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What are you watching on An Online Player/VOD/Mobile?


So, what is everybody watching? Whether it be on The Anime Networks Online Player, AN VOD or AN Mobile, as long as its from TAN. Also, what is your favorite AN series.
Here is what I am currently watching or finished:
Alice Academy(just started watching this 2 days ago, fun series)
Blue Drop
Dokkoida(I absolutely love this series, it’s hilarious)
Clannad and Clannad After Story(One of the best series I’ve ever seen, top notch animation and story)
Special A
Tears to Tiara
Ghost Hound(Another top notch series, this is the series I wait for every week)
Soul Hunter(Just finished this. Fun show, old school)
I have to get a list of the shows I have already finished. There are a bunch of great series up there that I plan on watching again.


I’m taking a bit of a break, but I’m watching Rune Soldier and will be going through Sakura Wars and Papuwa soon.

After that will be watching Tears to Tiara and KoiKoi7 and Alice Academy.

Waiting to get the DVD down the line to watch SpecialA, Clannad After Story and Ghost Hound.


Here’s what I am watching from ANOD on DirecTV On Demand:

Must watch (I will watch these as soon as they are downloaded Wednesday night):
Clannad After Story
Daphne In The Brilliant Blue (but just on episode and a special left)
You’re Under Arrest!
Revolutionary Girl Utena

Next Day Shows (I will watch them Thursday):
World of Narue
DN Angel
Alice Academy

Before the week is out:
Destiny of the Shrine Maiden
Ghost Hound
Princess Resurrection

When I need a half hour of serenity:
Aria the Natural

New shows (will move into one of the above slots as I get to know them):
Special A

Anything not on this list is not downloaded by me.


Currently watching on weekends on vod:
Dokkoida (starting this week since I wanted to re watch those episodes but haven’t had a chance on dvd so catching them on vod)
Ghost Hound
Revolutionary Girl Utena (finally getting to finish this)
Clannad After Story
Destiny Of Shrine Maiden with episode 5 in two weeks. Watched 1-4 on dvd.
Alice Academy
Popotan (started with 5 after watching 1-4 on dvd)
Maria Watches Over Us: Printemps
Super Gals
World Of Narue
Aria The Natural
Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Currently not watching Polyphonica and Special A because reserved them for dvd to help lighten up the vod watch (and I use to complain when there wasn’t anything to watch). :slight_smile:


Right now, I’m watching everything offered on VOD. I don’t watch in any particular order, but I do have some favorites -

Alice Academy
Clannad After Story
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue
Ghost Hound
You’re Under Arrest

DN Angel, Get Backers, and World of Narue are also favorites although I’ve already seen them. They are fun shows and really worth re-watching.

I enjoy all the other shows as well -
Aria the Natural
Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Maria Watches Over Us: Printemps
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Wedding Peach

I haven’t really gotten into any of the newer shows yet, so my favorites will most likely change. Special A and Polyphonica had good starts though. Still have to watch Destiny of the Shrine Maiden and I’m looking forward to Blue Drop this week too.

Ok, I think that’s everything (for now)! :slight_smile:


I have a subscription to the online player, but I don’t watch it very often. Though I really need to check out the first episode of Skull Man, since I should have that soon. But I’m contributing, and that’s what matters!


DN Angel: Which was awesome! I was actually planning on rewatching this when you guys started to play it!

Maria Printemps

Aria The Natural

Special A

Dokkoida: Which is just fun enough to earn a buy soon!

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Big thanks TAN and Enoki for this one!

Most of the other shows I have already bought, and plan to watch them on DVD, or have already done so. Though Special A was fun enough to rewatch right away! :slight_smile:

Edit: I forgot Popotan and You’re Under Arrest!


I kinda go one at a time, except for the serial that are still being released on the player. Right now it’s

AD Police
Blue Seed
Blue Drop
Blue Gender?
Skull Man
You’re Under Arrest!