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Genres: comedy, drama, romance, tournament
Themes: fanservice, harem, horse, horse racing, knight
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2013-10-06
Opening Theme: “UN-DELAYED” by Miyuki Hashimoto
Ending Theme: “MoonRise Romance” by Natsuko Aso

Plot Summary: Walkure Romanze’s story revolves around Takahiro Mizuno, a student studying at an academy with jousting as its main focus for sport. Takahiro acts as an advisor to the riders of the sport. Takahiro goes through each day tediously until the time of the annual competition draws near. Due to some odd circumstances, his childhood friend Mio Kisaki is enrolled into the competition. As she has never even rode a horse once in her life, Takahiro senses the fear in his friend and becomes Mio’s coach. (from ANN)

Ricotta’s Adult Game Walkure Romanze Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-06-19 09:15 EDT
Boy helps one of several aspring maiden knights win tournaments in academy


Episode 1 -


I think the main character is a very perverted horse that has a thing for girl’s skirts! LOL Seriously though, I felt bad that Mio got bullied into a competition that she really isn’t qualified for. It will be interesting to see how things turn out.


As someone who questions the realism of G und P I kinda think that a show about these girls jousting isn’t for me.

Then again, the “perv horse”, the “salacious steed”, sounds funny enough for me to almost want to check out.


Episode 2 –

[details=spoiler]The dilemma of the duel is in full swing. Mio has no idea how to handle this situation and it’s already been approved by the school as a “practice match”. Mio can’t joust and doesn’t even know how to ride a horse. In fact she isn’t even in the Knight program, but the only way to avoid this duel is to leave the school and Mio doesn’t want to do that either.

Takahiro becomes her begleiter and will train her. Yeah, that didn’t work out. This time, the lance is perverted with a taste for girl’s skirts. LOL And the conversation that went with it! Afterwards, poor Takahiro gets his face slapped due to a misunderstanding. Mio is just too innocent. LOL Takahiro gets his face slapped again later, but with better cause this time, although the cause was an accident.

Another accident and another face slap, and Takahiro is working with Mio again. She’s been practicing with the lance and is finally getting the hang of it. She even thinks that jousting might be fun. More help comes from Noel. I know Takahiro thinks he’s having a bad luck day, but I’m not so sure anymore. LOL Another accident puts him in another awkward position with two girls this time. Later, Mio sees what jousting can do to a body, but continues her studies. She’s a very determined young lady!

Mio putting on armor for the first time was hysterical. I was expecting another face slap from someone. LOL Mio will be riding Sakura, the perverted horse, and Takahiro even gives Mio his helmet. She looks very professional, but I still wonder how this duel will turn out. Things really aren’t in Mio’s favor. But we shall see![/details]


What’s really funny is all the innuendo that goes on in this show.

(Especially since it’s an adaptation of an adult Bishojo Game.)


I finally saw Ep 1 of this. I laughed.

What I find interesting is that the male lead was (at least in ep 1) vastly more respectable than he is in the average harem title.

“The way to a knight is through his horse” <- sounds like a proverb they made up on the spot lol


Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]Mio continues her training, but the day of the duel arrives all too quickly. And Mio cut her hair! She tells Takahiro that she is determined to win!

Before the joust, Takahiro tells Mio not to be so nervous, but that isn’t going to help her. LOL Ayako pushes her into Takahiro and that cures her nervousness! Bertille walks into the room and – oh geez! – her armor! LOL I can’t believe that this whole duel thing was because of her exposed underwear when she seems to be wearing less now. Only in anime! LOL Apparently she’s the only one that can wear that armor, mainly because no one else wants to.

Anyway, the joust is about to begin. Takahiro tells Mio the strategy and sends her off. In the first round, Mio manages to unseat the overconfident Bertille and wins. In the second round, Takahiro plans for Mio to get hit so Bertille wins the points. It works and some can see what Takahiro is doing. Takahiro gives Mio the strategy for next round. Can Mio do it? She isn’t too sure herself, but Takahiro encourages her with a pep talk. It doesn’t quite work as planned though.

Takahiro gives Mio a different strategy for the next round. It works and Mio wins! Yay Mio! A few think it was just a fluke, but others know the win was due to Takahiro. At least Bertille is a graceful loser and plans to congratulate Mio properly. Mio is so thrilled that she just runs into Takahiro’s arms without thinking. Her friends praise her and even the horse comes to her. Takahiro says that a knight has been born. I can see how much Mio has come to love jousting, so I guess she will be transferring over to the Knight program at some point. But will Takahiro stay as her begleiter?[/details]


Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]Mio and her friends celebrate her victory and she’s happy that she will just be a normal girl from now on, but why don’t I believe that? And of course a mysterious black knight appears as well. You always need one of those!

Mio just can’t seem to get jousting off her mind. And the black knight turns out to be Lisa, a first year student. Akane gets into an unapproved joust with her and she finds out how good Lisa really is. The girls are evenly matched and the match has drawn Takahiro and Mio. However, Noel comes to warn them that the student council is on the way. The girls could be banned from the summer tournament.

With amazing skill and a totally outrageous move, Takahiro stops the match. The student council arrives to find nothing going on. They are just practicing horsemanship with the new student. All very innocent. LOL After the student council leaves, Akane and Lisa decide to settle things at the tournament. The watching Mio is yearning to be part of that group. She runs towards them, finally admitting to herself that she wants to be a knight.

When she reaches everyone, she yells out that she loves jousting and wants to be in the tournament too. Everyone is stunned, but Takahiro looks the most shocked. It’s about time Mio! Took you long enough! LOL[/details]


Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]Mio applies to enter the summer tournament, but she hasn’t transferred to the Knight program as I thought she would. Her application is accepted. Mio will begin practice with Noel and Akane, even though they are rivals now, but Takahiro won’t be Mio’s begleiter this time. I hope he changes his mind.

Mio has been invited to take tea with Celia and ends up inviting everyone to go with her. It seems Celia has a thing for Teddy bears. LOL And Akane is very nervous around Celia, since she idolizes her. It was funny when Akane sank into her own little world, and I can only wonder what she’s dreaming about. LOL

Celia still wants Takahiro as her begleiter. But he isn’t confident in his skills yet. And Lisa is positive that she will win the tournament. Mio almost blunders and reveals her feelings for Takahiro too. But I think Celia got the message. LOL

Noel invites Mio and Takahiro to her house and they are a little surprised by the size of it. It’s more like a castle! They meet Noel’s little sister, Mireille. She’s in a wheelchair and with the broken statue of a knight outside, I wonder if she was injured in a jousting accident. Mireille later tells Takahiro’s fortune and sees that he will fall in love with someone close to him. Too funny! Takahiro is one of those clueless guys though, and doesn’t know who that could possibly be.

About to leave, they meet the Marquis and it seems Noel’s father hates jousting. This makes me wonder about that broken statue again. Noel later explains a little about Mireille getting hurt. Noel jousts for her sister and is determined to win the summer tournament for her.

Seeing Mireille has reminded Takahiro of his own injuries while jousting. But he still loves the sport, and later shares his doubts about becoming a begleiter with James. James encourages him, but Takahiro still has to decide if he will be go back to being a knight or become a begleiter. For myself, I’d like to see Takahiro as a knight.[/details]


Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]A day off from training finds the knights relaxing. Takahiro spends some time with Lisa and Reina, and learns something new about each girl. And he gets two breakfasts! LOL But Takahiro needs to think and make a decision. Even with the multiple offers of being a knight’s begleiter, if Takahiro doesn’t participate in the summer tournament, he will have to leave the school.

James sends Takahiro into town on an errand, but he also wants him to have some fun. Takahiro visits the Stadion and runs into Noel and Mireille. He ends up having lunch with them – a huge Italian feast. LOL They talk about jousting and Takahiro keeps eating. He tries to walk off the meal afterwards, but ends up eating again when he bumps into Akane. She hints that she needs a begleiter too.

On the way back to school, Takahiro runs into Celia. As they talk, Celia gives him cookies. Once again he learns something new. Afterward, he comes upon the rest of the girls. Mio offers him tea and sweets and Takahiro actually refuses! Mio feeds a squirrel and they are soon surrounded by an army of them. At least her scones didn’t go to waste. LOL And the squirrels seemed to have some fun as well.

Takahiro returns to the stables filthy and exhausted. He later goes to the café and finds all of the girls there. Fiona accuses him of being a stalker. LOL He tries to explain that he lives there, but she has her own ideas. And Lisa gives him a tart to eat. Takahiro ended up having a nice day, but he still has choices to make. And he was certainly well fed! LOL[/details]


Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]Akane is nervous about having to face Celia in the tournament, and trains hard. But getting caught in the rain one day, she takes shelter in a windmill, and finds Celia there as well. Both girls are soaked to the skin and Celia starts undressing. Akane is back to being nervous, especially when Celia recommends that she gets out of her wet things as well, or risk getting sick.

The male audience has got to be loving this as both girls are completely naked now, and Celia hugs Akane to warm her. LOL The wind picks up, causing the windmill to move, and there goes their underwear and their clothes! Somehow, I just knew that would happen. And of course, as expected, Takahiro finds the clothes. And of course he has to go “investigate”. LOL

All the poor girls can find to cover themselves is a bit of rope. The shadows on the wall were hysterical, but in the end, they only manage to tie themselves together. How could Celia possibly think they were covered? LOL And here is Takahiro walking around with a bra and looking for the owner – just like the prince with Cinderella’s glass slipper! I think he traumatized poor Fiona for life. LOL

The naked girls hope to make it to the next building unseen, but it turns out they are trapped. No one ever comes there, but suddenly the art class has decided to use the area for sketching. LOL Well, the girls could always try nude modeling! Meanwhile, Takahiro has come across a pair of tights hanging from a tree and looks to the windmill in the distance. My, he catches on quick!

No one in the art class may leave until they have finished, so now the girls have no idea what to do. Celia has a thought to call out for help, but Akane convinces her that no one should see her like this. Bra in hand, Takahiro approaches the windmill and enters. And the door locks behind him! This just gets better and better! The girls hide, but the wind stops, so the windmill stops as well. In the bright sunlight streaming in through the window, Takahiro sees two “sculptures”.

Taking a better look at the sculptures, he thinks that they look like someone he knows. And of course Akane moves and he thinks he’s seeing things. He pokes her breast and she makes a noise. And just because he thinks it felt real, Takahiro feels her breast again. Akane has had enough and uses her katana. Takahiro is quickly left in only his underwear as his clothes are sliced to shreds. There goes anything the girls could have borrowed! Actually the girls are kind of relieved that it’s only Takahiro. Huh?

Takahiro gives up his tee shirt to the girls, and offers to go and get them clothes. Actually, I’m surprised that one tee-shirt covered so much on both girls. Cotton can really stretch! LOL Sadly, Takahiro finds the door locked, and the window is barred as well. Okay, so what is a half naked guy supposed to do with two half naked girls in a locked room? Why nothing, of course! LOL Besides, Akane’s horse is coming to the rescue – with her panties!

Takahiro finds a suit of armor and it is graciously offered to Celia so she can make it to her appointment on time. Now to get out. Takahiro tosses flour in the air to create a “dust explosion”. They protect themselves as best they can while Takahiro causes the explosion. Of course the art class is still outside and has no idea what just happened. Shion comes running and Celia mounts him, but in the last minute, pulls Akane up with her. As the girls ride off into the sunset, Akane’s panties float down to rest on Takahiro’s head. LOL

With all that has happened, Akane realizes that she isn’t nervous around Celia anymore. And Celia’s important appointment? Picking up a repaired Teddy bear before the shop closes! What a day! But the art class was in the right place at the right time. A large painting appears at the school of Celia and Akane on the galloping Shion. The title of the painting is “The Knight and the Goddess” and Mio and the other students go on about how great it is. Takahiro and Akane just hang their heads in shame. Upon a closer look, there is a figure in the doorway of the windmill with a pair of panties sitting on his head! LOL For only getting a quick flash of the scene, Anne certainly did an excellent job with the painting. Shame preserved for posterity! LOL This has got to be one of the funnier episodes. I think I ended up laughing through most of it. I haven’t laughed this much in a while![/details]


Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]With a week to go before the tournament, almost everyone ends up at a training camp. But I can’t believe that’s Bertille’s summer house! It’s more like a Japanese inn. There’s even an outdoor bath. At bedtime, the talk turns to begleiters and of course all the girls want Takahiro, but only Mio will admit it. Funny how the other girls pretended to be asleep when she mentioned his name. LOL

Noel has a nightmare and wanders outside. She sees Takahiro practicing and watches him for a while. He still seems to have issues with jousting, both mental and physical ones that he needs to get over. Noel joins Takahiro in the stables. She needs someone to talk to, and tells Takahiro about her father, and about Mireille’s accident, for which she blames herself. She tells him why she continues to joust and begs him to be her begleiter.

The next day, Noel tells Mio that she asked Takahiro to be her begleiter, but he didn’t give her an answer. I think Mio was a little relieved to hear that. That night, after the girls are in bed, Takahiro goes to the outdoor bath, and re-lives his accident. Suddenly, Mio is calling his name and he rouses himself. Both are shocked to see the other there. LOL Mio decides to leave, but not before asking him about choosing a knight. He tells her his reasons, and Mio brings up Celia’s older brother, Julianus. That seems to be a painful memory for Takahiro.

Mio also deduces that Takahiro wants to be a knight again. He denies it, but Mio says he should give it a try again, otherwise he won’t be able to stay at the school. She tells him not to overthink things, and that he should do what he wants to do - not what other people tell him he should do. She’d like to have him as her begleiter, but she’d rather see him as a knight. Mio walks to the edge of the bath as she talks to him, but a gust of wind blows her towel away. Screaming, she jumps into the water. I like the way Takahiro was peeking through his fingers at her. LOL And of course, she takes such a huge jump into the water that she lands on Takahiro!

Things get funnier when Ayako shows up and Takahiro ducks under the water. Then the rest of the girls show up. Poor Takahiro! LOL He hides behind a rock, but ends up under the water again. A shower of shooting stars causes the girls to make wishes. I wonder if Takahiro wished for a safe way to get out of the bath without being seen. LOL It seems that wish came true. But I wonder if he really wished to be a knight again. I can’t wait for the tournament![/details]


Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]I thought it was going to be the start of the summer tournament, but it’s a “Miss Winford Contest”! LOL The most beautiful girl in the school is picked the day before the tournament. Word gets around that Takahiro will be the begleiter for whoever wins the contest. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but it certainly creates plenty of healthy competition!

Of course Takahiro accidently ends up in the locker room, and gets to watch the girls change into their swimsuits. I don’t know how he got through it without getting found out, but I’m sure he also enjoyed it. LOL Lisa can’t find her swimsuit and will have to drop out of the contest if she can’t find it in time. Although Fiona doesn’t want her entering the contest, she helps her find it. It turns out that Lisa was already wearing it under her uniform. LOL How do you forget something like that?

However, Lisa still won’t make it in time, but here comes Takahiro on a horse to whisk her off to the competition just in the nick of time! The swimsuit competition is combined with the talent competition. All of the girls have interesting “talents”, but unfortunately, no one appreciated Mio’s, so I guess she loses out on Takahiro. Celia is the star of the show, but it was kind of sad that no one even wanted to see her talent; she got scored on just existing.

It’s time to name the winner! And it will probably be Celia. LOL And it is! The girls are dejected, but happy that Celia won - again. Takahiro sees them backstage and Akane congratulates him. The other girls do too, but for what? Takahiro is confused and asks what they’re talking about. When he’s told that he will be begleiter to the winner, he’s stunned and even more confused. It turns out that it was just a rumor started by Bertille. The other girls start yelling at her and Takahiro just smiles. At least the real tournament can begin now.[/details]


Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]Summer Tournament! The town holds an accompanying festival, and people have a holiday. Everyone thinks that Celia will win this year too. Takahiro has not entered the joust and I’m a little disappointed. He tells James that he can’t be a knight anymore. James tells him to be sure, because he’ll have to leave the school. However, Takahiro says that he has entered the contest as a begleiter. But for who?

Mio meets with Takahiro and begs him to be her begleiter, but Noel interrupts them with the same question. Akane shows up too, with the same need. Of course, Lisa shows up too, wanting Takahiro, and then Celia as well. How will Takahiro ever choose? LOL

Takahiro is about to give them an answer, but a stablehand comes for him. One of the horses, Marengo, has gone into labor, and Takahiro is needed back at the stables. He runs off to help, but first gives each girl some advice for the tournament. Well, no one gets Takahiro, but the advice he gave them was good.

Celia declares the opening of the tournament and Mio wins her first match. Lisa wins hers too, remembering Takahiro’s advice. Bertille and Noel advance to the next round as well. Of course, Akane and Celia will join them. The next round has Lisa facing Akane. Fiona refuses to watch, but Lisa’s cat convinces her to go. LOL Each round between Lisa and Akane is a tie so far, and the next point will determine who moves on to the quarterfinals. Akane takes it with a triple attack! But it looks like Akane also injured herself.

Lisa and Fiona finally make up and are good friends again. Marengo is still in labor and the vet is nowhere in sight. Takahiro is waiting for him at the front gate, and hears the announcement for the commencement of the quarterfinals. I wonder who made it into the top eight. I know it was Celia and Akane, and probably Bertille, Noel and Mio. But who got the other spots?. And of course, with Takahiro not participating, will he have to leave the school?[/details]


Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]Noel, Bertille, and Mio make it through to the semifinals. But the last quarterfinal match has Celia facing Akane. Wow! Celia takes the win, but it looked too easy. I thought Akane would have at least gotten one hit. It was nice of Celia to praise her afterwards though. Takahiro is still waiting for the vet to arrive for Marengo.

It’s time for the semifinals. Mio faces Bertille first. Takahiro is still at the gate and sees Noel’s father arrive, but he’s only come to pick up Mireille. Takahiro urges him to cheer for his daughter, but the Marquis tells Takahiro again that he hates jousting. Takahiro gets word that the vet is stuck in traffic and they will have to deliver the foal on their own.

Mio wins and moves on to the finals! Bertille salutes her. Celia faces Noel next. The Marquis arrives in time to see his daughter. After the first round, it begins to rain and that might not be such a good thing. Noel manages to score and it’s the first time anyone has scored points from Celia. Mireille cheers her sister on and Noel sees her father there as well. They charge and Celia gets a penalty for hitting Noel in the head.

Marengo finally gives birth and Takahiro gets to help. Noel scores another point against Celia, but she looks really tired. As Takahiro watches the new foal begin to stand on shaky legs, James tells him to get to the tournament. Celia scores another point, and she and Noel are tied again. Noel can barely hold up her lance at this point. Noel’s father begins to cheer for her and hangs out the family crest. That gives Noel the courage she needs to face Celia for one more round. They charge, and Takahiro arrives just in time to see it, but who won?[/details]


Episode 12 –

[details=Spoiler]Not only does Noel lose, but the force of Celia’s strike knocks Noel from her horse, and her helmet comes off before she hits the ground. Mireille screams. Noel lies in the mud, unmoving, as Celia is declared the winner. People rush over to help Noel. Mireille is still calling for her sister, but the Marquis is amazed to see that Mireille is standing up! Thankfully, Noel seems okay, but she begins to cry over her loss, and her failure to keep her promise to Mireille.

However, the Marquis shows Noel the miracle that she did bring about. Mireille is standing next to her father on shaky legs and is being supported by him. She lets go of her father and walks slowly towards her sister, telling her how wonderful she was. Mireille begins to fall and Noel jumps up to grab her in a hug. The sisters cry with joy and the Marquis comes over and hugs both of his girls, saying that they are his “pride and joy”. It looks like this family has reconciled.

Mio is very happy to see this, but Takahiro reminds her that “they” are up next. What? He’s going to be her begleiter? Takahiro confirms it when he tells Mio that he will help her again. Yay! I suppose it’s also a means to an end. If he acts as her begleiter, he won’t have to leave the school. The next match will have Mio facing Celia, and Mio only has an hour break to prepare. I hope Takahiro can work his magic again.

Takahiro checks on the new foal and tells James that Mio will be facing Celia in the finals. When Takahiro leaves, James thinks he looks very happy for some reason. Takahiro is told by Reina that if he doesn’t act as begleiter to one of the girls in the final round, he will have to leave, but he’s already decided to help Mio. However, this will be the last time. Takahiro announces that he is returning to the knight program! Yay! Seeing how much the girls love jousting gave Takahiro the courage to want to be a knight again. Unfortunately, his women won’t be able to fight over him as a begleiter anymore. LOL But the girls are all happy for him as well. Celia is a bit sad that he chose Mio over her, but Takahiro gives her some words of encouragement, and that makes her feel much better.

As Mio gets ready, all of her friends give her advice on how to face Celia. James arrives to cheer her on. Bertille and company are in the passageway as Mio leaves, and they cheer her on as well. Takahiro is actually amazed that Mio made it this far. She tells him that she’s really happy he will be a knight again, for he was always her ideal. However, a tiny part of her wants him to be her begleiter forever. Takahiro doesn’t know what to say and just thanks her.

The finals are announced, and Mio and Celia enter the arena. Takahiro tells Mio what to do, and the theme song plays as the flag is waved, and the girls charge one another, again and again. The girls charge one final time and although it looks like Mio hit Celia, it also looks like Celia got Mio’s feather. Yes, Celia did win. She has the trophy in her office and there is also a large picture hanging on the wall of Celia holding the trophy with Mio in the background.

Reina takes Celia to the café and everyone is there to surprise her with a victory party! They offer her congratulations and want her to say a few words, but she has no idea what to say. Celia just says that she’s happy and thanks them. Everyone eats as Mio and Noel serve. The Marquis is there and it seems he’s okay with his daughter doing this too. I guess he’s more open minded than his daughter thought. Celia falls in love with the tarts – as everyone does at this café. But why is she sitting all by herself?

Mio thanks Celia for a good joust. Celia thanks Mio as well, and would like to see Mio surpass her someday. Akane wants to surpass her as well. LOL Takahiro brings Celia the “promised” okonomiyaki and Mio would just love to know what that is all about, but he won’t tell her. And how the heck is Bertille getting drunk on juice? LOL Shouldn’t there be something in it? James toasts Takahiro and tells him to “keep it up”.

Later, Bertille is passed out next to a snoring James. LOL Mio tries to find out who Takahiro would have served as begleiter to if he hadn’t had to help with Marengo giving birth. The other girls gather around too, also wanting to hear his answer. Celia adds her question as well and it looks like Takahiro is backed into a corner. However, he’s saved with Sasami approaches Fiona and she screams. While the girls are distracted by that, Takahiro makes for the door. The tinkle of the bell draws attention back to him, and with the old I-just-remembered-that-there’s-something-I-need-to-do excuse, Takahiro says that “the horses are waiting for him”. He makes his escape, but with the girls running after him! LOL What a great way to end this anime!

Takahiro is later seen to be riding with his girls and the new foal is running with them. Fiona and a standing Mireille are watching them from a nearby hill. All’s well that ends well! But Sakura has the final word after the credits – in Takahiro’s voice of course! “Sakura” would love to have Celia ride him, as well as Ayako, Bertille, Fiona, and Shinonome. It’s eventually shown that Takahiro is operating a puppet Sakura as Mio, Akane, Noel, and Lisa watch him. They ask him what he’s doing and he’s caught! LOL Too funny![/details]