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Looks like we sold out the open Displaced Army slot today!
[size=5] Yay![/size]

Now we’re back on track again!
I knew that slot wouldn’t stay open for long, I mean it’s an on screen speaking roll, which tends to not last long going by the JQ2 kickstarter.


[quote]Dead Gentlemen Productions

We anticipate that it will take about 4000 Gamers fans to make Gamers 3 happen. We’re currently at 1519 pledges, but we know that the rest of you are out there. If you like the Gamers films, this is your opportunity to make the next one possible. Without your support, we can’t do it and remain independent. Remember, our projects are Fan Supported so that we don’t have to sell out, change our scripts for clueless executives, or beg for Hollywood dollars. You allow us to make films that don’t need to pander, that don’t make fun of gamers, and that have brought thousands of new people to the hobby. And if you’re on the fence, Kickstarter doesn’t withdraw money until the campaign ends, so there’s still time to set aside the money you’d spend on a couple of coffees and pledge to bring Lodge, Joanna, Cass, Leo, and Gary back to the screen.[/quote]


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 18

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 19

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 20

20 days in and we’re almost at the 50% mark!
31 days to go!


We’re past the 50% mark!

[quote]Dead Gentlemen Productions

Thanks to John, we are up another $10k and have passed the halfway mark![/quote]


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 21

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 22

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 23

As mentioned, we’re past the 50% mark!
28 days to go!


They finally started adding Dorkness Rising vids to YT again!
It’s been, what… 9 months since the last one was added?

I guess we can chalk it up to being swamped with other things going on.

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]iUNFhR3LaLI[/video]


I forgot that they’re actually filming part of Hands of Fate at GenCon, before the Kickstarter is finished.

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

If it seems quiet around here, it’s because we’re shooting part of the next Gamers movie in just four days. The. Next. Gamers. Movie!

So yeah, we’re super busy getting ready for a long, crazy weekend of Unmitigated Awesome.[/quote]


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 24

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 25

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 26

And we gained another $10k contributor, double WooHoo!
I wonder how much we’re going to pull from their time at Gen Con Indy when they start doing major promotions for Hands of Fate.
25 days to go!


A KS update with the factions that will be used in the fictional CCG played in the [B]Hands of Fate[/B] movie!

The Gamers: Hands of Fate by Zombie Orpheus » Meet the Nine Empires & Prepare for Gamers Live! — Kickstarter

Update #10
Aug. 12, 2012


Their GenCon schedule.

Wall Photos | Facebook

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

We have a ton of events at Gen Con Indy this year, including signings at Paizo, “The Gamers Live” with the cast of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, major promotions for our Gamers: Hands of Fate Kickstarter (, and screenings of Transolar Galactica, Aidan 5: The Web Series, The Collectibles, Standard Action, Chop Socky Boom, GOLD, a Web Series, JourneyQuest (seasons one and two!), The Brothers Barbarian, Star Command, Dungeon Crawl, Harvey Putter, Dork of the Rings, Reality on Demand, and The Monday Knights.

We’ll be at Booth #509 all of Gen Con weekend with DVDs of many of these fine shows, some great t-shirts, copies of our new Mask of Death module, posters of Wayne Reynolds’ JourneyQuest painting, and much more.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to visit with Christian Doyle (Perf, Gary), Nathan Rice (Lodge, Roderick), Jen Page (Luster, Starling), Scott C. Brown (Leo, Strong Like Bull), Brian Lewis (Cass, Carrow), Trin Miller (Natalie), Bryan Bender (Scary Ceiling Voice, Weaver), Connor Marx (Jace), Jeremy Spray (Grellnock, The Sword of Fighting), and writer/director Matt Vancil. Ben Dobyns and Zoe Adastra will also be in attendance.

See you there! [/quote]


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 27

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 28

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 29

Well, they’re at GenCon now, which is also filled with Hands of Fate filming!
Though it looks like we’ve been slow going lately.
22 days to go!


We’re going to get a Hands of Fate trailer in a couple weeks!

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Incredible first day at Gen Con! We’re totally shooting a movie. Who wants to see a Gamers 3 trailer in a couple weeks?[/quote]



Looks like the Gamers Live panel that was tonight was HUGE!


Since this applies to The Gamers as well.

[size=5][B][B]Rude Mechanical Ep. 22[/B][/B][/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]eJKUx5LDy3Q[/video]


[quote]Dead Gentlemen Productions

Last day of Gen Con. We stayed up until 2 AM shooting in True Dungeon for Gamers 3. Three more scenes to shoot today, then to load out and flights home.[/quote]


[size=15]Achievement Unlocked: Gen Con Indy 2012[/size]
Update #11


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 30

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 31

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 32

So much to go, and so little time.
19 days to go!


[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Greetings to everyone who just joined us here on Facebook! Now that you’re here, don’t forget to pledge your support for Gamers 3. If you saw us shooting at Gen Con Indy, you know that this movie is going to be something special. Pledges aren’t withdrawn until the campaign is over on September 7th, so there’s no reason not to pledge $10 now to help make this movie a reality. You can also help by boosting the signal - like, share, blog, podcast, or comment! There were a ton of fans at Gen Con who hadn’t heard about this campaign who were thrilled that a new Gamers movie was in the works; boosting the signal if you haven’t already is the best way to help us bring in new supporters. We only have 18 days left, so if you’ve been planning on letting the world know about our campaign, now is the time![/quote]


[quote]Dead Gentlemen Productions

‎18 days left, everyone! If you’ve just joined us, don’t forget to pledge your support ASAP![/quote]


They posted more Dorkness today!

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]VbKFEIbIsnQ[/video]