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The 2021 TAN Summer Japan Olympics

Hey there anime sports fans are you down because the Official Olympics ended
Here’s an AN version you can play

Games to play
And you can play all or some it’s up to you

  • Game 1 Type your fav anime quote and who said it in under 25 seconds
  • Game 2 Post in your own words how to much TAN can someone be
  • Game 3 Take a wild guess on what new 2021 summer anime will be Dubbed first
    Last Game Post your fav sports anime series and rate it from Tan Gold Sliver Bronze

Let’s play and go for the Gold TAN badge if we had one
I’ll start with one

Game 3 I want “ Do it yourself “ to get a dubbed by this Christmas :crossed_fingers:
But I think Sonny Boy might crossed the Dubs finish line first
What do you guys think ? :thinking: