Greetings from the Silver eyed King

Hello all I am Talieos Arioh Neradah King of Harishda.
Omni Z AKA Zero omni Is just the user name i decided to use.
If you are ever in Harishda come to my castle for tea.
(Sits down and pours some) Till then i bid ye a good day.

Welcome to TAN, hope you have fun here. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your stay! We got a great community here. ^>^

Hello and welcome! :laugh:

Welcome to you! I adore tea! How do I get to this castle of yours?

What kind of tea? Hey, great to be posting at ya, have you ever grown tea? If you had a bag of tea, what would you do with it?

Tykes te timber! I’d fancy a good cup of tea. A gentlemanly habit you know, tykes…

Welcome to TAN Forums, and I do hope to see you around, tykes!

Welcome to the TAN-verse where anything and everything can happen.
While I do enjoy a spot of tea now and then, I’m more of a whiskey man.
So if it isn’t any trouble…

Lol, you look like a rather interesting character, nice to see ya at TAN!