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Since I happen to be listening to them currently, I might as well quote this.

The Coffee God wrote:

[quote]I’m on a Stormwarrior kick currently.
Viking themed Power/Speed Metal!

[video type=youtube]5nHO5a8ejJI[/video][/quote]


And this, is why is my all time favorite band.

Just the amazing power that she has with her voice.


I’ve been on a The Dogma kick today inbetween TAN VOD episodes


Since I happen to be listening to this currently.

[video type=youtube]xNARcEh9ZT4[/video]


I was just reminded again why I love this band so much.

[video type=youtube]ZqdwDxnH5bE[/video]


That was amazing!


LadyOfWicca wrote: really is!
That’s actually the middle portion of a 16:30 long song.


Wow! Is the whole album like that piece?


Almost all of their songs have epic solos in the middle of them, but no, not quite as awesome as that piece.
Though they are coming out with a new album soon, so we’ll see.

This is another song I really like, though this is off their first album (the other song I posted was off their second album).

[video type=youtube]OSjiMHIEv_E[/video]


Thanks! I will look into them further and also check out that new album when it comes out.

#213 new band I found while browsing YT vids (new to me at least).

[video type=youtube]M09UYkO7IO0[/video]

[video type=youtube]tHB6R-8dkYw[/video]


Great find! Love their sound - it’s very theatrical.

#215 can’t wait!

[video type=youtube]BTVihK9AGCQ[/video]


Since I mentioned they have a new album coming out, this is one of the songs off of it
(which you can also listen to on their page).

[video type=youtube]7_mb7Oh6g60[/video]


I’ve been waiting for this for awhile now, and as to be expected, it’s rather awesome!

Romanian Symphonic/Melodic Power Metal

Magica - Dark Diary (2010)


01. Anywhere but home
02. Tonight
03. Never like you
04. Wait for me
05. Need
06. Release my demons
07. On the side of Evil
08. My kin my enemy
09. Used to be an angel
10. We are Horde
11. Dear Diary
12. Victory (Bonus Track)


The Coffee God wrote:

Quoting this to point out…

[size=5]They put up their FULL new album for listening to on their Myspace,
until the 18th!
[/size] (when the album comes out)

#219 new song is actually rather awesome!

[video type=youtube]dsYVHZFukzc[/video]


It is and the video is great too!


Italian Melodic Power Metal

Quoted from their Myspace

OverMaster were founded in 2006 by the will of Gus, calling Carlos as collaborator. An opportunity arises when Gus meets the guitar player Pino Sicari, who already had the opportunity to appreciate musically during his militancy in the band White Skull. Gus, Carlos and Pino started working on their own songs and line up is completed with the arrival of bass player Dimitri Oldani and Alexandros (Keyboards). In 2008 OverMaster recorded a demo exclusively for record companies; on 2009 the band signs with Cruz del Sur Music and the debut album “Madness of War” is out on April 23rd 2010.[/quote]

OverMaster - Madness Of War (2010)


  1. Walking Back To Hell
  2. Marble King
  3. Spartan Warriors
  4. Overlord
  5. Revolution World
  6. Jungle Of Madness
  7. Nameless Hero
  8. Children Of The Sand
  9. Battle Prayer
  10. Prophet Of War
  11. Efialths*

Ran across these guys a little bit ago and thought I’d share. Wasn’t sure what to think at first, but they actually turned out to be rather cool.

Marble King is definitely my favorite song off the album.

[video type=youtube]UTutsUK6GuE[/video]


Argentinean Gothic Metal

Quoted from their Myspace

Out of the ashes of ARKHAM, well known local under band, LUMINE CRIPTICA was born in the middle of 2008.

After several lineup changes through the years, the same is conformed by SABRINA FILIPCIC (vocals / keyboards), CRISTIAN TREFNY (Bass and Growls), MARTIN PRINCIPE (guitar), ANDRÉS BUSTAMANTE (guitars) and TOMAS LIMERES ( drums).

The band’s compositive direction starts with the idea of combining the extreme aspect of our influences with elaborate vocal and instrumental arrangements, without losing the concept of melody as the common thread of the songs.

Paying attention to the music, many references can be found to the various styles of Metal, from Heavy to Black Metal. This added to the combination of melodic vocals with some opera nuances of the singer, supported by the contrapuntal choruses and guttural voices, end up creating a unique style that is hard to define.

Currently the band is finishing the mixing and mastering process of their first album “FADING INTO DARKNESS”, and seeking a label to be responsible for editing it outside of Argentina.[/quote]

Lumine Criptica - Fading into Darkness (2010)


  1. You Will Never Rest
  2. The Trace Of My Beloved
  3. The Cold Outside
  4. Insomnia
  5. Me*

Just a little something I ran across today that I happen to be enjoying at the moment. You can download their EP album from their Myspace page by clicking on the album cover.

[video type=youtube]0JVWcz44Z1A[/video]