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This is another fun gamer webseries I ran across recently due to ZOE promoting it on their site & FB.
I haven’t finished all of Season 1 yet, but I figured I’d post them all since they’re all up (and they’re doing a fund raiser for Season 2)
It’s definitely low budget, but it’s turning out to be rather humorous.

[size=5]Episode 1-5 Recap[/size]

[video type=youtube]xL0_ghYmFv8[/video]

[size=5]Episode 1 - The Barbarian[/size]

[size=5]Episode 2 - The Druid[/size]

[size=5]Episode 3 - The Bard and Sorcerer[/size]

[size=5]Episode 4 - The Tavern[/size]

[size=5]Episode 5 - Adventure Hook[/size]

[size=5]Episode 6 - Questing[/size]

[size=5]Episode 6.5[/size] (originally Episode 0 teaser)

[size=5]Episode 7 - Don’t Split the Party[/size]

[size=5]Episode 8 - Hail to the King, Baby[/size]

[size=5]Episode 9 - Hero Worship[/size]

[size=5]Episode 10 - The Breaking of the Fellowship[/size]

[size=5]Episode 11 - Of Keys and Cages[/size]

[size=5]Episode 12 - Will and Fortitude[/size]


So, I finally finished these up tonight.
I have to say, even though it’s on the low end of production budgets, it actually turned out fairly well.

It’s not as polished as JourneyQuest was (then again, JQ had a much higher budget), but it certianly did get quite a few laughs out of me and can definitely stand on its own as a webseries.

Apparently, Ep. 12 is the first half of the Season 1 finale, so I guess there’s an Ep. 13 on the horizon some time in the future.
Though I don’t have any clue as to when that might be.
But I’ll keep you posted.


While perusing through the News section on the homepage, I ran across this.
So we definitely will be getting an Ep. 13, just unknown as to when.

[quote][size=5]The Mysteries of Episode 13…[/size]

by Joanna on October 13th, 2011

Man, that Episode 12 was great, wasn’t it? Will Torval crush Martin? Will Edda reach him in time? Will Fernando convince Wendy to come back to the light and start wearing blue again, rather than purple?

In the beginning, Episode 12 wasn’t going to be a cliffhanger, we just ended up with so much great footage that the episode itself would have been way over fifteen minutes. So, we decided that the time had come for an extra episode! However, sitting down and looking at the footage in the rush from Episode 12’s release, we realized a few very important things.

  1. Episode 13 was too short. Cringe! Finishing up Season 1 on a seven-minute episode just wasn’t going to cut it. So we gathered the team back up and headed back out in to the woods to shoot some more stuff.

  2. We didn’t budget for an Episode 13. Double cringe! The coffers are a little drier, which means the post-production team can’t be paid as much, which means they have to take other work to supplement.

  3. The episode’s post-production phase is sitting right plunk in the middle of convention season, which is one of our major avenues for money- and fan-gathering. Our production team is the same as our marketing team is the same as our post team, and they only have so many hours in the day!

Conclusion? Delay.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we hit a bit of a snag here at the end. We’ve prided ourselves on our quick turnaround time, so it grates on me a little that we’re being held up here at the end of all things. The final episode will come soon, but I can’t tell you when. I can tell you that it’ll look amazing, and that you’re going to love it, and that I wish I had the money to give it to you tomorrow! This isn’t some ploy to hold you hostage, either – if you decide to donate to our second season fundraiser, it’s because you love what we do, not because we’re threatening to not release our final episode. No threats here, Episode 13 is coming!

To entertain yourselves in the meantime, go check out some of our fundraising videos over at Phasefirefilms – – and trust that the mysteries of Episode 13 will be revealed in due time!



Yay! Another one to watch - just as soon as I get a chance! :lol:


LadyOfWicca wrote:

You might enjoy it, I know I did.

You have time to catch up though, since Ep. 13 isn’t up yet, and Ep. 12 kind of leaves off with a cliffhanger.

Currently, they’re at $6,882 of their $10,000 goal for Season 2, with 42 days left, so it’s looking good for a second season as well.

So we might have a whole bunch of stuff to watch next year!

I’m really hoping the next chapter of IMPS: The Relentless comes out next year as well.
That would sweet.


[size=5]It’s here!![/size]

Standard Action

It’s here, everyone! You’ve waited a long time, but it’s finally arrived - Episode 13: Hell Hath No Fury has now launched! Watch the last chapter of the adventure that has been Standard Action, Season 1. [/quote]

[video type=youtube]P8t8L-RoKlM[/video]


I finished this one up today. It was really amusing with a good, funny story. I do hope they get a season two. I would really enjoy watching another season.

However, I have to admit that my heart still belongs to JourneyQuest!


With 26 Days left remaining on the SA fund raiser, they already hit their $10,000 goal!

[size=5]****SEASON 2 HERE WE COME!



:laugh: Glad to hear it and looking forward to it!


They’ve been slowly posting interviews with the cast and crew.

[size=5]Nov 2011 Edwin Perez Interview[/size]

[video type=youtube]ADZr-rLtK9s[/video]

[size=5]Nov 2011 Carla Miller Interview[/size]

[video type=youtube]RNJl9a71RKs[/video]

[size=5]Nov 2011 Ishnu Interview[/size]

[video type=youtube]tiaCowWIOIc[/video]

[size=5]Nov 2011 Tara Pratt Interview[/size]

[video type=youtube]2bnHNr_XJyM[/video]

[size=5]Nov 2011 Joanna Gaskell Interview[/size]

[video type=youtube]6EVGFlaaQQY[/video]

[size=5]Nov 2011 Eric Balac Interview[/size]

[video type=youtube]GM7eUgcijaY[/video]


Two more interviews…

[size=5]Nov 2011 Vanessa Driveness Interview[/size]

[video type=youtube]dkYTW7QEqj4[/video]

[size=5]Nov 2011 Edward Foy Interview[/size]

[video type=youtube]cuQBglS6_l4[/video]


Another interview & an outtake…

[size=5]Nov 2011 Troy Rudolph Interivew[/size]

[video type=youtube]UZ1gdA-0khA[/video]

[size=5]Nov 2011 Eric Balac Interview OUTTAKES[/size]

[video type=youtube]9wGJiDAHatk[/video]



Standard Action

And we’re done, with a grand total of $13,115! Thank you, you beautiful, beautiful people. Power to the nerds everywhere! GO SEASON 2!![/quote]


Great news! :cheer:


Standard Action

The wheels are turning for Season 2! True to her word, one of our costume designers, Vanessa Driveness, has released some costume concept sketches for Edda and Gwenevere for second season, in special thanks for skyrocketing over our IndieGoGo fundraising goal![/quote]

[quote][size=5]Concept sketches for Season 2![/size]

Back when Standard Action made $10000 on its IndieGoGo fundraiser, one of our costume designers, Vanessa Driveness, made an exciting promise. She swore to deliver some concept sketches for new costumes for Season 2 if we made it to $12000… and we did ($13000, in fact)! True to her word, here are a couple of rough sketches of new Edda and Gwenevere looks for 2012. The wheels are starting to turn in development for new Standard Action material, and this is a special look into how everything starts – the very beginnings of getting our thoughts and ideas down on paper!

I didn’t want to lose too much of the detail, so click on each small version to enlarge the sketch and have a closer look. We’re expecting some Fernando and Martin concept sketches soon before long, and I’ll post them when I have them in hand.[/quote]


Looking good!


SA posted a newly edited S1 trailer.

[video type=youtube]BH4u9B-9uT8[/video]


This means we’ll start getting S2 episodes some time in the near future!

Standard Action

Standard Action finished its first shoot day for Season 2 today - a day filled with incredible sunshine, masked villains, golems… and mud! Thank you so much for the hard work of our talented cast and crew - way to start the season off right. :)[/quote]


Interviews from 1st day of filming…

[size=5]Interviews from the set of Standard Action Season 2 Shoot day 1[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]fsSYEAGw9Io[/video]


Standard Action

Fantastic film day today - great stuff in the can for Season 2, Episode 1 with some amazing guest stars, plus all four lead actors out together on set for the first time this year![/quote]