Your recently legal bought ADV/Sentai/Happy Carrot/Switchblade/Maiden Japan Media


Sweet @psychopuppet!

Question. How do you search for damaged products on Rightstuf?


These are from Rightstuf’s Amazon selling account .

I believe almost all of the stuff they sell that way are damaged returns , excess stock or storage damaged items .
Most are listed as used with this

“Product is in new, unopened condition but there is damage to the exterior box, Damage includes dents to sides of box, dents to corners of box with creasing and wrinkling in the area, and slight tears and wear to tips of box corners. “


Ah. I see Amazon doesn’t accept PayPal…

For some reason, my bank card doesn’t like online transactions…



The second box set showed up today . Forgot how strange Media Mail is . This was originally listed as not coming to next week then it just said out for delivery this morning . On another note this and the first set not being the same size is bugging my OCD a little .


At least it’s not as bad as IS right?

S1= Regular BD or DVD case

S2= DVD case, but only the series, or BD MASSIVE BOX with bonus content. :joy:

Also, who’s the adorable one in the pic @psychopuppet?


Yeah that is a bit more bothersome . Sticks out like the earlier NISA Premium sets like a sore thumb .

She’s Mara .


The artwork is nice for the front cover and disc .


My very first Amazon purchase, a damaged copy of Girls in A Dungeon:

Here’s the damage:

For $38 including shipping, I don’t mind that at all. Actually, it still had the original shrink wrap on it!


Some more Damaged items : Both still factory wrapped .
School-Live the box is a little crushed ,but nothing that is not fixable with a thin pack case .
Tanaka-kun is Always Listless nothing wrong with it I can find . Store sticker from wherever it was returned from is still on the box .


I have the original releases of this ,but for $28.98 I decided it was worth it . Box and extras box is a little beat up ,but nothing to bad . I think I’ve bought most of what I did not already have that they had . Next sale at Sentai if I have the cash I’ll get the others I’ve been wanting that are still available .


Luckily these were charged before my card issues happened .
Ushio & Tora came from a wholesale seller on Amazon . Not as great as the damaged prices ,but still a good discount . Haikyu!! S1 and S2 were from the usual place . I think other then 4 small 1 item orders October is pretty dry on anime buying unless Sentai gets the Made in the Abyss PBS out on time that is .


This arrived on the 2nd, but since I had worked till 2 pm,and had to go right back in at 10pm, just got a chance to open it.

This one came from eBay Canada, pre-damaged. The previous owner said it had gotten damaged in transit before it arrived to their house. Came up a little cheaper than Amazon-Rightstuf.

Honestly, it’s such a cute set I’m contemplating getting an undamaged copy during the Black Friday sale. Well, if it still is in stock…


And right as I was about to go to bed, got a notification that this arrived:

The wrap is torn, but the only real damage to the box is this:

Not even gonna lie. Part of the reason I wanted this set was for the chopsticks and apron…

Also, is there any easy way to get the disc holders and book out? Well, aside from just ploping the set on it’s side?


I checked mine not that I can find . I’m thinking go get a piece of ribbon and put it around them as you slide them in . That way just have to tug on the ribbon . I used to do it for sets that the artbox was to tight or was awkward removing the cases .


I guess this slipped out before the card was frozen . Even though my interest in it was not the greatest I thought I’d better get it now instead of regretting it when Aniplex releases thier overpriced set . .


Since it is going out of print, figured I’d get the upgrade while I could:


Came in today :
A copy of the No Game No Life Zero PBS popped up for $45 on eBay the day they changed the date again so went ahead and bought it . Had to give someone cash and have them send me the money through PayPal since my card was locked . Hated paying close to MSRP ,but the way things are looking it might be a while if ever .

Parasyte was just cheap and wanted to give it another chance .


With Sentai having 85% sale going on I thought good time to catch up and fill series holes on some releases while I have the money.

Akame ga Kill - Collection 1
AKB0048 - Complete Collection
Amagi Brilliant Park - Complete Collection
Argevollen - Collection 1
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky - Complete Collection
Beyond the Boundary - Complete Collection
BTOOOM! - Complete Collection
Children Who Chase Lost Voices – Blu-ray
Chaika: The Coffin Princess - Season 1 Complete Collection
Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragons - Collection 1
Girls und Panzer - Complete OVA Series
Girls und Panzer - This Is The Real Anzio Battle – Blu-ray
Girls und Panzer Der Film (2015) – Blu-ray
Green Legend Ran
Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 2 Complete Collection
Kokoro Connect - The Complete TV Series
Kokoro Connect - OVA Complete Collection
Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
Little Busters! - Season 1, Collection 2
Little Busters Ex – Blu-ray
Little Busters! Refrain - Season 2 Complete Collection
She, The Ultimate Weapon - Complete Collection
The World God Only Knows III- Complete Collection
The World God Only Knows - OVA Collection
Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time - Complete Collection
Vampire Princess Miyu - The Complete TV Series
Wake Up, Girls! The Movie


My order from the Blowout Sale:

A-Channel was a must buy, since the official expiration is November 2nd, and have wanted Strawberry Marshmallow since watching the first episode when Comcast got it back in August.

(Garfield plopped down right before I took the pic :joy: )


Came today . Glad I looked at my old list as I did not realize I had season 1 and 2 already . Almost bought the ultimate collection set . I was going to add The World God Only Knows season 3 and OVA to my Sentai sale order ,but checked Amazon and noticed season 3 was Cheaper from Rightstuf on there so just bought them there . Weird my Sentai sale orders have not even processed ,but this was ordered the same day . Though maybe the Sentai sale orders are overloading things .