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Welcome to Eternity Travel!


Welcome to Eternity Travel!

The pharaoh has given you 3300 debens to spend on burial preparations. Just follow our four easy steps to purchase the services and items you need for your afterlife journey.


Ha! No returns!


I screwed up once. I didn’t get the coptic jars and my internal organs decomposed. But I had enough left over get buy some



It’s all about getting the right sized storage jars!


It’s all about getting the right sized storage jars![/quote]

I bet Tupperware would be good for that. The kind you had to burp to get all the air out of them.


They’d have to be Scarab proof.


That was fun. Nice to know what to expect. And I have 160 debens left over for tipping! :lol:


Um, maybe a little something for the blue wolf man?


Knowing me, I’d probably run into the blue man group first. :lol:


Hey, there ya go, some travel music!


It looks like the site has changed slightly, so I tried it again.

[details=Shopping cart summary]
Credit you have 155 debens
Tomb: Spacious 2 rm - high security 1200 debens
Mummification: Anubis’ Choice 1140 debens
Mummy Case: Akh 500 - sport edition 500 debens
Eternity Extras:
Pectoral Amulet 5 debens
Book of the Dead 100 debens
Canopic Jars 10 debens
Ushebtis 5 debens
Mourners 50 debens
Statuettes 10 debens
Food Basket 10 debens
Cosmetics and Case 5 debens
Senet Board 5 debens
Case of Wine 20 debens
Five-Stringed Harp 10 debens
Discount Grab Bag 75 debens
Total: 3145 debens[/details]

[details=Afterlife Appraisal]
We have carefully analyzed your selections, and our assessment* is as follows:
You will enjoy a safe, comfortable trip to the afterlife!

Your journey to the afterworld has a high probability of success. You have chosen your tomb, mummification, mummy case, and extras both wisely and economically.
Thank you for shopping with Eternity Travel, and have a nice afterlife!
*While it does increase the odds, our Afterlife Appraisal does not guarantee safe passage to the afterworld. All items and services are purchased at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for grave plundering, river flooding or sand erosion, or for physical or spiritual distress resulting from evil spells, lakes of fire, poisonous snakes, eternal limbo, etc. Unused debens are non-transferable and are not considered legal tender in the afterlife.[/details]

Hint: If you are told to catch the fly, then catch that fly!