ready to take their next steps into the world and are determined to prove themselves as the new talent in the metal landscape. Magion are determined to live up to this promise, so make sure not to miss them on tour!

Stay Magionated! [/quote]

Magion - Close To Enternity (2010)


01. Tabula Rasa
02. Thirteen
03. Murder of Innocence
04. Greed
05. Game of Madness
06. Lost in Reality
07. Forever Mine
08. War of Hearts
09. New Season
10. Almost Immortal
11. Song for the Living


Rhapsody (of Fire)'s new album April 30th!

Italian Symphonic Power Metal

Rhapsody (of Fire) - The Frozen Tears Of Angels (2010)


01. Dark Frozen World
02. Sea of Fate
03. Crystal Moonlight
04. Reign of Terror
05. Danza Di Fuoco E Ghiaccio
06. Raging Starfire
07. Lost in Cold Dreams
08. On the Way to Ainor
09. The Frozen Tears Of Angels

Bonus Tracks Digipak:
10. Labyrinth of Madness
11. Sea of Fate (Orchestral Version)

I just listened to Sea of Fate, definitely your standard Rhapsody fare, still really good though.
I can’t wait for this!


80’s time…

[video type=youtube]FeXQNHkLnt8[/video]


It started raining today which gave me an urge to watch this video again.


Really a great video!


The Coffee God wrote:

Rhapsody (of Fire)'s new album April 30th!

Italian Symphonic Power Metal

Rhapsody (of Fire) - The Frozen Tears Of Angels (2010)


01. Dark Frozen World
02. Sea of Fate

03. Crystal Moonlight
04. Reign of Terror
05. Danza Di Fuoco E Ghiaccio
06. Raging Starfire
07. Lost in Cold Dreams
08. On the Way to Ainor
09. The Frozen Tears Of Angels

Bonus Tracks Digipak:
10. Labyrinth of Madness
11. Sea of Fate (Orchestral Version)

I just listened to Sea of Fate, definitely your standard Rhapsody fare, still really good though.
I can’t wait for this![/quote] seems that the album leaked a few days ago and is already on YT.