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Your recently legal bought ADV/Sentai/Happy Carrot/Switchblade/Maiden Japan Media


That’s one resilient case, I tell you what.


I did not even know it was under the box as it was one of those drop off at the post office then delivered ,but they brought it instead a day early . The UPS driver came as I was heading in to town . Got back to see what was in the boxes and under the box stacked on top of another box was this . Glad sentai used the case that are softer more rubbery and had harder trays for this .
Next time note to self order more then one item so they use a box .


This showed up today, from the box set sale:

Now, here’s the eternal dilemma: Should I keep it sealed, or open it? Odds are likely I’ll get the CC (and Rikka Version AND :notes: Take On Me :notes: ) later in the year. And if I do open it, should I put the S1 BD’s with it, or keep everything seperate?


After reading on ANN that Sentai no longer had the rights to Night Raid 1931 I hopped on Right Stuf and ordered me a copy of the complete series on Blu-Ray. Was surprised to find it on sale for $10 wasn’t expecting that since I was planning on buying that show anyway.

As I have learned anything that has the Aniplex logo best grab now before the Sentai or Funi license expires so next on my to buy list will be the Persona 4 series.


They had a sale on Angel Beats right before Aniplex took it back. Thats where I got my BD copy :heart:


Ladies and Gentlemen; I present you with this beautiful piece of art that arrived today:

I won it on eBay Thursday afternoon.

A used copy, it’s still complete and only has a little damage on the case!

Love it, love it, love it! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


NGNL 0 PBS just arrived…



Well, kinda embarrassed I was worrying about it. When I went to the post office, this was waiting for me:

Ronnie already claimed the paper packaging :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah Ronnie! Cat always gets the best part. :grinning:

Glad it came in OK.

Mark Gosdin


Kinda strange though, that the order page wasn’t updated. Maybe Rightstuf didn’t inform Sentai of the shipment, or there’s a backlog of data that Sentai hasn’t uploaded :thinking:


My vote is for the backlog. From what I can tell RightSuff’s IT Department isn’t all that big, so it would be real easy to fall behind.

Mark Gosdin


And I just now got the email that it was shipped



These came in over the course of the day .
Think I need to stay off the internet for a bit . :rofl:


I know exactly how you feel @psychopuppet


My ABDubine probably be here already if there wasn’t for a credit card issue. Should be here by thursday though. Can’t wait. Been a show I been waiting years to finish.


Realized I only had the first movie and the first season . Mardock Scrambled figured better get it before Aniplex releases it in a high dollar set . Familiar I’ve bought the first season three times now with the original Geneon set . It was also a bit below retail .

Now to just wait for the Pre-orders and Black Friday sales for the rest of the year .


September 2018 Anime Pick-Ups


Click here to reveal what I was excited about in Brain Drain .

Also showed up with another non-sentai order .


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon and Sword Oratoria PBS’s are my damaged discounted to the same as the regular releases buys . I think Is it wrong was a reseal ,but Sword was factory. Was going to wait for the next sale ,but these popped up . Sidonia LE 1 was a eBay order that right after I bought the seller jacked up the rest . LE 2 on the way . Hotsprings OVA was Amazon .

Note : Only not really what I’d call damaged . Basically gotten worse shape new stuff from them . One DVD did come loose and get scratched ,but for what I paid not a big deal as I’d not gotten the DVD’s anyway in the regular set . Is it wrong only the extras box got damaged . Anyway on to pictures . Some hidden to not hog the page .

Other pictures