Anime Characters A - Z

Time for some fun! Here’s a game for us to enjoy. It is called Anime Characters A - Z and the object is to list characters from Anime going alphabetically from the last entry.


  1. One character name per post.

  2. Last name first, but one word names or nicknames are acceptable (example - “Orphen” or “Strong Arm Alchemist”).

  3. Job titles alone are not considered character names (example - “Policeman #1” or “Student B”).

  4. Other titles are acceptable, but should be used as a first name (example – “Captain Harlock” becomes Harlock, Captain or “Queen Diva” becomes Diva, Queen) unless it is a name such as “King of Hearts”.

  5. Then add the anime’s title.

  6. Posts may be challenged, so be ready to back up your answer (you can reference Wiki, ANN or any other such source).

  7. As usual with the alphabet games, we’re likely to repeat, double up or skip after a while when we reach letters with few possibilities, which will be fine if and when the time comes.

Question -
Can we use animated inanimate objects as names? Ex. the names of angels from Angelic Layer

Yes, any character name is fine - pet animal’s names are fine too - like the ferret in Popotan for instance.

Ok, I’ll start –

Armstrong, Alex Louis – Full Metal Alchemist

Brittania, Cornelia Li - Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Canti - **FLCL **

D, Count - Pet Shop of Horrors

Elric, Edward - FMA

Focker, Roy - Macross Zero

Gankutsuou - **Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo **

Hagi - Blood+

Il Palazzo, Lord - Excel Saga

Jean - Nadia

Kino - Kino’s Journey

Lamperouge, Lelouch - Code Geass

Mizuki, Maia-Daphne in the Brillant Blue

Nikaido,Yoriko - You’re under arrest

Ash Ketchum -from Pokemon

MOD EDIT: This should be in Alphabetical order, so this character’s last name needs to begin with ‘O’.

Next person, please pick up ‘O’.

Odette Bouquet - Noir


Rayne - Neo Angelique Abyss

Why would you skip over Q instead of letting someone else post?

Quentin (eps 16-17) - Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

-next would be S just so we’re back on track-

Saber - Fate Stay Night

I’m sorry. I forgot you can’t make a mistake around here without being ridiculed by Coffee. Next time I’ll have to make sure everything is perfect, so it doesn’t offend you. :stuck_out_tongue: