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[quote]Dead Gentlemen Productions

These exclusive ZOECon t-shirts, which come with every ticket, are FOR SAFETY![/quote]


[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

We are so excited to spend a month on Facebook just talking about Gamers 3,
sharing photos and videos from the set, doing Red Cards, and putting all of our
energy into making an AMAZING movie![/quote]


[quote][size=5]Pre-production Update[/size]

Update #29

Hi, Supporters!

We are deep into pre-production and can’t believe that the shoot is just a few weeks away! We begin principal photography on November 7th and end December 1st. With tons of meetings, location scouts, set construction, and art commissions going out, it’s been hard to find a moment to catch our breath.

We’re writing today with a two cool updates for you.

First of all, ZOEcon is turning into quite an event. We’ve figured out how to lower the ticket prices for the weekend by 33%, are bringing in guests like Keith Baker, Peter Adkison, stormtroopers from the 501st, and many more, and we’ve added a ton of screenings and panels. We also hear that our cast is working on some exciting events, including live commentary on old films, signings, and a special “character” appearance. Tickets are still available at

Second, we have some awesome concept art to share with you. These are some of the main characters we’ll be seeing in the fantasy world and we can’t wait to tell you who’s going to be playing them![/quote]


[size=6]IT HAS BEGUN![/size]

BTS and Red Cards have now started, let the fun reign!


[size=4]Gamers 3 BTS 001 - Set Construction Work[/size]


[size=4]Gamers 3 BTS 002 - Oracle’s Cave[/size]


[size=4]Gamers 3 BTS 003 - Stormtrooper Armor[/size]


And now the Red Cards!

[size=6]Red Cards[/size]

[size=5]Red Card 001 - Matt Vancil[/size]

[quote]Offence: Lewd or egregious comment.
“Actors are like chili, by 5pm, they’re $h1t.”[/quote]


[size=5]Red Card 002 - Brian Lewis[/size]

[quote]Offence: Lewd or egregious comment.
(Tony re Trin): "You’re touching me, now I’ve got freckles. And you’re diseased!"
Brian: “You’ve got gingervitis!”.[/quote]



The Official Redcard Rules For Gamers: Hands Of Fate.

[quote][size=5]The Official Redcard Rules For Gamers: Hands Of Fate[/size]

During the filming of Hands of Fate, we will be updating our official twitter (@zombieorpheus) and other social media with random quotes of the day, information, and notes from set. Cast and crew will be posting to twitter with their own accounts, using the #Gamers3 hashtag.

Certain contributors to our Kickstarter campaigns (JourneyQuest and Hands of Fate) have been granted redcard privileges, wherein they may flag members of ZOE or Dead Gentlemen for egregious infractions that they observe in person or online.

Example infractions include saying something especially lewd or offensive, telling a stupid joke, making a painful pun, or committing an offense that denies an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity.

To simplify the process of tracking redcards during production, we will be monitoring twitter for tweets that include both of these two hashtags: #redcard and #gamers3

Eligible participants should make a post on twitter that includes the hashtags: #redcard #gamers3 and indicate to us who made the infraction and how. For example:

@ZombieOrpheus yeah….I’m pretty sure thats a #redcard matt really #LetsStartThisOutRight #gamers3

• which was in reply to our post via @ZombieOrpheus: Actors are like chili, by 5pm, they’re shit.- Matt Vancil

• The video was posted to youtube:

Eligible participants may also “blow the whistle” by replying to the post in question, e-mailing us a video of themselves blowing a whistle, or by other clever and creative means, but we can’t guarantee we’ll see it and be able to respond to it in a timely fashion. What’s important, though, is that you tell us what the infraction was, who committed it, and indicate to outside observers where you saw the infraction committed.

For redcards delivered online, we will record a video wherein the offender is presented with a redcard and given a “time out” for five minutes, and a suitable substitute will be placed in for the duration of the penalty. We’ll then post this video to youtube for the world to see. Online redcards have a 10 hour recharge from the time that you use them, and they can only be used during filming hours.

For redcards at conventions, the eligible participant has the option of announcing the redcard in person by any appropriate means (eg. actually holding up a redcard), and the offending player must leave the screening, panel, or interview, having been sent off for foul play and must go sit in the back. Redcards at conventions have a once per event usage, and ZOE reserves the right to place a substitute on the panel in place of the redcarded individual.

Redcards are only valid 1 year from the point of being awarded. For those who won them at the JQ Kickstarter, they expire November 26, 2012. For those who won them at the Hands of Fate Kickstarter, they expire September 7th, 2013.[/quote]


[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Sneak preview of our Gamers 3 hero from Alderac Entertainment Group![/quote]

[quote]Alderac Ent Group‏

Just a quick preview… #Gamers3 More to come as the movie production continues! [/quote]


[quote][size=5]#Gamers3 Live Production Hashtag[/size]

Update #30

Just to make sure you know, we’re tweeting live from the set using our @ZombieOrpheus account and our cast, crew, and fans should be posting commentary using the #Gamers3 hashtag. Follow us and keep an eye out for updates on twitter, facebook, youtube, and other social media.

Also, we’ll be posting content to our production blog at as we find time. Kickstarter backers with access to exclusive content should keep an eye out for a special update, coming as soon as we can get some of that exclusive content finished.

If you’re at ZOEcon this weekend, post and track the #ZOEcon hashtag.[/quote]


And more Red Cards!

[size=6]Red Cards[/size]

[size=5]Redcard 003 - Matt Vancil [/size]

[quote]Offence: Lewd or egregious comment.
“Ladybits sounds like a breakfast cereal… those are the most obscene marshmallows I’ve ever seen.”[/quote]


[size=5]Redcard 004 - Nora [/size]

[quote]Offence: Lewd or egregious comment.
“As long as he’s in between my legs, nobody will see anything.”[/quote]



Pics time!

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Another normal day on set for Gamers 3.[/quote]

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

And then this happened. A huge thanks to the 501st for this incredible honor![/quote]

[quote]Mason Williams

Shortly after a herd of Imperials chased down Gary, the 501st Legion founder, Albin Johnson, Dave Anderson, with members of Garrison Titan, presented the honorary friend of the legion plaque to the members present of ZOE. — with Brian Lewis, Brent Allen, Jesse Grimes, Andy Dopieralski, Erik von Oy, Scott C. Brown, James Holliday, Rennie Araucto, Christian Doyle, Marc Semenchuk, Ben Dobyns, Matt Vancil, Havoc Squad, Jen Page, Don Early and Albin Johnson.[/quote]

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

And this. [/quote]

[quote]Mason Williams

Trust me, this was hilarious. — with Ben Dobyns and Douglas Herring.[/quote]

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Behind the scenes from Saturday’s LARP scene. [/quote]

[quote]Douglas Herring

Filming at the LARP event at “GenCon” — with Matt Vancil, Tony Becerra, Ben Dobyns and Angela Johnson.[/quote]


Pic to go with those.

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

This was such an honor! Thanks again to the 501st![/quote]


[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Gamers 3 just got real![/quote]

[quote]Dead Gentlemen Productions

We’re back in the game room for #Gamers3![/quote]


The rules in video form and new Red Cards!

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]adXfmTBkL7I[/video]

[size=6]Red Cards[/size]

[size=5]Redcard 005 - Ben Dobyns[/size]


[size=5]Redcard 006 - Nathan Rice[/size]

[quote]Offence: Inappropriate punning.
“You are now entering the Twilight Zone”[/quote]



Gamers 3 site update.

[quote][size=5]Tech Updates [/size]

Update #32

Hi everyone, Ben here.

We’re doing the best we can to keep the new website functional while shooting Gamers 3, but I wanted to let you all know that we’re aware of the tech issues some of you are experiencing. I’ll be tackling those issues directly when filming is done, but until then, please hang tight. We’re a tiny company and are going to be stretched very thin until this massive movie production wraps on December 1st. Until then, when faced with a choice between fixing the website issues and finishing the movie, we’re going to focus on making the movie amazing.

Thanks for understanding.



I haven’t been keeping up on this like I should, so I’m like waaaaay behind.
So I’m just going to post a bunch of YT links with minior descriptions.

[size=6]Red Cards[/size]

[size=5][/size] (Gamers 3 Redcard 007 - Scott C Brown)

[size=5][/size] (Gamers 3 Redcards Extravaganza - Matt and Ben)

[size=5][/size] (Gamers 3 Redcard Decimation)

[size=5][/size] (BTS w/red card)

[size=5][/size] (Gamers 3 Redcard 009 - Anna Lee)

[size=5][/size] (Gamers 3 Redcard 010 - Matt Vancil)

[size=5][/size] (Gamers 3 Redcard 011 - Ben Dobyns and Kevin Inouye)

[size=5][/size] (Gamers 3 Redcard 012 - Rennie)

[size=5][/size] (Gamers 3 Redcards ##? - Matt and Kevin)


The BTS I haven’t gotten around to posting.


[B][SIZE=“5”]Gamers 3 BTS Location - d20 Games - YouTube

Gamers 3 BTS 004 - Green Screen - YouTube

Gamers 3 BTS 005 - Slate 101 by Scott C Brown - YouTube

Gamers 3 BTS - Camera Focus 101 (with Redcard bonus) - YouTube

Gamers 3 BTS - Craft Services Teaser - YouTube

Gamers 3 BTS 007 - Craft Service - YouTube

Gamers 3 BTS - Web Producer - YouTube[/SIZE][/B]


Timeline Photos | Facebook

[QUOTE][B]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment[/B]

Ben has been working on the JQ2 and Gamers Live DVDs all week. Here’s a peek at cover progress! [/QUOTE]

The Gamers: Hands of Fate by Zombie Orpheus » Progress Report — Kickstarter

[QUOTE][B][SIZE=“4”]Progress Report [/SIZE][/B]

Update #33

Hey, everyone!

We’ve been too quiet on the Kickstarter front, but the good news is that there is much to report.

Most importantly, we’re still right on schedule for our August premiere at Gen Con Indy and September delivery of rewards. This last weekend we successfully completed a pick-up shoot for the film that had been delayed until hair and beards could reach certain lengths. With that done, the only remaining footage we may need will be a few insert shots of cards on tables, which we’ll do when the relevant art work is complete.

We spent yesterday editing the new scenes and today will finish cutting them into our first full assembly edit of Hands of Fate. The current cut is about 2.5 hours long. We’ll be watching it without breaks tonight and making some decisions about structure, pacing, and length at that point. Our expectation is that the final cut will be about 2 hours long, so we have a lot of material to finesse, smooth, tighten, and time.

Meanwhile, for the Countermay sections of the film, we submitted a rough assembly to our visual effects (VFX) team in January. Every angle has a unique plate number that we use to keep track of art, assets, and effects. Since that portion of the shoot was almost entirely greenscreen, it’s important that we all stay on the same page as our artists paint the backgrounds that will tie together the world based on the card game. We’ve also been working on keying and compositing techniques that will help marry live action actors to painted backgrounds.

While our editing team works hard on post-production, we’re also preparing for giving the world a first look at The Gamers: Hands of Fate this March at Emerald City Comic Con. We have a special panel set up and will bring some advance footage and an HD projector. You’ll also be able to find us all weekend at Booth #402. We’re also preparing a series of limited edition postcards featuring old and new Gamers characters that we’ll hand out to promote the film at the con—we’ll be sure to share those images with everyone here as soon as they’re done!

In addition to our work on this film, we’re also this week completing the JourneyQuest: Season Two DVD and sending it in for replication. We sent The Gamers Live DVD for replication a few weeks ago. Once those two DVDs and our massive miniatures order (over 4000 units for this Kickstarter alone) are in our hands, we’ll do the first set of reward shipments for those backers who requested to pay for early shipping of available items in the backer survey.

This continues to be an epic production and project for us, from shooting at Gen Con Indy 2012 to hosting our own convention to the greenscreen work to rebuilding costumes from Dorkness Rising and straight into the editing process. Thanks for your patience as we hunker down in front of our computers and work on turning all of those amazing performances, locations, stories, and surprises into a movie that we hope every one of you will be immensely proud of.

Thanks for the privilege of entertaining you with this dream project!

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment[/QUOTE]

The Gamers: Hands of Fate by Zombie Orpheus » ECCC Promo Sneak Peak [Spoilers] — Kickstarter

[QUOTE][B][SIZE=“4”]ECCC Promo Sneak Peak [Spoilers] [/SIZE][/B]

Update #34

We just ordered a batch of promo cards for Emerald City Comic Con (March 1-3). These are the first official look at new characters from the world of Countermay, where the Romance of the Nine Kingdoms takes place. A big thanks to fan, backer, and photographer Todd McKimmey for this batch of portraits!

(We also have some amazing portraits of Brother Silence, Sir Osric, Luster, Daphne, and Flynn, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer for us to finish those up in between editing cycles.)[/QUOTE]


I’m not including the 10min vid, but here’s the rest.

The Gamers: Hands of Fate by Zombie Orpheus » The First Ten Minutes and Some Big News — Kickstarter

[QUOTE][B][SIZE=“4”]The First Ten Minutes and Some Big News[/SIZE][/B]

Update #35

Greetings, backers! We have lots of cool stuff to share with you today!

We exhibited at Emerald City Comic Con last weekend and had a great time. Cast members signed autographs, hung out with fans, and appeared on several well-attended panels, including Women in Webseries, the ZOE Premiere-a-thon, and of course, our Gamers 3 panel and sneak peak.

The Gamers 3 panel featured Carol Roscoe, Brian Lewis, Scott C. Brown, Trin Miller, Christian Doyle, and Ben Dobyns and was moderated by Tony Becerra. We shared several announcements with the crowd and we’re very excited to pass them on to all of you!

First, we screened a rough cut of the first ten minutes of The Gamers: Hands of Fate, which is embedded for your private viewing entertainment at the bottom of this update. Now, a word of warning: this is a rough cut, which means that it’s missing color grading (the part that makes it look like a movie), a sound mix, music, titles, special effects, and basically everything that goes into a polished release.
What you see is not what the final movie will look or sound like. Complaints about sound or picture quality will be referred back to this paragraph.

We were pretty nervous about how people would react, but thankfully the crowd loved it. They laughed at important moments, cheered for the reappearance of beloved characters, and were eager to see how new characters would fit in. The movie has a long way to go before our premiere at Gen Con Indy in August, but it feels like we’re on the right track.

Second, we made some big announcements about how we plan to release Gamers 3. Ready?

Gamers 3 won’t just be a linear feature film experience. Thanks to the power of the internet, we’ll be able to do things with this release that would have been crazy ten years ago. For starters, it’s not just one singular movie: it’s a number of interweaving stories that exist across multiple platforms, thanks in no small part to the extraordinary support we’ve received from the gaming community.

The heart of the project is a tight core narrative feature that follows Cass’s story. Throughout the film, however, we’ll have branching annotations that allow you to follow and create your own story experience. Want to see much more of Gary’s story? Just click an annotation to expand scenes, view new scenes, and cut him right into the feature. Want to view Lodge and Joanna’s extended story? You can do the same. Want to view Leo’s story? You can follow along with him as he steps out of the movie and into Matt Forbeck’s Gen Con Indy murder mystery novel, Dangerous Games, then back into Hands of Fate when he returns as a changed man. Want to experience the entirety of The Shadow’s Dungeon with Brother Silence, Flynn the Fine, Daphne, Osric, and Luster? Play Sean Reynold’s upcoming RPG module as those characters and discover key plot points and mysteries that lead up to the beginning of the film. Want to learn more about the history of Countermay or even play Romance of the Nine Empires using Cass’s deck? You’ll be able to pick up the forthcoming boxed set of the card game from AEG.

Or maybe you want to experience everything… just click the “Everything” button and we’ll take you on a directed cross-platform trek through the entire story, including over two-and-a-half hours of the movie itself. And yes, we’ll build these branching, interweaving functions into the DVD itself.

And that’s not all… We’re also working on plans to shoot two Gamers: Hands of Fate tie-in miniseries in May. While these aren’t part of the core narrative, they’ll answer some old questions and create some new ones: you’ll learn more about Gary, discover what happened to Zoe Adastra’s eye, and see some much-requested variations on the Gamers concept. We’ll go into preproduction on these two miniseries once we’ve delivered a locked cut of Hands of Fate to our composer, visual effects team, and sound mixer. We’re also planning a tiny fundraising campaign for these projects that we’ll limit to around $7000. That will launch soon and we plan on closing that campaign the moment it reaches its goal. More about that later. (And don’t worry, this film has a completely different post production team and will not interfere with any Gamers 3 delivery deadlines. We learned that lesson with the JourneyQuest 2 and Gamers 3 overlap in 2012!)

Third, let’s talk about our timeline and rewards. We’re still on track for a Gen Con Indy premiere this August. The complexity of this film, however, led to us missing our deadline for delivering a locked cut to the rest of our post production team. We expect to do so very soon—and we built a LOT of buffer time into our post schedule—but our dates are going to be a bit tighter than planned. We’re still aiming to have DVDs complete by Gen Con Indy as well, but if we’re forced to choose between making the movie perfect and having subpar DVDs ready on time, you know that we’ll always err on the side of making it as awesome as possible. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process.

If you indicated on your survey that you wanted to pay extra shipping to have your rewards shipped in stages, be prepared to receive an email from us the moment that JourneyQuest Season Two DVDs are in our hands. We expect those back from replication in a couple of weeks, at which point we’ll begin that first stage shipping process.

And yes, we will always email you to verify your current address before shipping anything!

Fourth, we’re about ready to dive back into our wealth of behind-the-scenes videos from the shoot. Two editors are lined up to start getting more of those out to you the moment we deliver that locked cut to our composer/VFX/audio/etc.

Finally, if you’re a fan of our work, we highly encourage you to check out the new feature cut of JourneyQuest Season Two: City of the Dead. It’s made by the same company and creative team, features many of the same cast members, and takes place in the same fantasy world of The Gamers. Plus, it reveals more of the meta story that we’ve been telling in all of our projects since we began making movies back in 1999, including characters who appear in both JourneyQuest and The Gamers. If you’re excited about piecing together more elements of the mystery, this is a must-see. It’s available on YouTube to watch episodically, or as a seamless remastered feature cut right here: JourneyQuest - City of the Dead.[/QUOTE]


[quote][size=5]Post Production Update & a new Gamers miniseries [/size]

Update #36 - For backers only · Apr 13, 2013 · 3 comments

We can’t believe August is so close already! The final cut of the “festival” edition of the movie is with our composer, visual effects, and sound team, we’re hard at work on the additional 35 minutes of story that will be part of the online and extended cuts, and the Romance of the Nine Empires Game is looking amazing.

Speaking of the game, we’ll have a detailed update very shortly for every $250+ backer who hasn’t yet designed a card for R9E. It involves an exciting announcement from AEG about how your design process will work. Thanks for your patience while we figured out the mountain of logistical details involved in turning a fictional game into a real release. We think you will be pleased by the results!

Our big Gamers news today is that we’re announcing a micro-campaign for two web miniseries that will help expand the world of The Gamers into areas we thought we’d have to put off for years. Thanks to the ingenuity, creativity, and persistence of the team from Lynnvander, who helped us shoot much of Hands of Fate at Gen Con Indy last August, we have an opportunity to sneak in a production this May for some Gamers concepts that we’ve been wanting to film since 2007. Lynnvander proposed a way for us to get Humans & Households and Natural One produced without interfering with the Hands of Fate timeline. And we said “Yes!” The result? A modest $7000 campaign to raise enough to send Matt, Trin, Scott, Christian, and Ben to Canada for an epic team-up with the group behind Mind’s Eye, not to mention a few familiar faces from Standard Action.

Humans & Households follows a group of fantasy heroes on their day off as they sit down to enjoy a rousing roleplaying game set in a mundane world of traffic lights, errant puppies, indoor plumbing, and other diabolical evils. Written and directed by Gamers creator Matt Vancil, this three-episode miniseries shows us that perspective is everything, with hilarious results.

Natural One begins with a summons to Gary (Christian Doyle) from his Canadian half-sister, Monica (Monica Zelak). She’s getting married and family tradition calls for her future partner to be vetted in-game—is he gamer enough to be worthy of the family name? Gary, accompanied by Leo (Scott C. Brown), travels to Canada for an epic cyberpunk gaming showdown. Written and directed by Tom Brown, this miniseries is also three episodes, because three is the magic number.

Rewards on this one are limited (we don’t want to raise more than we need) and you can check out more details right here.[/quote]

[size=6]The Gamers: Humans & Households / Natural One [/size]


I never got around to this post, so I’ll just post the things that got unlocked during the KS.

[SIZE=“6”]PWNED: A Gamers Novel by Matt Vancil - Kickstarter[/SIZE]

[B][SIZE=“4”][U]Stretch Goals[/U][/SIZE][/B]

As each stretch goal is unlocked, the next two will be revealed. Expect a lengthy writeup on how the bonus books will work if we’re lucky enough to get that far. (A hint: the backers will get to vote on what books fill those slots.)

[b][SIZE=“5”]ACHIEVED! - $16,500 - Novel Upgrade #1: THE ILLUSTRATED COVER [/SIZE][/B]

All versions of the book will feature this full-color illustrated cover by fantasy artist Rob Carlos:

[b][SIZE=“5”]ACHIEVED! - $18,000 - Novel Upgrade #2: THE MAP[/SIZE][/B]

All versions of the novel will include a map of Fartherall, the game world of the book’s fictitious MMORPG, Fartherall Online, and the setting of the Gamers films and JourneyQuest. All zones created as part of this campaign will be included on the map and become canon in the world

[b][SIZE=“5”]ACHIEVED! - $20,500 - Novel Upgrade #3: THE GLOSSARY [/SIZE][/B]

[i]All versions of the novel will include a glossary of internet lingo and MMO pidgin, presented dictionary-style.

EXAMPLE: pwn (pone) v. [trans.] to “own” (informal), i.e. to defeat; to defeat by a wide margin; to humiliate one’s opponent[/i]

[b][SIZE=“5”]ACHIEVED! - $23,000 - Novel Upgrade #4: THE EVIL COVER [/SIZE][/B]
[I]In addition to the regular dust jacket, backers who pledge at $100 and above will receive this alternate dust jacket cover by Rob Carlos. The alternate cover features the logo of , the antagonist’s guild, and is presented from their point of view, so the back cover will feature quotes and a synopsis talking crap about the heroes and the author.[/I]

[b][SIZE=“5”]ACHIEVED! - $27,500 - Novel Upgrade #5: GOODIES GALORE [/SIZE][/B]
• All backers at $25+ will receive a double-sided bookmark featuring the good and evil versions of the illustrated cover, autographed by artist Rob Carlos (pictured below) (the bookmark, not Rob Carlos).
• All backers at $50+ and above will receive a folded, full-color poster version of the map (Novel Upgrade #2) from the front of the book.
• A mini-pilot version of the story that I wrote for Machinima will be added to the screenplay reward (part of the $100+ levels). This version, written for a web series audience, features a very different take on the characters and the story.
• All backers at the (new!) $125 level will receive everything from the $100 level, AND their alternate Evil Cover dust jackets (Novel Upgrade #4) will come wrapped around an additional hardcover of the novel. Folks pledging at every level above $125 will also find hardcovers tucked in their Evil Cover dust jackets as well.


Tomorrow is the world premiere of Hands of Fate, but to tide you over, here’s this!

[quote]The Gamers: Hands of Fate

Here’s a little something to tide you over until The Gamers: Hands of Fate premieres at on August 15th![/quote]

[size=5]The Gamers: Lodge’s Firefly Rant[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]s8WLlDi68iY[/video]