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The Return of Darkskills


Hello everyone! I’m the original Darkskills (the system wouldn’t let me log in using my old credintials, had to make a new account.) Once upon a time many moons ago I used to be an active member of the TAN community posting tons of artwork and simply having a good time. I’m looking forward to meeting with new friends and reconnecting with any old timers still haunting the forums. :cheer:


Darkskills, never would’ve thought I’d see you come back! Nice to hear from you. :slight_smile: Do you still work with CGI? I remember you made an Anime Network promo video a long time ago, that thing was AWESOME. You still have it on Newgrounds too.

The member registry was met with a lot of errors when we switched over to the current website layout, so recovering old accounts has been tricky, especially if the e-mail address you originally signed up with is inactive.

In fact, I’m not sure we’d even have it at this point. Did you register for an account when AN switched to having vb forums? My memory’s a bit hazy there. If not, your old username is probably available, but I’m gonna guess you already tried that.

Glad to have you back man! Have any questions about the site, feel free to ask!


Dobrý den!
Dia duit!


Hey!!! Haven’t seen you in forever! What’ve you been up to man? Welcome back!


Welcome back Darkskills!

If you’d like, we COULD probably get your old account back… :wink:

If you don’t care, go on up to the Rules Tab (that gray one up there) and it’ll tell you how to make a sig and all that other cool stuff you might want to know.

All the other stuff from before is the same, I think. Most of the good stuff never changes.


Welcome to you! It’s nice to meet you!


I haven’t been banned yet