That's Just Insane (The Weird Side of the Internet)

Have you found something that doesn’t quite fit in wrong or right? Well detour this way to virtual insanity. This thread will fill that need. Living in their own pile of weirdness, these posts will make you look at things from a different perspective.

Starting off…

Hilarious Moments After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

8 Crazy Facts About Your Face

6 Japanese Street Styles That’ll Blow Your Mind

Americans Taste Test Japanese Snacks

If you want to skip right to the taste test, fast forward to the 4:00 mark. Also language warning.

Japanese Taste Test!

Americans Taste Test Japanese Snacks (Part 2)

Kawasaki: 'A monkey never cramps’

29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song - Rob Cantor

I thought that this one was cool to watch. They make it look so easy… :open_mouth:

[size=20]Boeing Preps 787-9 Dreamliner[/size]


Joaquin Phoenix’s Forehead (Rotated)

[size=20]YouTubers React To Baby Metal[/size]

The Beauty and the Titan

lol this is just…

People Try The Kim Kardashian Game For The First Time

15 Awesome Ways To Open A Wine Bottle

Change The Way You Look At Logos

Change The Way You Look At Logos (Part 2)

[size=20]6 Foods You’re Eating Wrong[/size]

**Mature Content - Discretion is advised.
THE CRUSH (Oishi High School Battle #1)

SUBSTITUTE TEACHER (Oishi High School Battle #2)

SLEEPOVER (Oishi High School Battle #3)

THE GAY KID (Oishi High School Battle #4)

CAREER DAY (Oishi High School Battle #5)

Here’s something appropriate for everyone.

Facts That Will Haunt Your Brain

**Mature Content - Discretion is advised.
SEXTING (Oishi High School Battle #6)

DETENTION (Oishi High School Battle #7)

CUTTING (Oishi High School Battle #8)

COOL GIRLS (Oishi High School Battle #9)

MOVING AWAY (Oishi High School Battle #10)

What You Think You Look Like VS. What You Actually Look Like

Mature Content

TARA FACE (Oishi High School Battle #11)

FACE F%#K THE WORLD (Oishi High School Battle #12)

NOODLES VS. BANH-MI (Oishi High School Battle #13)

INTO THE MOST ADORABLE DARKNESS (Oishi High School Battle #14)

OISHI’S HOT OUTFIT (Oishi High School Battle #15)

Mature Content

CRAPPY DECISION (Samurai! Daycare #1)

DRUNKEN MASTER (Samurai! Daycare #2)

JESS’S GUY (Samurai! Daycare #3)

TO CATCH A THIEF (Samurai! Daycare #4)

EASY A (Samurai! Daycare #5)

And of course something for everyone.

What Are Mistakes Costing You?

Let’s take a brief break from Oishi a minute and take a look at some FRESH toons. Here’s a couple new weird ones that caught my eye.

Mature Content

Xtreme Xtreme Business - Get Pumped Up (Ep #1)



[size=20]Computer Controlled Orchestra[/size]


And, as it was stated in the first video… here is where this idea and tune came from. :smile:
[size=20]Animusic - Pipe Dream[/size]


[size=20]Animusic - Pipe Dream 2[/size]

Simonster - 2014 Strength Workout

Mature Content

TEEN PREGNANCY (Oishi High School Battle #16)

HOMECOMING DANCE (Oishi High School Battle #17)

OISHI HAS BOY TROUBLE (Oishi High School Battle #18)

BANE-MI RETURNS! (Oishi High School Battle #19)

THE FINAL BATTLE (Oishi High School Battle #20)

SEPPUKU (Samurai! Daycare #6)

GORY TIME (Samurai! Daycare #7)

NOODLES AND HONOR (Samurai! Daycare #8)

BLOOD FEUD (Samurai! Daycare #9)

SENIOR CITIZEN MMA (Samurai! Daycare #10) [FINALE]

10 Rookie Mistakes Every College Freshman Makes

You want insane!? :no_mouth: A shout-out to French for showing me this one. I would say not to ever try this but that doesn’t seem very likely that many would get that opportunity anyway… LOL! I would so not do this still… :laughing:
[size=20]Hip Firing A 20mm Cannon…[/size]

This. This is the best thing ever.
How can this guy be a journalist?

Everybody is a reporter now, eh? :stuck_out_tongue: