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Weekend Binge Guide: Top Anime of 2014 - Week 1


The latest binge guide has been posted (courtesy of Kuuhaku) composed of the most watched anime from 2014.

Check out the list and let us know your thoughts. Is there anything surprising to you about these, perhaps your favorite show didn’t make it?


i do not like sub anime and thats what all the new anime have


Started out good, then went to a bunch of weird stuff and hall-@$$ed anime like the magical warfare that shouldn’t ahve been made as far as the author says… then other wierd stuff before Haikyu and doesn’t even list the one that rivals the big shot in “trapped in other world” genre Log Horizon.

I can onnly guess this is based only on TAN ANO/TAN Hulu, because CR would have vastly different numbers for the titles Sentai has that appear on it…

Which means CR is the better place to watch things, or people like it better than TAN’s ANO. (might be because lack of Android support for ANO, and CR works wonderfully and glitch free on KitKat.)

Hopefully it means any sequels to Haikyu and NGNL will be no brainers for Sentai to pick up.