Weekend Binge Guide: A Weekend of Siblings

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[size=18]A Weekend of Siblings![/size]
By: Kuuhaku
You might not be aware of this… but apparently today, April 10, 2015 is Sibling Day. Well, at least according to DaysOfTheYear.com it is. So with that in mind my gift to you this weekend is a list of anime shows that revolve around siblings…

[size=16]No Game No Life[/size]
Shiro and Sora are a sibling duo with an unbreakable bond but are also an unbeatable force.

[size=16]Space Brothers[/size]
Mutta and Hibito have a sibling rivalry has followed them into adulthood and is leading them off of the planet.

[size=16]Diabolik Lovers[/size]
The Sakamaki brothers don’t have a lot of brotherly love for one another…but when anyone of them has a target in their sights it’s best to just get out of the way.

[size=16]Engaged to the Unidentified[/size]
Poor Kobeni, her sister Benio is a bit on the eccentric side and has a MAJOR sister complex that is rather questionable.

[size=16]Chaika the Coffin Princess[/size]
Overall, Toru and Akari get along but I would hate to get in the middle of one of their arguments – or have to clean up afterwards for that matter.

Now that you have your list grab your sibling(s) or pseudo sibling(s) and get to watching now! No – not later… now before the anime runs out! (J/K… there will ALWAYS be anime.)