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The Media Game


The Media Game


  1. One post per answer and please let someone else go before you answer again.

  2. The title of a movie or TV show is posted. Made for TV movies/miniseries are also fine.

  3. The next person must name an actor/actress (not a character name) from that movie or TV show. Please note that anime and cartoons are allowed, but a voice actor (not a character name) must be named in the following post.

  4. If a movie/TV show shares the same name as an anime/cartoon, please specify what you are using. Example: X-Men (movie) or X-Men (cartoon) or X-Men (anime). You can also add a year if there is more than one version.

  5. The next person will then name another movie or TV show that the same actor has also appeared in.

(first post) Airplane
(next post) Leslie Neilson
(next post) Forbidden Planet
(next post) James Drury
(next post) Walker, Texas Ranger
(next post) Chuck Norris, and so on

  1. Do not repeat any answers immediately!

(first post) Airplane
(next post) Leslie Neilson
(next post) Airplane

  1. If two people post a title or name at the same time, the first post stands. The second one must change theirs.

  2. If the game gets stuck on a name, for instance - if the title named is the first or only appearance of that actor/actress, then the next person may name a second actor/actress from that same show title.

Ok, here’s the first title –

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010 film)


LadyOfWicca wrote:

Nicolas Cage






Burlesque (2010)


Stanley Tucci




Anthony Edwards


Fast Times at Ridgemont High


Sean Penn (in his finest role)


Dead Man Walking


R. Lee Ermey


Toy Story


Tom Hanks




Robert Loggia


Independence Day


Jeff Goldblum


Jurassic Park


Sam Neill