Why Helloz thar!

Don’t remember if I ever made an intro thread. Oh Wells, better late than never

I am Outlander! I am a veteran 4chan /a/non.

I like a wide variety of anime and Manga. My interests are stalking and outraging women, especially red heads with whips, bank fraud and performing forbidden scientific experiments…

Golly Gee… I hope to make a lot of friends

Hello again :woohoo: . I believe I was graced with your presence a year ago, maybe two – I’m still disturbed. :unsure:

Note: Run away from his van if he offers you free candy and puppies inside :dry: . Stay vigilant my friends.


( ͡°_ʖ ͡°)

Slowhand someone let a wild animal in here and I don’t think it has had its shots.

[quote=“outlander” post=132459]

I am Outlander! I am a veteran 4chan /a/non.

Golly Gee… I hope to make a lot of friends[/quote]

Great Intro: Outlander.

And if you want to know the key to Makin new Friends are;

1.) To Have a Pet Animal (LIKE SHAWNMERROW) Name AL.
2.) To Post Often.

Hello and welcome to the
Tan boards, outlander!! :3 We have lots of things here… like cats, and frogs, and whips, and Hornet. We had a fox… but I don’t know where he went. :frowning:

Anyway, I hope you have a mediocre time on here doing nothing and stuff! :ohmy:

I was wondering why it felt like something bit me last night… that animal must be on the loose again! And, I thought that I waited awhile to start an intro thread! You sir proudly hold the record for that one… nice!

Also as a personal note and warning to those that may not know Outlander, be very careful if you go out drinking with him. Last time that happened, I woke up naked surrounded by a half dozen hot space babes. Of course, I’m not complaining about that… it just would have been nice to remember what happened though.

Also Outlander, never stop posting! Otherwise Jack will not be happy… :blink:

Careful of Lumis, he stalks without realizing it.

Oh not this again… aye! :side: I already told you, it only seemed that way because I was protecting you from another stalker you didn’t know about. No one understands justice anymore!

Also, I guess that I have psychic powers that can predict one’s personality traits according to Miquel. Of course, no one needs that to guess that Outlander is a vicious animal that likes to bite often. Once you get past that, he’s actually a pretty nice guy though… LOL! And that just totally sounded wrong… curse my powers!

No worries Lumis - outlander only bites lolis. And only after he gets them into his van. :stuck_out_tongue:

And he is a nice guy! The candy was delicious and the puppies were fun and… oh, never mind! :whistle:

Anyway, welcome to you, outlander!!! Keep up the good job!!! :wink:

You sir, must come to the realization that we have rules here:

  1. Dark, concealing clothes.

  2. Inviting bowls of candy.

  3. Welcoming smiles.

I have no doubt these traits escape your attention, so welcome sir!

Welcome Outlander



Outlander has been called a genius, a monster, a gentelman and even “Oh God put that away!” He harasses the TANettes, forgets to feed and water the newbs and still he garners respect and awe wherever he posts. He’s an aficionado of the arts as well as brandy and spends his time writing crude and hilarious literature to dazzle and horrify us all. For the first time I say to you, Welcome. Welcome outlander. Go forth and post. Post about lolis, 4chan and Rai’s mother for all I care. Just post good man. This all sounds better of course if you’re reading it in James Lipton’s voice.

A Long Time No See WelCome OUTLANDER. :silly: :lol: :blink: :woohoo: :side: :lol: :cheer: :slight_smile: B)

aaaand my heart stopped. I am overjoyed to read this.