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You rule Coffee God. I’ve liked almost all the music you’ve posted through out the forums. And I’m not even that big a metal fan except for the occational Pantera song.


I miss the old metal :(, to me none of the new stuff being put out seems any good


Cbus82 wrote:

That in and of itself, like everything else in the world of entertainment, boils down to taste and opinion.

I myself, find tons of good stuff spanning almost every genre of Metal.
But then, I don’t really limit myself to just one genre or sound.


The official video for the new Blind Guardian album!
Sounds like they went back to their Power/Thrash roots.

[video type=youtube]1px6jEHWzfw[/video]


Great video! Another group I’ll have to look into.

#228 once in awhile, I just really miss my hometown.

[video type=youtube]M8C_1S2IhoM[/video]

#229 I have to post this, just because I love the song!
Everybody here should know this song though.

[video type=youtube]_XUJdTipeZ8[/video]


Love it! And Hills of Yucca Valley was great too. I really enjoyed that one.


The Coffee God wrote:

[quote] I have to post this, just because I love the song!
Everybody here should know this song though.

[video type=youtube]_XUJdTipeZ8[/video][/quote]

I love this video just a little less than the PV for Reallife:Reallove from Sphere. Some of this video cracks me up however-for example how in some of the shots along the harbor the truck she was standing on is backing up. I can just see it-the director is on the flatbed, watching Natsuko’s 20th repeat of the song as the driver in the cab sees the “end of the line” coming up in front of him, so he slips the truck in reverse and goes right back where he came from!

Also, I would have loved to have been there as the whole production drove by… it must have been quite the sight!

#232, I noticed that too!

I like watching the PVs of songs that I like, especially J-Pop songs, and compare their voice to how the look, since I usually hear the song long before I actually see what they look like in the PVs.

And I have to say, Natsuko definitely doesn’t look like what her voice makes her sound like. The way she looks, you’d think her voice would be a bit more on the higher side.


Speaking of PVs, I don’t think I’ve actually posted this one yet.
Which is a surprise, considering it is my all time favorite anime series, and in part, because of the song itself.

[video type=youtube]wyI6PmwYd8M[/video]


That was awesome!

#235’t it though.


I posted this group earlier in this thread, but I noticed someone actually posted one of my favorite songs on my favorite album by them on YT, so I figured I’d post it since I’m listening to it.

[video type=youtube]f3-QH_JUse4[/video]


[size=5]Only 9 more days![/size]

[video type=youtube]HwELajFteTo[/video]
[video type=youtube]1K9jBL2syJ8[/video]


Man, I haven’t really been keeping up with new albums for this year, so I’ve been on a 2010 kick lately.


American Instrumental Power Metal

Powerglove - Saturday Morning Apocalypse (2010)


01. X-Men
02. Gotta Catch Em All
03. The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest
04. This Is Halloween
05. Batman
06. Transformers
07. Inspector Gadget
08. Heffalumps and Woozles (Winnie The Pooh)
09. The Simpsons (feat. Tony Kakko)
10. The Flinstones
11. Gotta Catch 'Em All (feat. Tony Kakko)

This was released today!!


Since I happen to be listen to this currently.

[video type=youtube]twRiK61H1i8[/video]

#241 yeah!
I forgot to post this when they announced it, so here it is.

Yay, it was finally announced last month!


Since it’s that time of year…

The music video

[video type=youtube]CjgM5OLZLTw[/video]

Th full song

[video type=youtube]gaKRMhNkKM0[/video]