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Warriors-fate Art


Wow, this is all so very good; what can I possibly say? :stuck_out_tongue: Well, first I wonder, did you really draw the entire storyboard on your own? If so, it must have been quite the project. :lol:

There is nothing else I can really say that has not been said already. Amazing job with all these works, and I look forward to your next work(s)! :cheer:


So awesome …I love the Drawings :slight_smile:


The storyboard is great and I love your picture of Forest.


Here is a new pic. :slight_smile:


Yes I did do all the artwork and thanks, the worst part is they only game a day to get 4 of the panels done. They wanted more but I told them that the 4 I had yet to do would take all day to get done. There bad for being late with the story.


What ever you think is cool! B)


Your latest picture is great! She’s really cute and looks like she’s having fun.


Why Thank you my Lady, She was a request buy a little friend of mine.


cool pic war …


Here is my newest piece :blush:


Elsa!!! Awesome sauce war…your art is wonderful


Thanks Sky!


Haha my pleasure buddy!!