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Your recently legal bought ADV/Sentai/Happy Carrot/Switchblade/Maiden Japan Media


Did you already contact Atu? I had placed another Blowout order on Friday afternoon for a copy of Softenni, which hasn’t shipped either, so just sent an email. Hopefully I’ll get a response by tomorrow.

I concur 100%. Between my first order and second, there were nearly 300 orders placed, and that’s in a span of 13 hours!

Nothing compared to the big guys of course, but still very respectable nonetheless.


Not yet . Probably do so on Monday if I see no movement by then as the last big sale it seemed like they shipped on Thursday or Friday the following week from when I ordered .


Surprisingly, I got a fairly rapid response, only about an hour after I sent my email!

It was the normal: “We had a sale, so handling times will be longer” message, but with a little bit of a twist:

So, supposedly Sentai is trying to increase their shipping department force. Wonder how that works out, since Sentai mainly uses RightStuf as their package handling center :thinking:


Good it looks like they finally got Atu Some help .
I wonder if they are starting to have some trouble with Rightstuf fulfillment and decided to ship some of the stuff directly .

I just checked my order numbers .
Between the first and second there was 32 other orders
Between the second order and the third order there was 158 orders .

Now these were pretty much back to back orders . Slowhand had just posted about the sale when I made my first order . So looks like it picked up pretty quick once everyone caught on about the sale.

Yes I made three orders . I was to quick to make my first orders and I kept forgetting things .


My other package arrived today. Technically Saturday, but rant in another thread lol :joy: :joy:.

Both of these I’ve heard are good ecchi comedies, as well as Softenni being made by Studio Xebec (Aka TLR series and Yuuna :blush:)


Photo of my blow out sale haul. Got yesterday:


Here’s my stuff from the blowout sale . A bit more I wanted to pick up ,but I needed the money for the convention I went to that weekend .


So, got a $25 online gift card last week for being the #1 store in our area for 3 months straight, plus got a $5 credit for downloading the Amazon app. All in all, this cost me $4 from my own pocket last week:

It must have fallen pretty hard, cause the BD case is fairly banged up. Luckily, the discs seem ok though.


Price was cheaper then the sale . My non-sentai order direct from Rightstuf finally moved . Now it’s lost in Jersey .


October 2018 Anime Pick-Ups (Sentai Filmworks Spooky Flash Sale!)


Two of the things I ordered from the Best Buy sale . Other three look like they will be here later next week . No 6 I decided I better get now then regret later . These and the others shorten my list of what to get the next Sentai store sale .


Yeah while I really like Angelic Layer (I have it on DVD) There’s no real justification for me to upgrade to the Blu-Ray.

Only 1 title left on my must upgrade to Blu-Ray when available. (A few people already know what it is)

Edit: actually make that 2, but that title is being released by Discotek next year


I have the first release of the ADV thinpak which oddly enough I got from a Best Buy discount sale for $9.99 . I just wanted the commentaries to be honest .


All 3 sets from the Best Buy sale showed up today, alongside something from eBay.

First my ridiculously cheap sale items from Best Buy:

I couldn’t pass that up. Especially “Pre-order” PriPri at $17.99 + tax!

And then the eBay item, collapsed just because of

Maou, don’t you already have K-ON season 1 on DVD?


Didn’t you already pre-order the PBS?


Are you stupid?




Here are the last three of my Best Buy sale order : To Love-Ru and Waiting in The Summer to this day I feel should have gotten a dub ,but I understood at the time Sentai was only able to dub shows they felt would sell well even if I still did not agree with a few . Princess Principal’s case took a beating and broke in a few places ,but the disc are ok . For the five titles I got for a little under $90 I could not not buy something from the sale and happy with what I got . Glad Waiting and To Love-RU did not take to the original Dec 10th date .


Atom: The Beginning - Complete Collection – Blu-ray
Brynhildr in the Darkness - Complete Collection
Dragon Dentist – Blu-ray
Hidamari Sketch x 365 - Complete Collection
Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu - Complete Collection
Hidamari Sketch X Honeycomb - Complete Collection
Kaiju Mono – Blu-ray
K-ON! - Season 2, Collection 2 – Blu-ray
Leviathan: The Last Defense - Complete Collection
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! - Complete Collection – Blu-ray
Magical Warfare - Complete Collection
Majestic Prince - Collection 1
Majikoi ~ Oh! Samurai Girls - Complete Collection
Medaka Box - Complete Collection
No Game, No Life Zero
Patlabor: The Mobile Police - The New Files – Blu-ray
Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc
Shining Hearts - Complete Collection
Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation - Complete Collection
Wizard Barristers - Complete Collection


The other of the Best Buy sets in that package. Luckily, this one is undamaged. (forgot to post this earlier today…)


Set 2 of this and if all goes well looks like my first Sentai Black Friday sale order should be here Monday .



Rail Wars! - Complete Collection


I usually pick up a few Blank BD Cases on Amazon just for that reason