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Fantastic! :slight_smile:

#244 Helloween is always awesome!

Some new stuff (a cover actually)…

[video type=youtube]29jsNR6quCs[/video]


That’s a great version!

#246 Tales posted two song extracts from the new album:

We Shall See The Light


So, the album is pretty much awesome, like I thought it would be, since they are my all-time favorite band.
Guardian Angel is definitely my favorite track.

Here’s the title track though.

[size=5]Forgotten Tales - We Shall See The Light[/size]

[video type=youtube]J1s6GpqMjvs[/video]


I kind of forgot how awesome this Demo EP is.

[video type=youtube]_iEu6rVp1zM[/video]


There it is!

[video type=youtube]Y5lZbN9zBe0[/video]

Definitely my favorite!


Another older album I forgot how much I loved.
Been listening to this all night.

[video type=youtube]XR2d9t_tWuQ[/video]

[video type=youtube]Kozg3fHKGVI[/video]

[video type=youtube]8EaI6_rdLHA[/video]


A little something new-ish

[video type=youtube]ciTUB3EGt34[/video]


Been awhile since I actually put some effort into a band introduction, so here it goes!

Russian Power Metal

Quoted from their Myspace

[quote]The Ghosthill was founded in spring, 2009 in the western part of Russia, the city of rainy clouds called Kaliningrad (former Koenigsberg). Rich history and cold waters of the Baltic Sea have awoken dark emotions of metal music in the band members’ hearts. Despite the current music situation the band doesn’t lose stimulus to play power metal.

That spring, 2009 was devoted to the studio work and recording the first album called “Embrace of a Chasm”. The album includes 10 tracks filled with epic, speed and heavy music combined with life and mystic lyrics.

Check and enjoy it![/quote]

Ghosthill - Embrace Of A Chasm (2010)


01. A Billion Years Of Torments
02. The Last Dimention
03. Cyclonic Death
04. The Mist
05. Silent Night
06. Titanic Heroes
07. Down The Dark River
08. Embrace Of A Chasm
09. Stronger Than Fire
10. Vigilant Forest

[video type=youtube]Cl0Y-s_b4cY[/video]

[video type=youtube]gY5Au1lYU-4[/video]

I’ve been listening to this album a lot lately.
It actually turned out to be rather awesome, though that’s just my take on it.


Another new-ish one I’ve been listening to recently.

[video type=youtube]5qsJLj6_u6A[/video]

[video type=youtube]deb5n89WNWs[/video]


I love the Martial Drums in this song!

[video type=youtube]f5WWLK1zwac[/video]


Tis’ that time of year I break out this CD.

[video type=youtube]Z9tYDeShMME[/video]


Awesome! :laugh:


Canadian Melodic Power Metal

Instanzia - Ghost (2010)


01. Omen
02. Ghosts of the Past
03. Power of the Mind
04. Charmin Deceiver
05. Heavenly Hell
06. A Genius Who Believes
07. The Key
08. The Desert Fox

Such an epic awesome song!

[video type=youtube]kjE5dafHMhY[/video]

The rest of the album is pretty awesome as well, but that one is pretty much my favorite.

Here’s a couple more.

[video type=youtube]rqlamQ_y37Y[/video]

[video type=youtube]X4lC7kFlrBQ[/video]

They sure did a good job with this!
I mean, my all time favorite PM band comes from Canada, but it’s pretty rare to hear a really good PM band come out of Canada.


Another Chrismas EP I like to throw in this time of year.

[video type=youtube]8bxHbL8wE9I[/video]

[video type=youtube]b-cON_Xk2fo[/video]


Looks like the ED is part of the series itself, so I can’t just post it by itself, however, I tried to find the lowest quality I could so I don’t feel too guilty for posting it.

That being said though, Kalafina is just awesome as usual!

[video type=youtube]ULN3IQQ_7RM[/video]


Since I happen to be listening to this CD at the moment.

[video type=youtube]sSi7PyJMj3A[/video]


I just can’t express how much I love Rokugen Alice sometimes (like right now).

[video type=youtube]iHswp7OPKF4[/video]

[video type=youtube]Z9P9OZXp3F8[/video]


I’m soooo addicted to this song currently.

[video type=youtube]0IROdqVr1lY[/video]