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[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Hi, folks. Vancil here. Do not despair! We’ve got two weeks left in the Kickstarter, and that’s plenty of time. And we’ve only got a JourneyQuest’s amount left. These campaigns always spike and the beginning and the end, and we’re hard at work prepping for the final push. I’ve seen a lot of talk about upping pledges, and that’s great, and if you’ve done that-- thank you! We are still going after 13 years because of your support. But here’s the thing: It’s unlikely – not impossible, but unlikely – that everyone who’s already pledged can up their amounts. A lot of folks are tapped out and have given all they can-- and again, thank you! You are marvelous and I love you and angels dance about you singing your praises. But contributing money is NOT the only way you can help get this movie made. There’s been a lot of talk about posting on the OOTS or Penny Arcade forums. We’ve got almost 2,200 backers here, and 4-6k likers (is that the word?) on the ZOE and DG facebook pages. You want Rich or Gabe and Tycho to notice your forum posts and promote the Kickstarter? Go to their forums EN MASSE and make your voices heard! You want Mr. Wheaton or Ms. Day to tweet the campaign? Let them know – as a group, as a tide! – that it’s happening! Our biggest hurdle has always been obscurity, but this time around we’ve got THOUSANDS of voices to hammer this message home: This movie needs to be made! For gamers – all of us! – for dice-chuckers and card-floppers; for LARPers and mini-maniacs and board gamers; for our gamer daughters and sons, for the too often abused and denigrated geek girls, to prove “geek” and “gamer” are gender-neutral terms, and to further pull the cancer that is gamer misogyny into the sun for it to wither and die; for lapse gamers who’ve fallen out of the hobby and for those who are merely dice-curious and are looking for a way in; for Trin and for Conner and the returning cast of Dorkness Rising, and for the 500+ astounding folks in attendance at Gamers Live and the Gamers 3 Gen Con filming – that footage HAS to be seen. We can get this made! Sound the horn! Boost the signal! CRY HAVOC! I love you all.[/quote]


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 33

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 34

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 35

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 36

We broke the $200k mark!
Still have quite a bit to go, but we might actually make it.
15 days to go!


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 37

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 38

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 39

Still progressing!
12 days to go!


[quote][size=5]The Last 13 Days[/size]

Update #12

Ben here. I’m back in Seattle from a cross-country drive with a car full of the film gear that we used to shoot large portions of Hands of Fate at Gen Con Indy and I have a ton of news to share!

First, as mentioned previously, Gen Con was a huge success. We shot everything that we needed, including scenes in True Dungeon, the exhibit hall, the AEG tournament hall, various corridors full of con-goers, outside the convention center, and of course, the Gamers Live event, at which we shot eight pages in a single hour. We sent two cloned hard drives with the footage on two different flights and both returned safely, which means that editing begins today for a Gamers 3 trailer!

With thirteen days to go, we have just a shade over $100k left to raise on the campaign, which is great news. We’ll be doing some very specific PR over the next week to continue getting the word out about our campaign. Our shows have always built their success based primarily on word of mouth, however, and this one is no exception. The story that we heard over and over again at Gen Con Indy went something like this: “I had no idea you were making another Gamers movie! Where do I give you money?” We know that the audience is out there for Gamers 3: we just need to reach them and let them know that we still exist!

That’s where you can help. If you have a blog, or an active twitter account, or any platform that can reach people who love the Gamers films who don’t yet know that we’re making a new movie, even a simple retweet can help tremendously. Or tell the world why the Gamers films are important to you. We’ve heard stories about couples who met watching Dorkness Rising, gaming groups who came together because of the film, people who returned to gaming, or started gaming, or even who included lines from Dorkness in their wedding vows. This is the time, if you have one of those stories, to tell it. Shoot a short video. Write a blog. Explain why the Gamers films mean something to you. (Just please don’t spam and do respect the rules and expectations of anywhere that you post.)

For us, these films are about showing what we love about gaming, even as we find comedy in the crazy things that gamers do. They’re also about improving the culture of the hobby and promoting the view that everyone deserves a seat at the table, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or any other excuse that’s been used to make people feel unwelcome playing. We’re all in this community together.

With thirteen days remaining, we’re now preparing for a big presence at PAX Prime, including a booth, a screening, and a panel. Fans are also throwing a big Kickstarter party at Dragon*Con and we hear that a fan art auction may be hitting Ebay soon for a crocheted Luster doll and accessories. JourneyQuest episodes resume next Tuesday and we’ll be posting the final part of Dorkness Rising on YouTube—both will link back to this campaign. We also have some awesome art to share from Romance of the Nine Empires. (Attendees of Gamers Live will have already seen the gorgeous banners that AEG made for us!) We’ll send a final batch of updates to our various email lists, do some signal boosting with industry friends, and most importantly, get that Gamers 3 sizzle reel put together.

$100k to go, with almost $220k already raised? We can do this![/quote]


[quote][size=5]The Gamers Film Kickstarter Rolls On[/size]

As I mentioned last month, my pals over at Zombie Orpheus and Dead Gentlemen launched a Kickstarter for The Gamers: Hands of Fate, the third in their hilarious series of The Gamers movies. As a part of that, we’re integrating Hands of Fate and my upcoming Dangerous Games trilogy of novels together. There’s this character — Leo, who appeared in the second film — that wanders in and out of the movie at certain points. For fun, he’s going to wander into my books and then back onscreen.

I had a chance to chat with Matt Vancil and Ben Dobyns at Gen Con last week, and I suggested a couple of interstitial scenes for Leo to help frame the crossover. They managed to get them filmed the next day on a tight schedule, which impressed me to no end.

So, the Kickstarter drive is going along well. They’ve already raised more than $230,000! This still puts them a bit shy of their ambitious $320,000 goal, but they still have 12 days left in their campaign. With a big push coming up next weekend at both PAX and Dragon*Con, I have little doubt they’ll make it. Do yourself a favor and head on over to the Kickstarter page to get in on the fun before time runs out.[/quote]


[quote][size=5]Meet the Nine Empires: IXHASA[/size]

Update #13

[size=5]The Dread Army of IXHASA[/size]

The oldest of the empires is also the greatest threat to the world of Countermay. When the world was young, Ixhasa rose as a jewel of civilization in an untamed wilderness, the first and only of the empires, human or otherwise, to span the face of the continent. Unmatched were they in art, medicine, science, any and all endeavors and fields of study. There was only one frontier they had not conquered: death. In his hubris, Ulix, the so called Eternal Emperor, built his pyramid atop a Nexus—a place where three ley lines intersect—and tapped the power therein to grant Ixhasa eternal life. But no being was meant to channel such power, and the Nexus festered and erupted, spewing negative energy up through the great pyramid and liquefying the land about it. The great pyramid—and the heart of Ixhasa—sank beneath the waves of a new ocean. The rest of the empire languished and died. But Ulix had succeeded in conquering death, of a sort. The negative energy leaking from the wounded Nexus permeated the sunken pyramid and population that had fallen with it with undeath. Thousands of years later, the Ixhasans awoke anew—as the Dread Army, the Empire of the Dead. When they came ashore, they found their empire gone, settled instead by squatters and invaders. Enraged and possessed of unending endurance and might, Ulix commanded his army to retake their conquered lands. Ixhasa had succeeded in beating death. What are a handful of mortal empires by comparison?[/quote]


[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Thirteen days remain and we should cross $220,000 today, leaving us with less than $100k to go. Check the linked update for more![/quote]


[quote][size=5]Call to Reddit Power Users[/size]

Update #14 · Aug. 28, 2012

Due to much demand, we’re getting ready to do an AMA on Reddit. We’re thinking Thursday should be good, as we’ll have the Gamers 3 teaser trailer ready by then.


None of us have much experience with Reddit, but we know that reputation and community standards are really important. If you can help us get set up, not act like newbs, and help make this a fun (and heavily uprated) experience for the Reddit /rpg and /gaming communities, please leave us a note or suggestions in the comments.



[quote][size=5]**Gamers Events This Weekend **[/size]

Update #15
Aug. 28, 2012

If you’re in Seattle, Spokane, or Atlanta this weekend, some great Gamers events are planned. When the fans heard that we would putting our energy into planning for PAX, they got together and planned complementary, fan-organized events in Atlanta and Spokane for the same weekend!


Join Dead Gentlemen and Zombie Orpheus at PAX Prime, where we’ll be promoting JourneyQuest and Hands of Fate at Booth 6013 all weekend long, plus a JQ2 screening and panel Saturday night.

From the Makers of the The Gamers and JourneyQuest, comes the premiere of Season 2! Join cast and crew to watch new episodes of amazing series, staring Christian Doyle, Jen Page, UFC fighter Bob Sapp and Fran Kranz, actor from Dollhouse and Cabin in the Woods! Stay for a Q&A to hear exciting news about Gamers 3!

Tony Becerra [Producer], Matt Vancil [Creator/ Writer, Z.O.E/ Dead Gentlemen], Christian Doyle [Actor, Z.O.E/ Dead Gentlemen], Brian Lewis [Actor, Z.O.E/ Dead Gentlemen], Bob Sapp [Actor/ MMA Fighter, Independent], Emilie Shimkus [Actor, Z.O.E/ Dead Gentlemen], Samara Lerman [Actor, Z.O.E/ Dead Gentlemen], Scott C Brown [Actor, Z.O.E/ Dead Gentlemen]



The Bard Pile Party – Sunday Sept 2 @ 10pm on the Marriott 10th floor Mezzanine!

Join this gathering of fans to screen our films, promote the Kickstarter, get some awesome swag, and make some great memories.


This is a benefit being held by artists for artists. Several mediums will be featured.

All proceeds are going to support Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. They are an independent film-making group that is committed to remaining so. If they are unable to gather enough funding by September seventh, they will be unable to continue their latest production.

$7 at the door for a night of experiencing local independent art!


Performing artists:

For display artists:

ARIANA (painter)


They’re going to be at DragonCon!

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

If you’re in Atlanta next Sunday, join some awesome Gamers fans for their Kickstarter benefit, with screenings, awesome prizes, and cool costumes.[/quote]


[size=5]Cry Havoc! : A Benefit for the Independent.[/size]

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

If you’re in Spokane next Sunday night, don’t miss this awesome benefit that the fans put together for the Gamers 3 Kickstarter! It sounds like an amazing night![/quote]


[quote][size=5]**A Message from the Cast **[/size]

Update #16

Our cast got together last night to sign Mask of Death modules* and Dorkness DVDs and shot this short video talking about how much they look forward to making Hands of Fate. They’ve asked us and you to help share it and spread the word!

*Due to much demand, we’ve added the Mask of Death module and the Mound of Dead Bards mini to the EXTRAS for the campaign. Check out the main page and scroll down to EXTRAS for the details.[/quote]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]q_6ckhfINlk[/video]

[quote][size=5]Reddit: Ask Us Anything Begins Now[/size]

Update #17

Please join us at



[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 40

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 41

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 42

We’re down to the last 10 days!
9 days to go!


[size=6]And here’s the Hands of Fate teaser from what they filmed at GenCon![/size]

[quote][size=5]Gen Con Teaser Trailer Released[/size]

Update #18

While we still have about 75% of the movie remaining to shoot, after our success at Gen Con Indy this year we wanted to share a tiny peek at what we shot at the convention.

With your help and your pledges, we’re almost over the finish line with this campaign and will soon be able to hire cast and crew full time to get the rest of this movie made! [/quote]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]ZNxJNpb590c[/video]


And two fan testimonials about Hands of Fate and why you should pledge if you like DGPs previous works!

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]QFIBcxhkhVE[/video]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]fwKhcwK1EkY[/video]


A testimonial on Hands of Fate from Standard Action’s creator, Joanna!

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]wBtNbHSlKpE[/video]


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 43

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 44

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 45

We’ve had an absolutely AMAZING past few days!
Tons of people have stepped up!
Only 6 days to go!


[quote][size=5]Updates, Rewards, and PAX[/size]

Update #19

What an amazing few days! All of you added $45k to the total, we’re over 90% of the way to our goal, and the response to our Gen Con trailer has been phenomenal. We’ve seen a big push from Paizo, Gamers memes promoting this campaign all over facebook, and a fan-originated 20/20 campaign in the comments tab encouraging additional support with experience points and waffles.*

We’re also at PAX Prime all weekend. If you’re at the convention, stop by booth 6013 to say hello, then join us late tonight for our JourneyQuest Season Two screening and Q&A.

As of this writing, we have less than $32k to go to make the Hands of Fate campaign a success. A number of you have shared ideas with us for additional rewards and incentives, many of which we’re excited to announce today. These will go live over the next few days.

First, we’ve added the painted, screen-featured miniatures of Osric, Daphne, Flynn, and Luster as individual rewards at the $999 level. These are unique items, of which only one of each will exist in the world. (We’re working on Brother Silence, who was not sculpted back when Dorkness came out. Once we’re able to get a new sculpt, we’ll add him to the $20 mini package Extra.)

Second, we’re getting a new limited grab-bag reward put together for the $100 level. (And yes, people pledging higher than $100 will be eligible to receive this. See update #5 for a reminder of how this works.) What’s the grab bag? Well, we know that a number of awesome other games are going to be appearing in the background of the movie, as props on the gaming table, and in the Gen Con scenes. We’re working with these companies to provide some of those screen-featured games as rewards for this limited level. For the grab bag level, we’ll see what props/games we have available to keep after the movie is shot, split them up as evenly as possible, and include them in this limited $100 level when we ship rewards. (We may also have some PDF options.) We can’t guarantee what you’ll receive, but it will be something awesome. And if your company wants a game to be included in this offer, to appear on screen and then be mailed to these contributors, please email us!

Third, we hope to have a couple of new rewards to announce soon from AFK Tavern. We’re just putting the final details together, but if you’re in the Seattle area, please commence drooling… now.

Fourth, for those backers looking for higher-level rewards, as of this writing a single Displaced Army Option A is available. Those have been snatched up for some time and we expect this one to go quickly. Also, per a request from a backer, we’ve agreed to build custom packages at rewards of $1000 and above. This means that if you want to, for example, combine Cult of Shad-Hujem with The Displaced Army B, you can send us a message via Kickstarter explaining what you want and we’ll work with you to create a unique and customized Combo Pack reward.

Finally, if nobody snatches up the original Wayne Reynolds poster painting reward level, Zoe has promised to get video of Matt and Ben fighting to the death over whose house it gets to hang in when this is all over. (This is Ben writing, by the way, and I intend to win, using devious trickery that Matt will never see coming. You heard it here first. So nobody pledge for that. Seriously.)

*P.S. Please, please don’t pledge more than you can afford. We’ve seen a few comments about people stretching their food budgets to support this campaign. This is a strength-in-numbers deal, not a contest to sacrifice until it hurts. Yes, an extra $10 helps, but so does keeping yourself fed, a roof over your head, and paying the electric/utility bills. If you’re even thinking about pledging more than you should, stop, breathe, take a moment, and remember that this is just a movie. It’s going to be okay. We’re all in this together and the success of the campaign doesn’t rest on your shoulders alone. Now go put some groceries in your pantry. Please![/quote]


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 46

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 47

W’ve had another absolutely AMAZING past couple days!
And we made it with 4 days to spare!
Only 4 days to go and currently at $324,471!


[quote][size=5]Onward, to waffles! Waffles ho![/size]

Update #21

This is National Waffle Week. Coincidence? We think not!

Now go and celebrate, because we made it! $320,000 raised and The Gamers: Hands of Fate is funded![/quote]

[quote][size=5]Stretch Goal #2 – The Gamers Live![/size]

Update #22

This year at Gen Con Indy, we produced the first ever Gamers Live event, a one hour comedy improv show based on the Gamers films. Our friends at Lynnvander Inc. came down from Canada and shot the event for us with five cameras!

Now, they are editing it into a DVD special for us. And if we hit our second stretch goal, $340,000, every backer at $100 and up will receive the Gamers Live DVD when we ship rewards. Furthermore, we’ll share the online video of the entire event early with EVERY backer of Hands of Fate.

Check out the trailer![/quote]