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What Movie(s) did you watch today?


Watched The Cloverfield Paradox yesterday.



not as horrible as I thought it’d be.






Last night:

Still ‘marveling’ over the fact that so many people get up and leave just as the credits start. :roll_eyes:



oh what a pile of stinking bovine excrement. there aren’t word in the universe to describe just how awful this was (my opinion of course, so don’t get triggered.) Mediocre to bad CGI, uneven pacing…


Forgot to post in here. Saw this yesterday.



yay…or nay?


Middle of the road. Yay-ish I guess.

Copy/pasting a response.

The battles were definitely the best part of the movie. Overall the movie was just okay. I like the first one better I think.
I would say Uprising is a movie worth seeing in IMAX for the experience, but that’s it. Not really a rewatch.


so the trailer was spot on: meh.

guess I’ll wait a couple of weeks to see it.

much obliged :hugs:.


so criminally underrated…


I actually saw Conan: The Reboot in theaters way back when in 2011, I can’t say that I remember too much of it, one of those “it was alright” deals IMO. Sadly I don’t recall it having any timeless quotes like the original (the stuff AMVs are made of lol).

So the other day I saw Ready Player One. It was meh.

Weirdly this movie came out at least 15 years too late. I understand that the source material was from 2011, but this movie is a kids’ movie at heart (it’s a live-action cartoon), and all the kids who will appreciate its 70s/80s/90s nostalgia have grown up into world-weary adults now.

It’s also a textbook case of “Too adult for children, too childish for adults” as it, inexplicably, contains one “F-Bomb”, a smattering of “S-grenades”, and some slightly risque stuff. Take that stuff out that out though and it could be a decent movie that parents could have some fun taking their kids to.

…weirdly, there was no mention of VR Troopers in the movie. Seriously, the one 90s show that was so appropriate for this was skipped.






Avengers: Infinity War

…this movie is proof that Hollywood could’ve made a great adaptation of Dragonball Z if they’d wanted to.



but why would Hollywood spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a property they don’t own (Dragonball) when they can spend that same amount of money on something they do own, lock stock and barrel, and milk it for all it’s worth?


Maybe it could be like crop rotation, to help make sure that people don’t get tired of Marvel films? It doesn’t look like that’s in danger of happening, but maybe that’s what farmers thought until the fields went fallow? :slight_smile:

The thought occurs to me that the guys at Marvel kinda-sorta want to make a DBZ movie. Killmonger’s costume in Black Panther is strongly suspected of being a homage to Vegeta, and I came away from Infinity War thinking that it had a lot of similarities to classic DBZ.