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Taken + Under Siege 2: Dark Territory?

…a B-rate action movie set on a train and they didn’t get Steven Segal to cameo? C’mon, that’s almost as big an oversight as Michael Jai White being omitted from Proud Mary. :wink:


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I saw that my local theater was heavily hyping this film. I was surprised by that as it struck me as being more of an “arthouse” tier & type film. With scathing reviews like this one, I suspect that hype will fade right quick.

…why wouldn’t the ghosts of people who were killed by the rifles haunt the person who pulled the trigger? :question:


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Wasn’t there a movie with a similar premise not too long ago?

I can’t shake that suspicion, but all that comes to mind is a “reverse” of Malibu’s Most Wanted


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