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And I think you just talked me into buying the DVD too! :lol:


One more DVD sold!
When the pre-orders actually ship out, I’ll post all the links to buy it.

And since ZOE is slowly uploading DR to YT in HD in parts, I might as well try and keep up with it.
They’re up to Part 4 currently.

[video type=youtube]3buuXcHOBkI[/video]

[video type=youtube]9ljebpoL3FM[/video]

[video type=youtube]rNe1UP3v1r8[/video]

[video type=youtube]rcBGlHDYibo[/video]


Looks like the new DR pre-orders will start shipping out soon!
I can’t wait until mine shows up!

[quote]Dead Gentlemen Productions
Monday at 10:37pm

Just emailed the shipping labels to our replication facility. New The Gamers: Dorkness Rising DVDs ship to Amazon Fulfillment tomorrow![/quote]


Just received the shipping confirmation for my new DR DVD pre-order!
Should be here in a few days!

While I’m here, here are the links to buy it.




You can order from any of those.
However, I read on their FB page a few days ago, that the best place to order from is the Strowlers store, that way they get the biggest revenue cut from the sales, to use for the next future Gamers project we want!

Quoted from FB

[quote]Dead Gentlemen Productions
Strowlers ships via Amazon Fulfillment, so yes indeed! The only difference with Strowlers is that we get a much bigger cut of the purchase price than we do from a sale through Amazon. If everyone ordered from Strowlers we’d see a much larger return!
Saturday at 5:44pm ·[/quote]


My DVD came today!
I’ll post a pic after I wake up some more.


Part 5 was put up today

[video type=youtube]I_iDtCP1m5Y[/video]


Part 6 was put up yesterday

[video type=youtube]gPi3U0V7WLI[/video]


Part 7 was put up today

[video type=youtube]Llqu1Wwr3Rc[/video]


So, if you liked these movies, show your support, so we can get Gamers 3 & 4!

[video type=youtube]uPhvJgEdGnA[/video]


Shut up and take my money!

Buying that DVD ASAP.


And for those of us that supported them, here’s a warm Thank You! from them (as well as a few other humorous things).

[video type=youtube]7Vp0efaQ71w[/video]


Part 8 was put up yesterday

[video type=youtube]GrtClLRyY0Y[/video]


This week’s ZOE update is with Matt Vancil himself!

[video type=youtube]fqeao1xaWCg[/video]


They finally got their hard drive fixed, so here’s the next part of DR.

Part 9

[video type=youtube]cV9DAjaqUg0[/video]


[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Thanks to the team at DriveThruRPG, we are thrilled to share our new digital movie download page with you! Everything is DRM-free, is two-pass VBR compressed directly from the original timelines, and is cross-platform compatible.[/quote]



Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Please enjoy this holiday surprise: a new The Gamers: Dorkness Rising music video featuring Christian Doyle and Brian Lewis and directed by Andy Dopieralski![/quote]

[video type=youtube]kcB5RJFfDOM[/video]


Matt Vancil wants to know!

Via Facebook

[quote]Matt Vancil

All right, folks, hit me up - what do you want to see in the next Gamers film? It’s not the first time we’ve fired this question out there, but this time I’ve got my note-taking pen and a bottle of $5 wine. So go to it. And for Odin’s sake, don’t just say “Jen Page” - everyone wants to see Jen, and it isn’t a Gamers film without her anyway. Rather, tell me what horrible and career-destroying things you’d like to see her - or any of your other faves from Dead Gentlemen Productions or Zombie Orpheus Entertainment - doing in the next installment of the franchise. Against my better judgment: Floodgates, I open thee.[/quote]



Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
50 minutes ago

Gamers 3. It’s coming.[/quote]


Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
14 minutes ago via mobile

Tomorrow we announce the big plan for Gamers 3. Hint: anyone else know what is happening tomorrow?[/quote]



The new Gamers 3 site opened up today, with a Kickstarter Campaign countdown timer!

[quote][size=5]Gamers 3[/size] ( not yet titled )

From the makers of The Gamers and Dorkness Rising

Lodge, Joanna, and the rest of the group are back for an all-new adventure. They’ve reached the final showdown with their arch-nemesis, The Shadow, when the phone rings…

Stay tuned and subscribe below for information about how to appear in the movie, our big plans for GenCon 2012, and the first of many surprises that we have in store.

Update #1: Attending GenCon 2012? Register soon for The Gamers: Live, a special comedy event with the cast of the new movie, plus appear as an extra as we film the climactic finale of The Gamers 3!

• General Admission: ENT1236905
• Premiere Seating: ENT1236908
• Front Row: ENT1237848[/quote]