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Is he the last Dwarf not pictured?

Cancel that. I decided to actually count.

Maybe the last ones will all be a one picture deal.[/quote]

Yeah, he’s the last one.
And now that I think about it, logically, they’d have to have him by himself and not with other non-dwarven characters, to keep the illusional aspect ratio of character size.

Funny you should mention the group shot though, various people have been Photoshopping the pics together as they’ve been coming out.

Here’s what it looks like thus far.


Oh wow!
I didn’t know that they were doing a new remake of “12 Angry Men” now titled "12 Angry Little Men"

And, here’s Thorin.
Though I’m kind of sad that they didn’t reveal him like the rest of the dwarves, as a full body shot (at least as of yet).

What I find amusing, now that TOR put up big detailed pics of each individual character on that page…
Bifur actually has a little hatchet head stuck deep in his head.

In Kahless name we will destroy Smaug.

Thor looks a little Klingon to me.

Thor looks a little Klingon to me.[/quote]

That’s what everybody keeps saying, I just don’t see it.

Then again, I’m obviously not a Trekkie, since the last Star Trek related thing I watched was The Wrath of Khan movie.

And since I haven’t posted these yet…

The first two production vids from Peter Jackson.


In Kahless name we will destroy Smaug.

Thor looks a little Klingon to me.[/quote]

Oddly he looks like Robin Williams to me.

Oddly he looks like Robin Williams to me.[/quote]

I think you’re talking about the Bifur pic I posted under the Thorin pic.

However, now that you mention it, that pic of Bifur does remind me a lot of Robin Williams as well.

Oh my!

I’ve been checking up on PJ’s FB page while the pics of the dwarves have been released, and I’ve never seen such amounts of nerd rage in my life.

First it was disappointment with Kili’s pic because he looks “too human”.
That pic had 743 comments as of this post.

But since the Thorin pic has been released, the comments for that pic have exploded with outrage.
Thorin’s pic is up to 1243 comments as of this post.

Check it out.

Some of the comments I’ve seen are just way beyond absurd.
Like wishing PJ dead just because the Thorin pic doesn’t match their idea of what Thorin should look like.

Never underestimate the stupidity of nerd rage. I still think he looks a little Klingon but can live with it. As for Fili and Kili I thought they were perfect. I knew immediately who they were without reading the text.

The Hobbit Movie Facebook page put up a big clean version of the pic of Thorin today.

Buuut, they also uploaded a new Bifur, Bofur & Bombur pic as well.

What I find amusing though is, it looks like they can’t decide which side the ax head should be sunk into Bifur’s head.




And while I’m here pointing out inconsistencies…
Who ever is working on their photo touch up team seriously needs to be fired if they completely overlooked this while Photoshopping it.

Kili has 2 extra fingers due to weak Photoshopping skills.

[size=15]Production Video #3[/size]

Definitely don’t miss out on this one!
That was so funny!

It also negates my one and only guess as to possibly why Bifur had the ax in his head, since he clearly has it in his head at Bag End when they’re getting Bilbo.

Must invent time machine to see the movies now!

Must invent time machine to see the movies now![/quote]

1000x This!

i love the smiley


The picture of all 13 Dwarves was released today.
Sadly, they just Photoshopped all the previous pics together with a full-body pic of Thorin (finally).

So we still haven’t gotten the Hi-Res full-body Thorin pic by himself yet.


Just checked TOR, and they were sent the hi-res group pic.

New wallpaper. :woohoo:

Wallpaper or sig, both could be pretty killer

[size=15]Production Video #4[/size]