Your recently legal bought ADV/Sentai/Happy Carrot/Switchblade/Maiden Japan Media


Sweet @psychopuppet!

Question. How do you search for damaged products on Rightstuf?


These are from Rightstuf’s Amazon selling account .

I believe almost all of the stuff they sell that way are damaged returns , excess stock or storage damaged items .
Most are listed as used with this

“Product is in new, unopened condition but there is damage to the exterior box, Damage includes dents to sides of box, dents to corners of box with creasing and wrinkling in the area, and slight tears and wear to tips of box corners. “


Ah. I see Amazon doesn’t accept PayPal…

For some reason, my bank card doesn’t like online transactions…



The second box set showed up today . Forgot how strange Media Mail is . This was originally listed as not coming to next week then it just said out for delivery this morning . On another note this and the first set not being the same size is bugging my OCD a little .


At least it’s not as bad as IS right?

S1= Regular BD or DVD case

S2= DVD case, but only the series, or BD MASSIVE BOX with bonus content. :joy:

Also, who’s the adorable one in the pic @psychopuppet?


Yeah that is a bit more bothersome . Sticks out like the earlier NISA Premium sets like a sore thumb .

She’s Mara .


The artwork is nice for the front cover and disc .


My very first Amazon purchase, a damaged copy of Girls in A Dungeon:

Here’s the damage:

For $38 including shipping, I don’t mind that at all. Actually, it still had the original shrink wrap on it!