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If some thing that is illegal helps then why is it illegal instead of regulated like other things of it’s type?


That question has only one answer, “because people are involved”.

Mark Gosdin


All I gotta say is Mother Nature better not catch you peeing on her trees. She’ll summon the hornets after you and won’t live to tell about it.

Good point. Where are my keys to start it?



E: none of the above, as it would not be a choice, but a selection…random selection. (as opposed to natural selection, which wins people Darwin Awards.)


[quote=“Snowy Stampede” post=114094]

Good point. Where are my keys to start it?[/quote]

I think it has something to do with the QWERTY keyboard we use today evolving over time from a design which was based off the keys of a piano.
I remember hearing that somewhere. Don’t quote me on it though, I could have just made that up.


Still you do type as if you are playing a piano much of the time. That’s neat to know.



Well, it is 2012…


It only means women won’t be seeing Dick anymore. A minor loss.


[size=2]I’ve always wanted to do that.[/size]


What. The. Fuuuuu…


[quote=“PretearHimeno” post=114444]What. The. Fuuuuu…


And had it happened, it would have been quite amazing!


Yeah, I thought that seemed a little far-fetched. Thanks Mrs.Rish. Lol Snopes and their cock blocking of conspiracies and crazy tales.



Because the MPAA says so that’s why!


Depends on where the medium in question traces it’s origins to.

You are IN a Play, or IN a Theater Performance, so since Movies grew out of Theater you are IN a Movie.

You are ON an Album, or ON Air in Radio, so since Broadcast TV grew out of Radio you are ON TV.

Funny how people think, eh?

Mark Gosdin


Also, you can be both IN a movie or ON the big screen. You can also be IN a show ON TV. They’re interchangeable… it’s all semantics really.