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The Lost and Found


TAN members stop by and see if you lost anything

so first thing on the list

is who shirt is this lol

you can pick it up today
but you only have a 24 hr window
after that it goes to charity


Oh man! Where did you find that??? I’ve been looking everywhere for it.

And I found this:




what did you find there slow
looks like some seafood yum yum


we have another item here wonder whos it is



well nobody claimed this so its goes to charity

the next item we have is


this is goin to charity to

next we have


that’s goin to charity as well

next we have


That was my Dad’s. He kept it in his shop, wondered what happened to it after he passed away. Maybe Mom got a hold of it.

Mark Gosdin



Yeah. That’s mine. How’d you get the stains out of it?


just a lil spit shine lol

does it look good like the day you bought it


Yep :grin::+1:


ok then what you goin to cook for us now that its back clean again


I already made chili dogs today, and have a double shift tomorrow. Let’s see what I come up with on Wednesday :thinking:


ok whos snow bunny poster is this


whos hand Puppet is this


who does this belong to