Genres: adventure, drama, mystery, romance
Themes: amnesia, bishounen, Male harem, parallel universe
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of Episodes: 12
Vintage: 2013-01-08

Plot Summary: The heroine wakes up on the morning of August 1 and discovers she has absolutely no memories of the past. A boy appears before her, and he introduces himself as a “spirit” named Orion. The heroine struggles to regain her memories under the guidance of Orion. She then gets a phone call, but she does not recognize the name on her mobile phone screen. She meets her apparent “boyfriend,” despite not knowing his face.

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Sentai Filmworks Press Release

Amnesia Romance Game for Female Players Gets TV Anime

posted on 2012-08-05 10:55 EDT
New Amnesia game also announced for 2013

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Episode 01 is now LIVE!

Episode 02 is now LIVE!

Episode 03 is now LIVE!

Episode 04 is now LIVE!

Eight episodes in and I don’t quite get the story for this one yet, and that might be because it’s based on a game, but the animation is beautiful. I like the clothes on the eye candy and they have the strangest eyes I’ve ever seen - multicolored and almost hypnotic.

Also, Ukyo always seems to know so much about Heroine’s time loops and I can’t help but wonder if he and Orion are connected somehow.

Episode 05 is now LIVE!

Episode 06 is now LIVE!

Does this mean Episode 7 will be the next reboot?

It seems to be going in 2-episode arcs, so that seems very likely.

Episode 07 is now LIVE!

That was a quick arc…

My god! Even I wouldn’t have that much trouble dating!

Episode 08 is now LIVE!

Episode 09 is now LIVE!

WHAT IN THE… okay, this episode was beyond strange.

Episode 10 is now LIVE!

You know, if I’m remembering things correctly, of all the arcs only the one that was one episode long didn’t have the world trying to kill her in some way.

Episode 11 is now LIVE!

Episode 12 (Finale) is now LIVE!

When they talked about her going back to her world that she belonged to, I knew we would see a choice given to her and we won’t know which world she went back to.