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Watchmojo Top 10 - Anime Edition

See who claims the #1 spot on these Anime top 10 countdowns. Does your favorite make the cut? Watch and discuss if you want.

THREAD UPDATE: While Watchmojo countdowns will remain the focus of this thread, I will also be mixing in other qualified countdowns to dive deeper into the anime world.

Warning: Possible spoilers on occasion & graphic scenes.

Seriously Watch Mojo, in my opinion, has some serious tunnel vision when it comes to certain genres and shows. While I agree with some of their choices, some are along the lines of WHAT?.

I mean look at the romance list. Kirito and Asuna as #1? really?

No mention of Legend of Galactic Heroes, Yamato: 2199, or RahXephon in the Sc-Fi list? I really can’t take them seriously when they have such tunnel vision in the genres of shows that they watch.


Out of all of those, Clannad is obviously the best choice. (However, it lists the studio as Funimation… good grief.)


Yeah it would be nice to see more branching out, both modern and classic but they’re still fun to watch. Nisekoi and No Game No Life being featured at least is a good start.

That Underrated list surprised me. Elfen Lied? Who knew.

:laughing: Yes, I can’t really agree with that underrated list either. A few of those seemed more popular than underrated!

I thought it funny in the fashionable list that Tomoyo Daidouji is listed as an honorable mention yet they only show Sakura in her School uniform in the clip…


Also, Lelouche ( Code Geass) doesn’t even rate an honorable mention in the smartest Anime Villains list. What’s the difference between him and everyone else on the list? He wins in the end.

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THREAD UPDATE: Check original post.

Best Supernatural Anime and Absolute Duo / World Break have no business being associated together lol. How can you not have more superior entries like Paranoia Agent, Another, or Dusk maiden of Amnesia on your Supernatural list. I understand that it’s the posters opinion, but it’s hard to take these guys seriously when they limit themselves to Funimation / Aniplex titles almost exclusively and that they only watch what’s popular.

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List is fail because the best anime weapon is my avatar.


[details=I beg to differ, THIS is the best weapon][/details]


I’m sorry, Slow but the ability to shoot fire out of your hands pales in comparison to be able to transform yourself into a Dragon and do the energy blast fire thing too. :wink:

But… but… no transforming required! Way easier.

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The funny thing about that is, flaming is considered a weapon and Mustang does it right. :laughing:

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Oh now THIS should be a fun idea generator.