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The return of Kazuma_909


I’ve been here before but was away for a long time. I’m back and going to bring my drawings back also :smiley:


Welcome back!

We love having the old crowd back! A few things are different as you can see… did you want your old username back? (did you try and have trouble?) You didn’t have the underscore before, right?

If you want to put in your sig, go here:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/do,show/func,myprofile/

Stick around and join in on all the usual festivities!


It would be nice but not sweating over it


Kazuma_909 wrote:

We’ll activate your old one and send you a new password - you can change it to a different password later…


We haven’t met before, but welcome back!


Same here, Hello


Ummm ok, my email address is


Sorry, they haven’t had time yet…


meow :frowning:


Got my old account back!!! does the booty dance :kiss:


YAY! I’m glad it worked! and look at that tiny user#! :lol:


Awww that’s not very nice :stuck_out_tongue:


Slowhand wrote:

If you’re impressed by that, you should see mine.


LOL!! Wait what?


I’m sorry I said anything now… :S

But Hentai’s is smaller than yours Kazuma909.


Ok I’m confused now.


I was playing a lot of games so I took a break here too. It’s good to be back and watch some anime.