Welcome to the New Forums!

Well, boys and girls, our new forum is now active. For those of you who have been with us for a while this may be your 2nd or even 3rd new board to call home, and for that we thank you for your years of support. :smile:

For the new guys, we hope you dig the new space! Remember, play nice or our overlord @Slowhand will crack her whip and teach you a thing or two about manners. ^_~

Have fun, and if you run into any problems please let us know, as we are still fiddling around with things. See ya!



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Is there any way you guys take the underscores out of my name, since spaces are not allowed anymore?

I usually use either The Coffee God when spaces are allowed (like when I first registered)
I use TheCoffeeGod when spaces are not allowed.

Done. :slight_smile:



Now that’s out of the way…

I innately hate change in my life, so as of the moment, the new forums are horrendous to me.
But I especially despise the mobile-friendly auto load for pages without a way of turning them off.

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The Daily WTF readers HATE this software. And having a reason to apply my tab browsing on it… I feel the people who worked on this worked on the Funimation site.

It’s definitely going to take some getting used to.

Note : If you use a portrait avatar ( rectangle ) it won’t display.

Even though the board says it trimmed the image to be square. Doesn’t display in posts, but does in the profile.

Once I made Hiro square then all was good.

Mark Gosidn

what the…?

So much white space…

My eyes, my eyes…

I think I’m snow blind…


They’ve been avid users of Discourse and have been using it for a while now. Despite the negativity, they’ve had a lot of constructive feedback that we’ve used to make Discourse better. It’s new and it’s different, so play around and make up your own mind!

Instead of messing around here, I recommend using our sandbox site try.discourse.org. It gets reset every day, so nothing you do there is permanent.


I would like to see less white myself.


Whoa, this is weird on mobile. I got used to not having a mobile site lol, but as that Greek guy said, nothing is constant save change itself.

Is there an option that I can check so that I see the who, what and when for the last reply in a thread?

You broke my lists… I’ll never forgive you.

So how do I send PMs now?


Or you can go to the person’s profile that you want to send a PM to and click on the box at the bottom left of the background pic.

The REPLY box will pop up on the bottom of the page like it does when replying to a forum thread.


Whoa. Just checked out this new forum from desktop and it is weird. It really reminds me of the latest UI that Google uses in its apps.

Some kind of hide tag might be needed in this case. The reason some people used spoiler tags before was so that they can hide a big wall of text so others wouldn’t have to scroll as much to skip over it. But if there is enough space taken up by spoilers anyway (LadyOfWicca is the main cause when she does a summary of an episode) it should hide anyway until clicked


It won’t even attempt to load on my 3DS. I guess I’ll have to get used to that. When it comes to CN premiere info, this might become a bit inconvenient if I’m gone for a week. I’ll just have to post a lot in advance like I used to.

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When I click “reply” on a post it no longer auto-quotes the post in the reply field?

Tips for Using This New Forum

[quote=“Slowhand, post:1, topic:7629”]
To quote someone in a reply
Highlight the part of the post you want to reply to. A small pop-up box with “quote reply will appear, click on that box and a window will appear at the bottom of the page with the quote. You can then reply as normal.[/quote]

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I am going to keep my opinion to myself of the new Forum. The new forum has more of a blog feel to it then a forum.

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