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Your recently legal bought ADV/Sentai/Happy Carrot/Switchblade/Maiden Japan Media


Summer Sale haul


Man. That’s an awesome haul @Supermutant! :+1:


So I finally placed my order:

Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun Premium Box Set
Flying Witch Premium Box Set
Squid Girl Complete Collection Premium Box Set
Clannad After Story Complete Collection Bluray
Re-Kan! Complete Collection Bluray


Well said I was going to not buy much ,but well…

Order 1:
Infinite Stratos 2 Premium Box Set - Blu-ray

Order 2:

Order 3:

First two orders shipped today .
Order 3 was hard as I wanted a few others ,but came down to watching some unboxing videos , then reading reviews , and do I need the extras or can I wait for a better deal on the regular release .

Not doing my vacation this year like was planned . I got enough toys for a while . My Fishing Kayak is setup other then making outriggers which I can make cheap . So why not buy some anime?


5 orders @psychopuppet? Impressive.

There’s a third order coming for me too. No PBS’s in it though.


Yeah 5 orders . I should have probably made just one big order ,but I was not sure what I was doing at first .
Now to find space . I figure some of the regular stuff I can wait for the next sale or a lower price on Amazon .


Got the shipping notice today

  • No Game No Life Zero

Forgot I had pre-ordered that actually.


These came today . My Infinite Stratos 2 Premium Box Set was supposed to as well ,but you can check Brain Drain for what happened there .


The 3rd order from the summer sale:

Decided to upgrade my GUP set, and got the OVA’s and the Movie while I was at it.

Unlike many, IIWTPUGIAD didn’t hit it off too much for me. However, I wanted to give it another chance Dubbed. After all, it does have Hillary Hagg in it :thinking:

Love, CHUNIBYO, and Other Delusions is kinda strange to me. The DVD set of season 1 I purchased is Sub only, while season 2 is Dubbed. Also, in the Complete Collection, and Defunct PBS, S1 has a dub as well. Was S1’s Dub exclusive to the PBS originally?

Also, someone in QC really messed up on my CHUNIBYO S2 box :joy::joy::joy:


Both the BD And the Dub for S1 were exclusive to the PBS, until the Complete collection came out.


Now to contemplate whether or not to get the BD CC on the next sale. After all, Dekomori is the reason I got them in the first place.

Dekomori-Desu/Death is another one that’s helped me out on bad days.


Well short of the order that got mishandled this is my last order from the sale . Not had a box

this big with anime in it since the 10 for 50 / 25 for 100 ADV and Geneon sales .


Came today . So all Sentai Sale orders accounted for .
Grimoire of Zero came from Amazon . Watched a few episodes on Prime and decided I wanted it after the sale . With shipping it was cheaper to get it there as I’d have bought stuff I did not need to meet free shipping from Sentai .


I’ve been preordering a lot more from Amazon. They don’t do early shipping, but I actually like that. This way, I know exactly when the item will be shipping. It did sort of cause some worry for the high anticipation boxsets like Monster Musume.

Not to mention, their pricing is quite good. They also have a link where you can submit the URL for a site with a lower price, which I’ve used a few times. It can take them a few days to lower their price though.


I’ve got a few Anime from various companies pre-ordered at Amazon . For Sentai I got Armed Girl’s Machiavellism Premium and Aura Battler Dunbine complete pre-order there . Both went to $57.18 at some point and my orders reflect that . I really want K-on ,but waiting to see if they match Sentai and Rightstuf’s pre-order price I sent in . Sorry I missed picking up Monster Musume Premium . It and No Game No Life Premium are the only two I regret not getting . eBay prices are not to bad so maybe closer to Christmas after Fallout 76 and K-ON I’ll upgrade .


Sealed or used copies?

Cause I found a used copy of NGNL at auction:

All the BINs stradle the $200 mark, or higher, and will probably increase around the holidays.

Same for MonMusu, but there’s no auctions for that currently…

(BTW, that’s NOT my copy.)


I’m keeping a eye on that one it ends in the am so probably have a chance . I know one store that has stock of it still ,but the owner is one of my least favorite people to deal with and they don’t take PayPal .


So. Now to decide wether to get CHUNIBYO S2 or Girls in a Dungeon. I have enough for only one…



I’m trying to decide if I want Girls in a Dungeon or Ushio and Tora , or if I need to say no . :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Another Target order came today . Only had one copy came in this horrible cardboard mailer had a 50 pound box set on top of it and no broken case .