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The Pet Girl of Sakurasou / Sakurasō no Pet na Kanojo

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou / Sakurasō no Pet na Kanojo

Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Themes: school
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Sorata is kicked out of his high-school dorms for keeping a cat, and moves into a small dorm called Sakurasō. It turns out that all the residents, in addition to being uncontrollable and weird, are outstanding in some way: a well-known animator, a scriptwriter, a programmer. A beautiful girl called Mashiro moves in who is an internationally known painter but is so devoted to art that she can’t even dress herself, and Sorata is given the job of looking after her. Through her and the other residents, he learns who he is and what he wants to do.
Number of episodes: 24
Vintage: 2012-10-08

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posted on 2012-04-08 15:50 EDT
Hajime Kamoshida’s story of boy who must take care of a girl like she is his pet

ANN Anime Spotlight: The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

by Justin Sevakis, Sep 23rd 2012

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Schedule: Episode 01 Starts Friday Nov. 09 @ 3:00PM EST / 12:00PM PST

This show looks interesting.

Episode 1 (sub) is live at ANO

This anime is telegraphing the conclusion as of Ep. 5:


Let’s see , we have a world Class Animator, Artist, and Programmer, a decent script writer, and a wanna be voice actress.

and we have Sorata, who wants to make a game. What would you need to make the most kick ass game?
(see above).

-The non predictable part is whether Sorata will end up with Aoyama or Mashiro, since they both like him.

Ep. 6

Jin makes a decision, Misaki isn’t as clueless as Jin thinks she is. Nanami finally crashes hard, and Sorata and Mashiro pick up the pieces

Episode 2 (sub) is live at ANO

What with the untranslated text scrolling along the bottom?

Please be more specific - at what point does this happen?

I think it’s an embedded JP advert
It’s in both episodes right after the OP.

It’s an advertisement for, I believe, the DVD release in Japan.

It wasn’t relevant to the show itself, so it was left untranslated. :slight_smile: It is confusing, though!

Yeah, I was pretty sure it was a JP advert.
Oreimo had a similar scrolling text when it was being simulcast on ANN.

Ep. 7

Sorata’s little sister comes to visit and in a typical Anime fashion she has a brother complex. The misunderstandings start immediately. Oh and Misaki takes some driving lessons.

Did you get a synopsis somewhere for ep. 7? It has not been shown yet legally from what I can tell.

Yes I have seen the episode. Won’t list the link here for obvious reasons, just in case. If the mods are reading this and want said link to investigate please PM me.

It is legally viewable.
Crunchyroll: The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Ep 7
Availability for premium users: Nov 21, 2012

Yes, it is now, but when he posted it wasn’t.

Episode 3 (sub) is live at ANO

Whatever you all do, Don’t miss episode 8. It drives home why Misaki is my favorite character at times.

Episode 4 (sub) is live at ANO