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Whats upskies


Hey guys, it’s obvious that i am new to this site, but I like what i see. I have not really been that into anime since my freshman year in high school, and i am a freshman in college now. I guess you can say that i am re-discovering anime. any ways i would like to say **HI HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING!!! **


We are doing well. Welcome to TAN forums!


Welcome to you!


I’s new too. :slight_smile:


Ignore Mr. Selleck. It appears as though he’s escaped from our basement again.



I told you those chains wouldn’t hold him. He probably picked the locks with his stache again…

Anyway, welcome to TAN! It’s a weird and wonderful place. I hope you will have fun!


It’s good that you’re getting back into anime, there’s been a vast amount of wonderful anime that’s been released during that time.

Welcome to TAN


Hey how’s it going there.