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Tea Time!










Oct. 5, 2017 / 06:00 am JST




It’s been in the 40s here in the mornings this week, so I’ve been drinking my tea to warm up.


Love the Goofy mug!

And I see Roy is spread out all over the place again. Lazy! Doesn’t he have anything better to do?


Mistress likes to keep Roy close to hand, obviously.

Mark Gosdin


:laughing: You are so very right!







tea’s the season :slight_smile:



@mgosdin speaking of tea we have a thread for that and just to share here is the orange spice


Kind of got off topic in the Oreo thread, that has a way of happening. :sweat_smile:

Just finished my last cup of green tea for the day.

Mark Gosdin


The “Bubble Tea” place in the Florida Mall has “Bubble Gum” as an add-in tapioca flavor. Lots of odd places for it show up.

Mark Gosdin


@mgosdin is it like a powider or a liquid add in


Liquid, it’s added after the Tapioca and before the Tea. You can get a number of flavors like Mango or Orange. I don’t care for it, but the kids have gotten it. Macha Milk Tea for me.

Mark Gosdin


Tried orange spice tea but it wasn’t an add in it was a tea bag