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The Communicative Buddy System


I suggest we bring back the friends list but make it a bit better than it was before
Just to let u know I haven’t came up with all the details but thought about having a feature where u can communicate with a certain group of ur friends all at once it the buddy system
And not have to list them one by one in the messages box
We can come up with a unique buddy channeling that is more interactive with the ones in ur closest circle

So that’s all that I have for now
But will brainstorm a bit more


that’s a good idea


On a similar topic, there should be a way to block posters or at least mute them when they are continually trolling you in threads. If we would be allowed to make a list of friends, why not a list of people we don’t want to be harassed by?


There is. In your profile

  • Preferences
  • Users
  • Muted / Ignored

Figured that out the hard way. Also, I attempted to delete that post a few times, but it didn’t work. Many apologies. :wink: