Run its A Massive Monster! aka the backlog thread

Just finished Negima!? today so figure why not start back up the backlog thread.
So 4 disc down 691 to go and more coming every month. :blush:

Psychopuppet’s Film Collection

I’m going to have to check my collection for this one…

My backlog got really big again after anime next. About 819 disks to go and more to come.

Well, during the days of singles, I almost never had a backlog. Only being able to watch 3 or 4 episodes of a series at a time made things much easier to squeeze. Also, since things were more expensive then, I didn’t quite buy as much.

After the introduction of first run box sets, more sub only series, and the discovery of Right Stuf’s Bargain bin, my backlog has exploded over the last year. I have stacks of filled art boxes, thin packs, and keep cases of anime that I have yet to watch. My back log just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Part of the problem, is that I loose focus on what I want to watch next, and what series I really want to complete. I love both Rahxpehon and Le Chevalier Deon, but due to getting caught up in other shows, I never finished either one. Unfortunately, both these shows can be quite complex, and will probably require complete rewatches.

So, I wanted to make a place to keep track of back log, keep it organized, and attempt to whittle it down a bit. I might as for some recommendations along the way, so any input would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Merged it.

Not surprised it was missed, it was an old one.

[details=Recently Finished]
Clannad After Story
Ghost Hound
Orphen Season 1[/details]

[details=Currently Watching]
Hidamari Sketch (2 eps to go!} A really fun show BTW! A lot of people around here will enjoy this one!
Orphen The Revenge (Just starting tonight)[/details]

[details=Planned First Viewings]
Madlax: I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. Unfortunately, a thoughtless poster on ANN ruined the “big surprise” at the end. So I might as well get this out of the way.

The Skull Man: With a cover this awesome, how can I put off watching this?

Blue Drop: Once again, another amazing cover from Sentai. I meant to start this a while back, but got caught up After Story and Ghost Hound.

Kamichu: Sounds like a fun and cute show. I’m still waiting for this one to arrive.[/details]

[details=Planned Rewatches]

Chrono Crusade: My favorite series gets a rewatch every year, and it’s a bit overdue for one.

Kurau Phantom Memory: I’ve been very vocal on how much I love this show. Monica Rial and Jessica Boone were both amazing in it![/details]

Merged it.

Not surprised it was missed, it was an old one.[/quote]

I tried searching for it, but apparently made a typo. Thanks and sorry about that one. :side:

Besides, I have to make myself feel like an ass every once in a while! :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, it’s not a big deal. Searching for stuff sometimes is a pain. :wink: As long as it’s not happening like everyday… like some people.

salutes Don’t worry sir! I won’t let it happen again, sir!

Stand down.

I must make a list of my backlog also… ugh… :S

How bad can it be? Don’t you only have like 8 series? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I had a backlog

How bad can it be? Don’t you only have like 8 series? :P[/quote]

Oh… no… it’s a little worse than that.

^ 18? :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything I’ve seen and not seen is stored in my head. To write it out would be a big pain lol! I like having a backlog, it’s much better then running out of stuff to watch like I used to! Then I’d have NOTHING to do…end up re-watching FLCL or something lol. Becuase I’d really run out of shows to watch, haha.

Right now, I have an entire book case filled of series I either haven’t watched, or never finished. That includes a big chunk of the Sojitz era titles, and most of the Geneon titles that were caught in limbo when they went into stasis. I’m just trying to get a rhythm down to get through all of them. I don’t want to keep starting series, only to not finish them.

So, I finished up the last of Hidamari Sketch. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed it, and I am eagerly awaiting X365.

I’m also about halfway through Orphen Season 2. At first I was a bit disappointed in it. It started off with a very weak OP. The animation was also a let down in the first few episodes. It was brighter and crisper, but overall, it just wasn’t as detailed. The newer style animation just didn’t suit the show well, and the overall quality fluctuated quite a bit for the first few episodes. By episode 6, it did improve and hold steady. Also, the slap stick comedy gave way to the more serious and darker story lines that were more inline with season 1. You also began to get a good sense of the greater story line. By episode 11, it also got a MUCH, MUCH better OP, which helped a LOT!

Since I’ve been playing around with my Skull Man discs, I will be starting that soon. It just looks too kick ass to hold off on.

Next Up:

Dubbed: Madlax

Subbed: The Skull Man
Blue Drop
To Love Ru

I don’t even remember what’s in my backlog ever since the forum had to be restarted… lol.

My recent ones are:

Halo Legends (gonna watch it this weekend for work :P)

Shuten Doji (not seen)
MazinKaiser (seen on AN not on DVD yet)
Colorful (seen on AN and G4 but not on DVD yet, need to check the noteworthy extras)
Devil Hunter Yohko (seen on AN but not on DVD yet, need to check the noteworthy extras)
Nuku Nuku - All Purpose Cat Girl Kit n Kaboodle Collection (seen on AN but not on DVD yet)

Semi old to really old backlog:

Chobits - have had it for over 3 and half yrs not seen
Gad Guard - have seen half of it on G4 yrs ago, have had it for 3 and half yrs not touched yet
Last Exile - seen on G4 but not on DVD yet
Noir - seen on AN but not on DVD yet
Neon Genesis Evangelion - seen on AS and AN but not on DVD yet

Chobits is a funny series and well worth seeing. Also has some surprising depth to it.

Goes into people turning to technology over human interaction as a major theme.

I finished up Skull Man tonight. I have to say that I was extremely impressed with this show all around. The ending had a bit of “openess”, however that actual ending was excellent and very emotional. This was an all around great release.

I’m almost finished with Orphen The Revenge as well. I only have one disc left. I have to say that the season has been steadily improving as it goes along. There are also some new twists thrown in that I was not expecting.

I will be starting Blue Drop here shortly.

Finished: The Skull Man

[details=Currently Watching]
Subbed: Blue Drop
Dubbed: Orphen The Revenge[/details]

[details=Up Next]
Tears to Tiara Part 2
To Love Ru Part 1
Special A Part 2
Maria-holic Complete Series

Le Chevalier Deon
Please Twins[/details]

[details=Planned Rewatches]
Chrono Crusade
Kurau Phantom Memory[/details]

[details=Current Backlog (Abridged)]
Pumpkin Scissors
Air Gear
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
The Wallflower
Shakugan No Shana
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Moonlight Mile
Project Blue Earth SOS
Hannayukio Maid Team La Verite
Devil May Cry
My Zhime, My Otome
Rune Soldier
The Devil Lady
Pani Poni Dash
Licensed By Royalty
Gakuen Alice
Sakura Wars TV
The Irresponsible Captain Tylor (TV and OVAs)
Air The Movie
Sorceress on The Rocks
My Dear Marie
Comic Party Revolution
The world of Narue
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
Cosplay Complex
Fencer of Minerva
They Were Eleven
Tokyo Babylon
Darkside Blues
Garsey’s Wing
Guardian Of Darkness
etc, etc…[/details]

Note: There may be some typos in this list. I am very tired…lol

Garsey’s Wing - That’s ganna be fun! Watch the dub! It’s the funniest anime I’ve ever seen, and it’s NOT a comedy! Unintentional humor is the best sometimes

“Oh My GOD…I felt like I was having a dream!!”

Fencer of Minerva- Uh…yeah…tell me how this one goes. LoL.
They Were Eleven - AMAZING, AMAZING movie! Now THIS is an anime. It’s got a great story, some very well fleshed out characters (for it’s short running time), and some great plot twists. Tell me what you think of it when you watch this. Excellent title.