Vampire Princess Miyu


Episode 3 -

And that is one very good reason that I hate creepy masks. But I do get the message – Save the Forests!

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Bonsoir .,

I have one question related to this anime show called " Vampire Princess Miyo " Is there a subtile verison is comming out or not ??

It will be nice to have the subtile verison as well.



Subtitles are on the DVD set from Maiden Japan. Show was originally dubbed and released back in 1997 by Tokyopop . Since it had a existing dub I do not believe a subtitled version will show up online or VOD.


Thanks you for taking your time to give me a straight answer on that.



To answer your question, the sub version will start coming on the online player on Dec. 15th.
The first 13 will be up, not sure when the next set of 13 will be up, but it shouldn’t be too long after that.


If only the new(er) release of this, which RS currently has on sale, had all the vaunted extras of the older version. :frowning:

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