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When They Cry / Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku ~Outbreak~ Trailer Posted

posted on 2013-03-05 00:15 EST
Souichiro Hoshi, Mai Nakahara, Satsuki Yukino reprise roles for short story adaptation

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku ~Outbreak~'s 2nd Trailer Posted

posted on 2013-06-11 07:16 EDT
Souichiro Hoshi, Mai Nakahara, Satsuki Yukino reprise roles for short story adaptation

I await it impatiently. Looks awesome, I just hope it’s better than the last couple OVAs… :unsure:

With how it is looking, I doubt that will be any big feat; I just hope it lives up to everyone’s expectations. As long as it is not Kira, I will love it any way. X3

Higurashi Pachinko Game to Include New Original Anime

posted on 2013-06-15 10:00 EDT
New anime of Yoigoshi (Beyond Midnight) arc in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Itadaki

That looks like it would be lots of fun to play! Though it does seem kind of complicated, at least at first. ^_^; I have never played anything pachinko before, so if I were to ever have the chance to play this, I might want to learn how the original game is played first. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, the new animation looks really good. I will definitely have to look into it later. :3

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Higurashi - When They Cry at Anime Expo

@Sentaifilmworks So for Higurashi Season 1, is there plans on releasing the original LA dub, a re-dub or have it sub-only? #SentaiNotakon
.@shawnredkid We haven’t gotten that far into planning for our release of Higurashi, but when we do we’ll let you know! #SentaiNotakon

Q. How will the “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni” release be handled in terms of naming the season names? Will it go by “Higurashi When They Cry”, will the second season go by “Higurashi When They Cry Kai”, and will the OVA series go by “Higurashi When They Cry Rei”? It would be nice to get some insight.

A. That’s an interesting question. I find that’s it’s always best to stick to a name that is already known. So, we always try to do that with our titles if at all possible. While we haven’t had a discussion about this with Higurashi (as we just announced it), it’s more or less understood that you stick with what people know. Thanks!

Q. When will you be releasing Higurahsi S1?

A. I can’t really say YET, but from what I saw in checking our release calendar, it’s finally found a home. Of course, release calendars are subject to change at any time, but just the fact that it has an unofficial date attached to it means that it is closer to releasing than not.
So cross your fingers that it doesn’t start to grow legs!

Season 1 Collection - Final Cover/Disc Art



oddest thing,i know this show is great.but i cant f**king stand it

Sentai Filmworks Announces When They Cry Kai (S2) in May 2016 Slate


When They Cry - English Dub Cast remains the same as previous dub release

ADR Director - Kristi Reed

English Dub Cast

Keiichi Maebara - Grant George
Mion Sonozaki - Kelli Kassidi
Shion Sonozaki - Kelli Kassidi
Rena Ryugu - Mela Lee
Satoko Hojo - Minx Lee
Rika Furude - Reba West
Satoshi Hojo - Darrel Guilbeau
Mamoru Akasaka - Patrick Seitz
Rina Mamiya - Alison James
Aiko Maebara - Barbara Goodson
Keiichi’s Mother - Barbara Goodson
Oryou - Barbara Goodson
Suguru Okamura - Barbara Goodson
Cop - Darrel Guilbeau
Ichiro Maebara - Dave Mallow
Irie Kyosuke - Dave Mallow
Keiichi’s Father - Dave Mallow
Teppei’s Victim - Grant George
Yoshiro Sonozaki - Jason C. Miller
Detective Oishi - Joe DiMucci
Miyo Takano - Karen Strassman
Taiki Tomita - Karen Strassman
Akane Sonozaki - Kelli Kassidi
Angel Mort Waiter - Kyle Hebert
Jiro Tomitake - Kyle Hebert
Katsuya Kumagai - Kyle Hebert
Keichirou Kimiyoshi - Kyle Hebert
Mr. Ryugu - Kyle Hebert
Tamae Hojo - Lori Petty
Toshiki Inukai - Mela Lee
Sato - Mike McFarland
Male Reporter - Patrick Seitz
Child - Reba West
Rumiko Chie - Sam Carr
Atsushi - Steve Kramer
Makino - Steve Kramer
Tatsuyoshi Kasai - Steve Kramer
Teppei Hojo - Steve Kramer

“When They Cry - Higurashi no Naku Koroni” Streams On Hulu

February 27, 2016 5:56pm CST
A new DVD and Blu-ray release is coming March 15th

Shelf Life: When They Cry Season 1

by Paul Jensen, James Beckett, Mar 7th 2016

I just couldn’t get into this one, the character design was too weird for me.

I can agree with this sentiment from that ANN review though:

“When They Cry” TV Anime Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Tokyo Art Exhibition

March 12, 2016 4:15pm CST
Advance tickets to the 3-day exhibition come with bonus gifts such as colored illustrations

Sentai Filmworks Announces When They Cry Rei (S3) in July 2016 Slate